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The Happiest Days Are When Babies Come….

My Shishter and her family have gotten themselves an early Christmas present!

Sophi Noel was born today.  Isn’t she adorable?  She looks like her Aunt Sista doesn’t she?  Har.

One of  my favorite quotes from any movie is from Melanie Hamilton Wilkes in Gone With The Wind

The happiest days are when babies come…

I believe that sentence to be true.  Especially when it’s other people doing the birthin’.

What Do You Want For Christmas?

I’m on the verge of a meltdown today because of various and sundry stuff so I don’t have anything brilliant (heh) to pass along other than a blogpost from Tambi.

A little background on how I sorta know Tambi.  Tambi’s family lived (parents still do) in the neighborhood next to me.  She was older than me but her sister and brothers rode the same bus as I did.  Her youngest brother is my age and we were in the same class a time or two in elementary school.  In fact, her brother is kinda sorta who #2 was named after. 

I was never best buddies with Trev but he was the first “Trevor” I ever knew and I always thought that was a cool name.  Mostly family calls #2 “Trev” and the other Trev was never (to my knowledge) referred to as “Trevor” so anyway….

Also, Tambi’s mother taught 5th grade at Lipscomb School and I will never forget the day she put me in my place.  Lawdy mercy…she was good at that, but, she was one of those teachers all the kids really liked. 

Every Christmas, I always get frustrated with what to get my mother, the parents-in-law because at the ages they are, when they need something, they get it and anytime I’ve ever asked my mother or in laws what they want for Christmas they’ll say “Don’t get me nothing.  I don’t need a thing.”  (It isn’t just the Senior family members who don’t ever say what they want for Christmas either)

I love what Tambi’s family did for her grandmother one year on her birthday.  What a neat idea.  Go read it.

There are so many wonderful organizations that help families in need at Christmas and all through the year.  The Salvation Army and Toys For Tots, while both great organizations, seem to get all the press, but, places like The Samaritan Center and the organization Tambi mentions, the NBA Toy Store help make it easier for parents in need to make Christmas good for their kids.

Made feel warm and fuzzy…thanks, Tambi.