I am so disturbed by this story that that crazy nutjob girl in California who has all those kids has been offered to star in a porn movie.  To the tune of one million dollahs. 

I have to let that fall on me for a moment…..falling….falling…..falling…..

It just won’t settle on me. 

I’m counting the days until DCS swoops in mercifully and takes those kids away from her.  The hospital is already saying they aren’t so sure the tots should go to that house. 

I don’t know, y’all.  I just don’t know.  

I am not a psychiatrist but I can tell by that ol’ girl’s eyes that her elevator does not go all the way to the top.

Oh and look….she has a website!  Maranatha!

Speaking of crazy, while y’all were watching people standing up and sitting down over and over while the President spoke last night, I was watching such upscale viewing like the show on TLC about those psychos nice folks in Arkansas that can’t stop procreating.  I don’t watch them regularly but every once in awhile I have to catch up with all the goings on at the Duggars.

Their son is engaged.  He and his Intended are a cute little couple but they have not even kissed.  Because, you know, kissing leads to naughty parts tingling and we can’t have that.  They kept talking to this horny boy and he was saying over and over how it’s the “Right Thing” for him and his little lady to wait til their wedding day to kiss.  Like he’s trying to convince himself of this.

Then Maw Duggar and Paw Duggar (talk about HORNY) are saying that they want their kids to avoid the pitfalls and stuff that dating can bring.  In fact, Michelle had boyfriends BEFORE the illustrious Jim Bob.  Jim Bob went on to say that Mrs. D. had a lot of  “baggage” from that. 

What kind of baggage???  I want to know. 

I did think it was sweet that Michelle was caring so sweetly for her very ill father in law but there was part of me that feared when the cameras were off, she turned into Kathy Bates in Misery.

The best part though was Jim Bob and Michelle in San Francisco in Haight Ashbury,  looking at bongs.  That is great television.

I miss the days when we had NORMAL crazy people on tv.  Like Susan Powter.