Because I am a geek, I love PBS. If I had 160 dollahs, I’d buy whatever dvd they hawk during their fundraising campaign cause I love them.

This wonderful special about John Denver “A Song’s Best Friend is great. I’ve seen it a couple times before. I LOVE John Denver. He’s all over my Ipod. I think he was one of the best songwriter’s ever…”Leaving On A Jet Plane” is just damn near perfect.

That said, WAS the late Mr. Denver a “Song’s Best Friend?”   I mean, the majority of his hits were written by him, right?  So that makes him his songs’ best friend? 

People used to call Conway Twitty “The Best Friend A Song Ever Had” or something like that and I do believe that to be the truth cause although he wrote some songs, the majority of his hits were written by other people.

I don’t know.  I guess it doesn’t matter.  The Mister’s Denver and Twitty were both wonderful artists and it’s a shame they both died way before they shoulda. They both had some serrus hair back in the day, fo sho.

I know I’ve posted this song here before by Peter, Paul & Mary with some help from JD, but, this bears repeating cause it’s so good.

And while we’re at it…Hello Darlin….