No…I don’t have a job yet.  Yes, I’m looking.  Looking every place I know to look.  I’ve submitted dozens of applications, resumes and all that stuff that goes along with the process.  I am not alone in this Unemployment boat, thus, the action is slow.  

How’m I doing?   Tonight…I feel shitty.  Just plain shitty.  I’m mad and frustrated.  I rarely let myself be this real here in terms of my emotions but I feel like whining and this is my blog. I’m sick of the Smiley Face thing I’ve been doing for umpteen thousand years.

I believe God’s Word is true.  But at the moment, I”m sorta fussin’ at Him and I think He’s ok with that.  Maybe wrestling is more like it.  Either way, it’s ok to do that so that’s what I’m doing tonight. 

(God’s ok with the word “shitty” too.  Great Grandpa Alfred Gentle was a Methodist preacher from Kentucky and legend has it that he was known to say that if he couldn’t smoke his pipe or say “shit” in Heaven, he’d have to find somewheres else to go so if it was good ’nuff for the Reverend, it’s good enough for me)

I will feel better in the morning but right now I’m just absolutely weary.

In more uplifting news, if you’ve got an extry $175,  you better hurry and get one of these before they’re gone.   There will NOT be anymore after these sell out.  NONE.  GIT IT.