It is known and understood that I am the least political of the Blogging crowd.  (Busy Mom and I may tie on this) I don’t give a rats ass about politics.  I have my views on things, but, it is rare that I have any sort of inclination to get into a discussion about stuff like that.  It’s boring to me. Even on my Facebook profile, under “Political Views” I have a “zzzzzzzzzzz”.

That said, I do LOVE me some Presidential history and stuff like what’s taking place tomorrow gets me all happy and stuff.

 I’m about to drop a bomb here, y’all.  I have never told this until today. 

I have a thing for Presidential Historian Michael Beschloss and I am always fraught with joy when he appears on anything talking about Presidential history.  Anything Presidential means I will get a heapin’ helpin’ of His 73525354AW006_Meet_The_PresBeschloss-ness. 

Something about telling interesting facts like President William Henry Harrison giving a long, drawn out Inaugural speech, then catching the Pneumonia and dying 31 days later…Harry Truman’s inauguration being the first to be televised, Warren Harding being the first President to ride in a car….I could listen to him talk about that stuff for days and never tire of it.  

Now, I also LOVE Doris Kearns Goodwin.  Unfortunately, Dot is not as easy on the eyes as Mikey B. is. But I would love to have lunch with her and listen to her talk about LBJ. I hope she’s around a lot tomorrow.

Tomorrow is going to be an historical day. I am pumped.  I’m gonna be up early watching every little thing.