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Christmas Past

I have posted this Christmas picture before, but, it’s so funny (to me anyway) I have to post it again and since we are celebrating my mother on her birthday, and since there is no threat that she’ll actually see this (computers ARE of the devil, of course) I can just post it and be amused.


This would have been Christmas about 1972.  I am three, the Sister would have just turned 6.  I am the one in that strikingly lovely yellow gown while the Sister is decked out in the blue.  Our mother is the rather tired looking lady in the pink robe (one of my earliest memories of my mother is her in that robe).

One’s attention is obviously first turned to Mom’s hair in this picture.   It sorta has a life of its own, doesn’t it?  I guarantee you, if she were to be looking at this picture right now, she’d say “See? I used to have a lot of hair!” 

That said, Mom likes her coffee.  And her Marlblies.  I figured she hadn’t had a chance to partake in either of the aforementioned things by the time this picture was snapped (no doubt, the sun was not up yet).  However, upon closer inspection….to her right, you will notice there is an ashtray under the tree.  I don’t think Sanny Claus brung Barbara a new ashtray for Christmas. 

This is the sorta thing that in 2008, would cause a mother to be arrested…and scathing news lead in stories of “Mother Caught Smoking Under Christmas Tree”….smoking in the house AND next to the Christmas tree!  Yeah, yeah, it was a fake tree  (complete with fake snow!) and because I always remember noticing the box said the tree was “Flame Retardant” (always bringing giggles that our Christmas tree was retarded. Heh heh), there was no threat of the tree going up in flames but SMOKING UNDER THE CHRISTMAS TREE ON CHRISTMAS MORNING???   You might be a redneck….

Other notable notes from this photo that could be so easily overlooked by Barbara’s uncoiffed coif….notice the lamp in the back?  That was a lamp attached to the table and the base was a horse head.  I can still remember the sound that silver thing would make (it moved.)  As ugly as that thing is, I’d give a lotta money to have it now.  Talk about a good conversation piece! 

The Lincoln Logs….and what is that we’re holding up? 

And the globe….no doubt we had driven the Parents nuts asking for one.  We were so curious about Geography at this point.  “Insatiable curiosit”  of the world around us, is how teachers were always heard to describe us.  Just couldn’t get enough.

I didn’t know exactly where North Dakota was, geographically until the Manchild was about 7 and was obsessed with the Weather and I figured out where it was by a weather map.

Shut up…I was busy soaking up lots of important, useful trivia on country music and old movie stars.



Happy Birthday today to my Mom.

It’s odd to say that my mother is 74 years old today.


I still believe my mother is one of the most beautiful women ever.


She has had an interesting life, lots of which, she chooses to keep the interesting details to herself.  As nosy as I am and as much as I’d like to know, I respect that and can only imagine that she must have had herself a good time as a young woman, living in Southern California in the 50’s and 60’s.

One of my favorite things to hear her tell is of sitting at a table at the Foothill Club in Long Beach, CA with Patsy Cline or how she was there when Eddie Miller and Don Sessions wrote Thanks A Lot” and wrote the words down for them as they created what’s now a country classic.   Eddie always said Mom was the “midwife” of that song. HAR.

Mom is one of the most well put together women I know.  The hair is always perfect, jewelry properly placed, purse matches whatever she has on…I did not inherit the Well-Put-Together thing, sadly.  She’s quite funny and quite resilient and very smart.

She has outlived two husbands, taken great care of them both during horrific illnesses, herself survived a near-fatal car accident, this year had her own bout of cancer, has stents in her chest, but don’t you even think about telling her she shouldn’t smoke no more or drink coffee.

Happy Birthday Mimi!