More stuff from the Weekend Festivities of Celebratin’, Viztin and What Not…


Cherry liked my mask that Lisa gave me.  I think Bryan kinda dug it, too!


This is my sister and Yers Truly with Stacy.  Stacy lived next door to us when we were kids and was kinda like a little sister to us.  I felt it was my duty, since Stacy is an only child and since I was the youngest child, to be the Older Sister She Never Had (Or Wanted).    I haven’t seen her in a long time and it was good to see her. 

Stacy brought me a present…..I so love this:




Scott and Jeremy …


Lisa and Susan came all the way from Clarksville whilst Sandra came all the way from Knoxville…


Kathy and Jim from Hendersonville…


Murrey and Melissa from Naishful….


Cuzzin Barbara dropped by and dang, she looks good!


Sunday was fun having dinner and viztin with Bill and Tam.  We’ve known Bill since…gosh…I’m not sure how long.  I told Bill what I most remembered about him was him at our house, lip synching to “Convoy” and that woulda been about 1976, or whenever that thing was current.  Eric (dude in the suit) really does have a top of his head.  I just wanted to make it look like he didn’t to make it look “artsy.” Or something.


Went by to see Gee and Geega.  Gee looked so good!  I swear…that man right there. Is one of the funniest people I know.  My stomach was hurting from laughing so hard.