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Merry Christmas….







An Anniversary

It occurs to me that not only is it Christmas Eve, but, on this date in 1890 my great-grandparents united in marriage, for better or worse (mostly worse) creating a whole wad of descendants and a bunch of colorful, interesting, twisted people.


They look thrilled, don’t they?  My great-grandpa Collie looks like he coulda been part of the Jesse James Gang and he probably was!  He was an ornery and mean little cuss.  Totally the Black Sheep of his family, he woulda never been nominated for Father of the Year, even so….

Winfrey left Lena in later years.  In spite of the horrible abuse he put her and their children through, she loved him until the day she died.  His children….not so much.  When he died in 1948, none of his children went to his funeral.  His burial was handled by the woman he was living with at the time.

Because I tend to play Devil’s Advocate and have the tendency to analyze, even though my great grandfater was mean and hurtful to his wife and his kids and I have no way of relating to the trauma of what he put them through, I’ve seen some of the same traits he displayed in his descendants.  From my limited, layperson point of view, I think he was bipolar.  


I like to think that somewhere in the meanness were some positive traits.  Good grief, my oldest son bears a physical resemblance, as do lots of us in the family.  He came from a good family (one of his brothers was a dentist) but he was loaded down with demons. 

I went to Spring Hill Cemetery about 5 times in the last year and a half trying to find Winfrey’s grave.  I knew what section it was in, but, couldn’t find it.  I went in October and literally, stumbled on it. I had been in that same spot I don’t know how many times and I realized his grave was covered in weeds and had finally been mowed. 


 I would give lotsa money to be able to sit down and talk to him.

One Wish To Make

#2 has been tracking Santa all morning and he is pumped!

As for me, I’m helping Santa get stuff done and still trying to figure this Christmas thing out.  So far, so good.

I love this song and this singer so much. The album makes me think of my late, sweet friend Kent and others…

The Night Before The Night Before Christmas…

I don’t know what I was thinking this evening when I had this thought:

“I think I’ll just run into Wal Mart.”

It was when I walked into the Rivergate Wal Mart on Christmas Eve Eve that I was reminded of a couple things:

I really have been a little “detached” from Christmas shopping this year. I’ve done some but not like I’ve done in years past.  That’s one of the pluses about the kids being older.  Teens have more expensive wishes, but, as a rule, it requires much less “put-togetherness”. 

Had I not been so detached from the Shoppingpalooza, I would have thought better than to go into Wal Mart at 7:00 on the 23rd of December.  Baaaaad choice.

The Rivergate Wal Mart IS the Armpit and Groin Lent of Nashville-Never in my life have I smelt as strong an odor of cigarette smoke and seen more women in DIRE need of root touchups, poor grammar, baggy britches….it’s good in ‘da hood, boys and girls.

This whole holiday season has been a plethora of visiting with old friends.  I got to visit a little bit today with my good friend from 3rd and 4th grade, Kelly and loved seeing her and her kids. 009

Look at her beautiful, blue eyes, y’all.  I had forgotten how blue her eyes were.   (Note to self…scan photos of Dance Recital in 1978 in which Kelly and I both wore heinous costumes to give readers a REALLY good belly laugh)

Kelly gave me this Woodstock Christmas ornament in 1979 and it has hung on my Christmas tree every year since.  It’s made of some sort of ceramic and I’m really surprised it hasn’t broken in all these years.  One of my favorite ornaments. 


Stuff like getting to visit with Kelly today are the things I love most about Christmas.  Forget the standing in line at Wal Mart and busting your bank account….for me, besides the whole Jesus’ Birthday thing, it’s about getting to visit with the Kelly’s in our lives and remembering.

I went out to Cool Springs tonight for a gathering of people who went to Brentwood and Franklin High Schools (thank you for organizing, Paige!) courtesy of Facebook. 

I ran into a kid I have not seen since probably 6th grade. 


 Donald and I were in Elementary school together all the way through, but, I remember him being in my  5th grade class, especially.   I told him that one of my most warmest, fuzziest memories of childhood, (back when life was good, before the dreaded Puberty Monster hit, before cancer, car accidents came and I got hip to realities of life ) was at Christmas that year, our entire class went to Donald’s house and then went caroling. 

 Donald’s mom was one of these just fabulous, June Cleaver kinda moms, and that evening is one of those things I’ve always remembered and often wished I could escape back into.  He had no recollection of the event at all, but,  I told him to be sure and tell his Mama I’ve always remembered being in her home at Christmastime. 

THAT is the kinda feeling I’ve always tried to create at Christmas with my own family.  Just like what was in my home, especially those last few days before Christmas.   Warm, fuzzy, magical…the lights all seem to have a different glow. 

I’m praying that my kids, even though this Christmas has found our lives rearranged and different…I hope there is still some of that element for them.

Been Said Many Times, Many Ways…

I don’t have anything to say about how stressed I am about Christmas shopping and how much wrapping I have to do and all that….I’m not into that part of Christmas this year at all.  This is why I’m posting stuff like this….cause it’s good.

Mel Torme singing his classic composition with a little help from Judy. Never mind that she says “to see if rainbows really know how to fly.” Poor Judy…you can overlook that because Mel starts throwing in the perfect harmony…good stuff.

Goodness and Light

It’s cold outside but it feels like Christmas.  Nothing that makes me crankier than a balmy Christmas time. I don’t mind cold as long as there’s a little sunshine to go with it. I’d take some snow but since that only happens whenever I leave town at Christmas, I might as well forget that idea.

This feels like Christmas too…some of my favorite people singing a pretty song. I always get a lump in my froat when I hear these kids sing. Watched them grow from little bitty kidlings into fantastic young adults. Their mamas, grandpa and Dad aren’t so bad neither.

Random TV Thoughts

Funniest quote heard on TVLand today…

Mr. Roper to Jack Tripper as they prepare for an impromptu singalong:

“I sing you know. Do you know ‘The Road to Mandalay?'”

Mrs. Roper: “If you do, now’s the time to take it.”


Oh and Cindy Brady to the little boy in the Santa Claus line:
“Hi. My nameth Thindy. Whath yourth?”

Little Boy: “I hate gurrrrls.”

How hysterical is Otis the Drunk as the Santa??    And Santa Otis promising Thindy that her mom will get her voith back by Chrithmuth and Mither Brady getting pithed off that Thanta Otith promithed her and having a little dithucuththun about Mithuth Bradyth voith but of courth, Thanta came through cuth heth Thanta Clauth!

I know.  I need help.

Speaking of good television..The Homecoming.  It don’t get no better than whiter-than-white John Boy in the Black Church on Christmas Eve with Cleavon Little, now does it? And having some of the Baldwin Sisters “Recipe”. Them Baldwin Sisters were some kinda funny.

Useless trivia….the Baldwin Sisters were based on the wacky sisters in Arsenic and Old Lace.

I remember watching The Homecoming as a little bitty kid and being confused as to why the Walton’s Mama and Daddy looked different.  Instead of explaining to me that different actors played John and Olivia in the pilot, I was told “They were younger then.”  I never bought that cause Patricia Neal and Andrew Duggan looked WAY older than Michael Learned and Ralph White and I knew the difference betwixt Edgar Bergen and Will Geer. 

I swear though…this is one of the funniest things ever on tv in the last coupla decades….