After that startling revelation yesterday about the state of Kenny Chesney’s bald head, I figured a Tuesday with a little bit of Louvin wouldn’t hurt nobody’s feelings any.  

Not a ton of live, Louvin Brothers footage out there, which is quite sad.  The good news is that the influence of the Louvins is something that I’m not sure can be adequately measured.  Case in point, our favorite Emmylou would probably not be in country music had it not been for that little mix tape Gram Parsons made for her that had some Louvins on it.  Pretty mind-blowing, isn’t it?

This footage of Charlie, Emmy and Vern Gosdin is from “Nashville Now” in about 1987. I remember watching this live and I “taped” it on the VCR (that sounds almost primitive to say, doesn’t it?) and I musta watched this of them singing “Love and Wealth” a billion times.

Interesting thing about the Louvins is that they  came from the same little area in Alabama that produced Vestal Goodman and some of the guys in Alabama. Must be something in the water down there around Sand Mountain that could produce the vocal power of an Ira Louvin and Vestal Goodman, ya know? (Ironically, Vern and Emmylou were both born in Alabama)

Ol’ Charlie’s still at it at the ripe, young age of 81.  He’s not known for his exactly “sunny” disposition.  He insulted me good one time backstage at the Opry and I didn’t know what hit me. I was a young newlywed and was totally mortified.  I don’t guess he MEANT to humiliate me like that….oh, sure he did!  HAR

I had a tshirt that had this wonderful album cover photo on it.  I only wore it once because I got strange looks from people who musta thought I was a Satan worshipper or something.  I believe the tshirt is safely housed at the X’s house and is worn by him.  I actually had this album, or my Dad had it in his collection.  I may still have it…not sure.



I’ve been on a major Louving kick on the Ipod lately….not much better listening than this.