Somebody had left a comment on my Brentwood post from a long time ago and it reminded me that I had something scanned from old Brentwood that’s particularly interesting…



In this picture….the guy in the red jacket is one Burt Reynolds.  The place is the OLD OLD Concord Store on the corner of Concord Rd. and Wilson Pike.  The occasion is the filming of WW and the Dixie Dance Kings“.   The other guy is the late actor Bill McCutcheon (known to Chick Flick lovers everywhere as Owen Jenkins in Steel Magnolias ….”HELL! Owen Jenkins! Have you shrunk?”)

This was sometime in 1974.  I was 5. I remember one morning my mother being kindly pumped, throwing me in the car (I wasn’t in school yet) and us going up the street.  We parked on the bridge on Concord Rd. over the railroad tracks and walked up to the little store. 

There was all sortsa commotion going on and there were people lined up across the street from the store.  If memory serves, it was mostly women lined up.  I remember when Burt emerged from the trailer in the red jacket, the women,(even my normally calm, sedate mother) going NUTS.  This was not too terribly long after Burt posed for Cosmo.  Warning: Before you go to this link, Burt had NOT been waxed.  Ew) Here it is incase you’ve never seen it.   Burt was hot during this era.  Kinda like the George Clooney of the time without the Celebutardness. 

More than Burt, I can remember standing in the old lady that lived across the street’s yard and poor thing….everybody was standing on her irises and she was not happy about  it.  I wouldn’t have been happy neither.  I love irises and they don’t bloom that long and I don’t know that I’d want to give mine up for Burt Reynolds either.

I’ve only seen this movie once.  Who has a copy of it?