I know I post this picture every year on my birthday but I just love it.


This was the morning of February 10, 1969, in Cypress, CA.  That’s my Aunt Junie with the tall hair, my 2 year old sister and my Mom in the Hounds Tooth coat.  That would be me under said coat. Mom was in labor here.  To Pacific Hospital in Long Beach she went…

The thing about studying this picture on this birthday is my Aunt Junie is the same age I am now there.  She had just turned 40 a week or so before this.  A year or two later, Junie got breast cancer and died when I was 10.  She was my Dad’s younger sister.  Junie was one of those “forces”.  Not just a personality, but, an experience.  I have missed her throughout my life.  Everybody should have an Aunt like this.

Anyway…so I am 40.  40?  Do what?

I have NO problem being 40 at all.  I love it.  I love where I’m at (other than that Unemployment Thing), love where I’ve been (ok, maybe I haven’t LOVED ALL of it),  some wonderful people in my life, both near and far….I love that my sense of humor becomes more and more twisted with each passing year.  I love that I am finally ok with myself and that it’s ok to march to the beat of my own drummer and whether my beats keep time with everybody elses is really kinda moot to me.  I hate it took me so long to get to that point of comfort but I’m glad to be here.  

Ok…some laughs for you on my 40th birthday…my sister always says I never put embarassing pictures of me up here so I will.  Not all of them are embarassing….some are kinda cute.


I wish I still liked hats.  They make my head itch.


I am seriously considering going back to the Pebbles  Flintstone look and dressing identical to my sister.


I am proud of my membership in the No Cavity Club.  Too bad I let it expire. 


I still cry when they don’t let me ride the trains….


I really should don a cute,. red dress and go dancing more often…


Slumber parties are good…this one on my 9th birthday was the bomb.  That girl on the right with the long, blonde hair…Samantha Morgan…anybody know her?  Wonder whatever happened to her…and to Tammy Frost, Shannon Hurt…Whosit was a killer game.


I don’t miss hot rollers.


I’m still baffled as to why I thought I was fat on my wedding day.  That dress was a size 8! 


As much as I love my children, I am sooooo glad I am not in this condition at 40.  I’m glad I was done procreating by the time I was 30. 

Now, as for my To-Do List for my 41st year….easy…

1.  To get a good job.

2. To learn to play the accordion, dulcimer, or improve my Carter Scratch.  (Shut up. I LOVE accordions)


3.  Close your eyes if you don’t want to read this part….I’ll give you a second. (My kids…their father, etc)
To have really good sex.