I don’t know what my problem is but for the last twelve hours I have been in total and complete Giggle Box mode.  

 First, my friend, Mike was telling me some HYSTERICAL stories last night via the Facebook, I mean just one after the other.  I wish I could tell them to ya, but, I’m not at liberty to but oh lord have mercy….he needs to write a book. Only in Nashville can certain things happen. 

Then. this morning, my boyfriend  Chris Cuomo was making me laugh  talking about the upcoming Universal Phone Charger.  It really wasn’t that funny, but, in the context of being half asleep and half awake, you know how you hear some things and they just hit you funny?  Like that time I was awake in the middle of the night watching the episode of Friends where Rachel’s boyfriend and his sister acted more like boyfriend and girlfriend than siblings…for some reason, it made me laugh uncontrollably.  I couldn’t stop laughing and the Children’s Father woke up, aggravated and said “Is it REALLY THAT funny?”  HA.

And then, as if my Giggler needed to be cut up a notch, they were running that story on the monkey that ripped that woman’s face off.  Now, that is not funny.  It is terrible that that poor woman went to try to help her friend and the dang monkey didn’t recognize her because she cut her hair and he went all apeshit on her (sorry….couldn’t hep it)

Yet, it is funny. Why?  Because monkeys are wild animals and not frickin’ people. 

I can’t stop laughing when they run the story and tell the thing about the monkey getting mad cause he wanted to go for a ride.  And giving the monkey TEA AND XANAX.  And the dang monkey drinking WINE out of a goblet!

CLC left a post on his Facebook about how “a 200lb chimp and crazy lady owner is a bad idea” and our good friend the Freaky Weasel replied with this and it near ’bout sent me over the edge…

You and your crazy beliefs. The monkey dressed itself & surfed the net. Hand eating aside, that’s crazy awesome.

Yes, I know I reeeeally need to get outta the house.