It’s another edition of Feel Good Friday and what better way to feel good this first FGF of 2009 than with a little fiddlin’?  Now, this idn’t the way they fiddle in the Great State of Kentucky, but, that’s ok.  Gene Kelly and Donald O’Connor had it going on.

Gene Kelly rightfully gets a lotta props for his genius, but, Donald O’Connor doesn’t and it’s a shame. You gotta watch this and if you want more O’Connor and Kelly, do yourself a favor and rent Singin’ In The Rain.

It’s not surprising that O’Connor had to have three days of bed rest following the filming of this number right here.  Debbie Reynolds has said that making Singing In The Rain was harder, physically, than giving birth.  Gene Kelly and Stanley Donen worked them near ’bout to death, but, oh my…this stuff is like buttah.