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Evedy-Sing Eeeez Hunky Dunky

My newest favorite Christmas movie is Christmas in Connecticut.  It’s on OnDemand now.  Watch it.  It’s mucho fun and the chemistry betwixt Barbara Stanwyck and Dennis Morgan was such that it makes ya wonder if they were barbara

doing something when the cameras weren’t on.  Plus, you get to hear Dennis Morgan sing.   I love, love, love those old timey, Irish-tenor-ish types.

Maybe Things Aren’t So Bad

Seems like everytime I try to attend my own Pity Party, something is thrown my way that helps me reconsider getting all doodied up and ready to go. 

Fighting the Christmas Blahs and feeling sorry for myself cause of the Unemployment thing, I get news this morning that a former classmate of mine met a very violent and tragic end to his life this week. 

Thanks to Facebook, there’s been a collective grieving and remembering of David Williams. 

I was in Elementary school, Junior High and High school with David.  We were both in the Brentwood band.  He was a strikingly handsome kid with a flair for art and a killer sense of humor.  (That’s him in the blue uniform holding the trophy. )n1441708119_30162540_1910

Camoflauge pants make me think of David…always have.  So does Moses Malone and pencil drawings…and trombones and blue eyes. He had the most piercing blue eyes that offset his dark hair.  I never had a thing for him (I know it sounds like I did, but, I didn’t) but I can tell you right here and now, hearing of the horrible way he died just makes me sick.

Also reminds me that things could be worse and are for a lot of people.