So, I’m laying there in the Endodontist’s chair, replete with as much Novacaine as one can give a person, all these things on my face, propping my mouth open and what not; all sorts of crap flying whilst the handsome, young Endo does his thing (I bet he’s not even as old as I am) and I have my headphones in.

Above the noise of the drill, more than once he said something about the “lack of tooth structure.”    Stuff about “under the gum”, decay, etc. It all made me feel quite elderly.

The worst part was the numbing and I now look kinda like Cuzzin Terry did back when he had his bout with Bells Palsy.  I mean, I am NUMB.  You know you’re getting the good numb stuff, when after they’ve given you the main numb shot, they stick you with something else in the roof of your mouth and although you don’t feel pain, you feel most definite pressure.

Dr. Locke was doing some serrus diggin’ in that tooth.  I’m quite glad I couldn’t see what he was doing.  Ick.  I had to get some different kind of post cause, again, “Lack of Tooth Structure”.  I felt so spayshul.

I do love me some Laughing Gas.  Dang.  I think they should open Nitrous Oxide bars.  I love that stuff. 

It was very cool after it was done they changed the channel on the fancy schmancy tv in front of me (that I did not watch) and there was a life size x ray of my new roots. 

I am far too vain to take pictures of my numbed left side of my face.  Use your imagination.  It’s hot, I tell you. Think Kirk Douglas post-stroke…but without the cleft in the chin.

Thank you, Jesus and Mimi for helping me get this here procedure done. I’m pretty fortunate that I was not in more pain than I was, considering the LACK OF TOOTH STRUCTURE and the infection and such. 

I did really like Dr. Locke though.  He knows his teefuses.

Just incase you have never had the pleasure…here’s a demonstration of a Root Canal.

Root Canal Treatment Procedure Mumbai IndiaMore free videos are here