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Visits With St. Nick and Other Holiday Greetings

I’m still trying to pump up the Christmas volume and not dwell on the fact that I’m :cough: unemployed :cough: and counting my blessings instead of sheep.  So far, it’s working.

I’ve been digging in old Christmas photos today…


This one is from 1994.  Tara was not happy about being there.

Tyler had a bit of an aversion to actually sitting on Santa’s lap that continued for a number of years.


He was ok with talking with him, but, ixnay on the ap-lay itting-say.


This particular year, the Children’s Father said Tyler looked like one of “Jerry’s Kids” sitting in the stroller there talking to Santa. 


These Santa pictures were 1995 and 1996.  As you can see, Tara STILL had not gotten ok about sitting on Santa’s lap.  She also has on her “Gullah Gullah Island” shoes in the one.  The Manchild finally sat on Santa’s lap, but, there was some trepidation. There wasn’t even such a thing as #2 yet.  I can’t remember what it’s like to have two kids…or one for that matter.



By 1998, #2 had shown up on the scene.  The Manchild was missing teeth.  (Gosh. but my firstborn was/is a handsome kid)


By ’02 or ’03, the Smiff Kids were getting ok with the whole Santa deal, although #2 was still not quite sure about it.


The inevitable day came, however, when there was only one Smiff Kid that wanted to go see Santa. I’m begging trying to get the Teenagers to go and do one more with all three of them with Santa.  So far, it’s been met with a “Um…Mom?  Are you….serious?”


The 2008 Christmas card….

Van and Bettie

Two obituaries of note this Friday:

Bettie Page, one of the most iconic pin-up types ever (and graduate of Nashville’s Hume-Fogg High School) has died at the age of 85.  picbettiepagefaceforblog

Van Johnson has died at the age of 92.  I always loved seeing Van on documentaries and other interviews about cvr40s-pwvanHollywood’s Golden Age.  His recall was spectacular and he had great stories.  Brigadoon, The Caine Mutiny, Thirty Seconds Over Tokyo, A Guy Named Joe (which TCM shows often.  I think this was the movie he was in the middle of making when he was in a really bad car accident that got him a metal plate in his head)Yours, Mine and Ours (with his longtime buddy Lucille Ball, who was largely responsible for his Hollywood career) and a ton of other movies and theater productions.  He was a goodern.

But Do You Have A Sweater THIS Ugly?

Feel Good Friday is here…I’m strugglin’ to find some Christmas spirit for the first time ever in my life so work with me here, people.

 I said something today I never ever dreamed I’d say: that if it weren’t for #2, I’d probably say let’s skip the whole thing this year and pick up next year with it. I’m trying….

It was helpful to go to TPAC last night to see The Santaland Diaries. I LOVE David Sedaris, I swear. This runs through the 20th at the Johnson Theater. Do yoseff a favor and go see it.  I even got my picture made with Crumpet hisself.  Big, fat sugahs to McCeemy for getting us in. 


I swear…it’s no wonder Donny and Marie have dealt with depression.  Good lord.  Those sweaters alone would send a person to the nuthouse.  Yikes.   (I am all about some Osmonds so don’t nobody from Utah send me some hate mail)  I especially like the arm-in-arm dancin’ thing D & M got going on here. (Schcott?  Maybe we should consider a quick choreography thing Sunday afternoon?)

I’d also like to dedicate today’s FGF to Crusty Asses everywhere who love Chrithmuth.  (You know who you are. HAR)