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Random TV Thoughts

Funniest quote heard on TVLand today…

Mr. Roper to Jack Tripper as they prepare for an impromptu singalong:

“I sing you know. Do you know ‘The Road to Mandalay?'”

Mrs. Roper: “If you do, now’s the time to take it.”


Oh and Cindy Brady to the little boy in the Santa Claus line:
“Hi. My nameth Thindy. Whath yourth?”

Little Boy: “I hate gurrrrls.”

How hysterical is Otis the Drunk as the Santa??    And Santa Otis promising Thindy that her mom will get her voith back by Chrithmuth and Mither Brady getting pithed off that Thanta Otith promithed her and having a little dithucuththun about Mithuth Bradyth voith but of courth, Thanta came through cuth heth Thanta Clauth!

I know.  I need help.

Speaking of good television..The Homecoming.  It don’t get no better than whiter-than-white John Boy in the Black Church on Christmas Eve with Cleavon Little, now does it? And having some of the Baldwin Sisters “Recipe”. Them Baldwin Sisters were some kinda funny.

Useless trivia….the Baldwin Sisters were based on the wacky sisters in Arsenic and Old Lace.

I remember watching The Homecoming as a little bitty kid and being confused as to why the Walton’s Mama and Daddy looked different.  Instead of explaining to me that different actors played John and Olivia in the pilot, I was told “They were younger then.”  I never bought that cause Patricia Neal and Andrew Duggan looked WAY older than Michael Learned and Ralph White and I knew the difference betwixt Edgar Bergen and Will Geer. 

I swear though…this is one of the funniest things ever on tv in the last coupla decades….

An 80’s Christmas

This video will make you feel elderly. The good part is all these people in this video have ALSO aged. 24 years ago??? No. Way.

Remember when this thing came out in Christmas of ’84? How it played CONSTANTLY…but it was cool then and I think it’s cool now. Plus, Bob Geldof started a trend here with groups of music people gathering to raise money for various causes that is STILL going today.

Somebody tell me…how…in this mix of British pop/rock stars, did Kool and the Gang get in this mix? It just seems odd.

And I STILL think Boy George is a fabulous singer and I wish he would come back around some.