Feel Good Friday is here…I’m strugglin’ to find some Christmas spirit for the first time ever in my life so work with me here, people.

 I said something today I never ever dreamed I’d say: that if it weren’t for #2, I’d probably say let’s skip the whole thing this year and pick up next year with it. I’m trying….

It was helpful to go to TPAC last night to see The Santaland Diaries. I LOVE David Sedaris, I swear. This runs through the 20th at the Johnson Theater. Do yoseff a favor and go see it.  I even got my picture made with Crumpet hisself.  Big, fat sugahs to McCeemy for getting us in. 


I swear…it’s no wonder Donny and Marie have dealt with depression.  Good lord.  Those sweaters alone would send a person to the nuthouse.  Yikes.   (I am all about some Osmonds so don’t nobody from Utah send me some hate mail)  I especially like the arm-in-arm dancin’ thing D & M got going on here. (Schcott?  Maybe we should consider a quick choreography thing Sunday afternoon?)

I’d also like to dedicate today’s FGF to Crusty Asses everywhere who love Chrithmuth.  (You know who you are. HAR)