Picture the scene if you will….a church sanctuary…afternoon with people gathered to say goodbye to a lovely, dear Saint of God named Adrian.  It was a rather formal funeral, but, she was the kind of lady that liked formal, “Swallowed-A-Church-Steeple” music, and she planned this event out herself.    It was very tasteful and refined.  (I wish in the service, they’d have elaborated more on Adrian’s rather wicked sense of humor.  HEH.)

Lovely though it was, the key word here is “Formal”.  It wasn’t like a normal church service where people are liable to raise their hands or hollah “Amen” or “Halleluyer” if the Spirit so moved.  That’s ok….that’s not my point here.  I just want you all to picture a very formal funeral service held in the Church Sanctuary where the song selections are things like “Abide With Me”,  and “How Great Thou Art” (both of which I love).

Before the thing started, Jud told us to turn the cellphones off.  I had turned mine down to 1 volume and I knew I’d never hear it, if it DID ring because I NEVER do.   Never.  It aggravates people in my life to a great degree.

So, Jud’s singing his lovely rendition of “How Great Thou Art” (beautifully) and just at the very end with the piano doing its thing and Jud hitting the “HOOOOOOOOOOOOOW GUH-RAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAIT THOWWWWWWWWWWWWW ARRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRT!!!!”  in the midst of the beauty of that old hymn….my girl Duffy starts begging for Mercy.  (Yeah, yeah, yeah)

Dear, dear Adrian….I am so sorry I didn’t check my phone before like I was told, however, at the same time, remembering your giggle and good sense of humor, I hope you woulda appreciated that part of it. (But that is probably my most embarassing moment of  2008.

This Humiliating/Humorous Moment brought to you by the letters S-C-H-O-T-T.