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Feel Good Friday- Make ‘Em Laugh

I have been in something of a drug induced fog the last couple days on what my Former Mother in Law calls “Michael English Pills”. Dadgum. It’s no wonder people write fake perscriptions for those things.  It’s not so much that they make you feel good, they just make you feel absolutely NUTHIN.  As somebody put it to me…”takes the edge off of life.”  Sho nuff.

Speaking of Michael English, I hear he’s back with the Gaither Vocal Band, as are Mark Lowry and David Phelps.  YAY!  I’m proud of Michael for getting his junk together.  I think he’s fabulous. 

I’m still pretty sore and now that the main swelling has subsided, the Endo wasn’t kidding when he said they put a “Post” in my gum.  It’s like one of those pegs thats in those games at the Cracker Barrel sticking out of my gum. I’m talking the thick end.  It’s weird.  So now I’ve gotta wait a week or two and get the temporary crown.  Egad.

Whilst under the influence the other night, I woke up and found this show on PBS.  I’ve been recording the series on DVR…coupled with the drugs, the late hour and the funny-ness of it all, I was laughing my ass off at this stuff. So my Feel Good Friday contribution will have to include some Redd Foxx and Groucho Marx.


So, I’m laying there in the Endodontist’s chair, replete with as much Novacaine as one can give a person, all these things on my face, propping my mouth open and what not; all sorts of crap flying whilst the handsome, young Endo does his thing (I bet he’s not even as old as I am) and I have my headphones in.

Above the noise of the drill, more than once he said something about the “lack of tooth structure.”    Stuff about “under the gum”, decay, etc. It all made me feel quite elderly.

The worst part was the numbing and I now look kinda like Cuzzin Terry did back when he had his bout with Bells Palsy.  I mean, I am NUMB.  You know you’re getting the good numb stuff, when after they’ve given you the main numb shot, they stick you with something else in the roof of your mouth and although you don’t feel pain, you feel most definite pressure.

Dr. Locke was doing some serrus diggin’ in that tooth.  I’m quite glad I couldn’t see what he was doing.  Ick.  I had to get some different kind of post cause, again, “Lack of Tooth Structure”.  I felt so spayshul.

I do love me some Laughing Gas.  Dang.  I think they should open Nitrous Oxide bars.  I love that stuff. 

It was very cool after it was done they changed the channel on the fancy schmancy tv in front of me (that I did not watch) and there was a life size x ray of my new roots. 

I am far too vain to take pictures of my numbed left side of my face.  Use your imagination.  It’s hot, I tell you. Think Kirk Douglas post-stroke…but without the cleft in the chin.

Thank you, Jesus and Mimi for helping me get this here procedure done. I’m pretty fortunate that I was not in more pain than I was, considering the LACK OF TOOTH STRUCTURE and the infection and such. 

I did really like Dr. Locke though.  He knows his teefuses.

Just incase you have never had the pleasure…here’s a demonstration of a Root Canal.

Root Canal Treatment Procedure Mumbai IndiaMore free videos are here

Pulp Non-Fiction

I’m taking the scenic route through the Root Canal tomorrow morning.  I’ve had one before.  I’ll be glad to have it done cause it makes me nervous having a bum tooth.  I don’t remember the whole Pulp Removal being painful, contrary to what people make it to be.  Then again, a Mammogram is not painful to me and I did have a nearly 10 lb baby without any drugs so…

 It’s not too painful yet.  It has moments that it’s tender and uncomfortable. 

Is it EVER going to stop raining?

Melancholy Monday

Alert the media…I have read a book. Somebody encouraged me to read The Shack and oh mah gawsh. Loved it. Read it.  It’s unbelievably wonderful.  If you have questions in your mind about why God allows suffering and other unpleasant things…just read it.  Even if you are non-believing in a Deity type, it’s a great read. 

My contribution to Melancholy Monday….

I think Linda’s dress needed to be just a weeeee bit shorter. Heh.

Livin’, Laughin’, Lovin’…

Regarding the Facebook craze of late, I often hear people say, mostly in a condescending tone, “I don’t have time for that.”    That’s fine but you know what, I’m grateful for Facebook cause I’ve been able to re-connect with some people that I have known longer than anybody, just about, besides family.


You didn’t know that Simon Cowell actually was from Brentwood and the British accent was fake, didja?  Heh.  Just playing…that’s not Simon, although he looks like him.  That’s Casey. 


Not bad for a buncha 40 year olds, huh?

And this is my Soul Brother, Murrey.  He has the most wonderful Signifigant Othah, Melissa…I just love her. 


I have had  conversations with famous comedians like Minnie Pearl, Sheb Wooley, Larry the Cable Guy, Mike Snider, Archie Campbell, and others.  Murrey can get me laughing  just about more than anybody and I was in pain from bellysplittin’ laughter last night.

Those truly linked don’t need correspondence. When they meet again after many years apart, Their friendship is as true as ever. Deng Ming-Dao

You Oughta Been There

Dig if you will….Does it get much better than the Nashville Bluegrass Band with the Fairfield Four?  Let me think…..NO!

And that, Boys and Girls, is your Feel Good Friday.

Good Advice

How do…

What’s new?  I’m still job hunting but did discover my resume needed major tweakin’ so that’s how I’m spending my Thursday evening.

You know, I faincy myself as a writer of sorts, but, this resume writing thang…it’s a whole nutha bird.  It makes me want to yank each hair out of my head one-by-one and stick needles in both eyes.

I’m not doing either of the above-mentioned things, but, this is how bad I hate resume-ing. 

Thing #4,582 that my Father told me more than once that I didn’t pay attention to, but wish I had and have learned the hard way and am now passing onto you…

Always keep your resume updated.  Even if you aren’t looking for a job.  Keep your resume current at all times.”

So that is my little “I Do This So You Don’t Have To” lesson for today.