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All Of The Other….Um….Pickup Trucks…Used To Laugh And Call Him Names…


Even a semi-Scroogette like me found this sight in Brentwood today quite fun and festive.

Actually, I found some of my Christmas spirit.  You know how if you don’t have insurance anymore and you aren’t able to get medicine cause it’s kinda expensive so you go without?   I think that’s where lots of my Holiday Cheer was hiding.  Thanks to my mom for stepping in and helping me find it again.  Moms are good thataway.

I will say this…people in Brentwood can’t drive.  You’d think driving all those expensive cars they’d learn how to at least learn to use a turn signal.  I guess when you look that good you don’t have to.

I felt so bonded with my Mom today at lunch, I started to show her my ink…but decided not to.  Heh.

FGF-The Man Who Came To Dinner

The Feel Good Friday offering this week is from the movie that started my obsession with old movies.

Remember it like it was yesterday…I was 13 and it was one of the first times my parents left me at home by myself at night and I found The Man Who Came To Dinner on tv and laughed my hiney off at it. I looked and looked for it for years on video. Would scan the tv schedules looking for it, I’m talking for years…never found it and didn’t see it again til about 1995 when TNT aired it. (I always knew Ted Turner was good for something). It’s available on dvd now though. YEA!

The story goes that the Warner Bros. people were a little not sure about putting this movie out with Monte Wooley in the lead rold because although he had originated the role of Sheridan Whiteside on Broadway, he wasn’t enough of a “known” name to carry the film.  Bette Davis has a secondary role as his secretary but Wooley was unbelievable and carries the movie just fine.  Lotsa fun this movie…love it.

You can’t beat Jimmy Durante at the piano, although one might would want to give him some Ritalin after a little bit. Fabulous.