Happy Birthday today to my Mom.

It’s odd to say that my mother is 74 years old today.


I still believe my mother is one of the most beautiful women ever.


She has had an interesting life, lots of which, she chooses to keep the interesting details to herself.  As nosy as I am and as much as I’d like to know, I respect that and can only imagine that she must have had herself a good time as a young woman, living in Southern California in the 50’s and 60’s.

One of my favorite things to hear her tell is of sitting at a table at the Foothill Club in Long Beach, CA with Patsy Cline or how she was there when Eddie Miller and Don Sessions wrote Thanks A Lot” and wrote the words down for them as they created what’s now a country classic.   Eddie always said Mom was the “midwife” of that song. HAR.

Mom is one of the most well put together women I know.  The hair is always perfect, jewelry properly placed, purse matches whatever she has on…I did not inherit the Well-Put-Together thing, sadly.  She’s quite funny and quite resilient and very smart.

She has outlived two husbands, taken great care of them both during horrific illnesses, herself survived a near-fatal car accident, this year had her own bout of cancer, has stents in her chest, but don’t you even think about telling her she shouldn’t smoke no more or drink coffee.

Happy Birthday Mimi!