Late yesterday afternoon, there was a knock on my door.  I was thinking that maybe it was the X with #2.   Tara was coming over to my Cross-The-Way-Neighbor’s to do something and I figured he was bringing the boy by. 

I opened the door and it was Tara.  She has been sickly the last couple days with the Crud but even so, she looked so cute.  She had on one of her signature Hoodies and this cute hat I’d never seen her wear before.  She had this little smile on her face that I haven’t seen in awhile. 

It is well documented that I am as nutty as a Snickers and I’m sure she would deny it but there was something in her smile that said she was glad to see me and maybe she thought for a second about hugging me like she used to do when she was a little thing and she was so attached to me. (Tara, if you’re reading this, just let me dream, ok?)

Then, later last night, I took Tara back to her Dad’s.  Drove in the driveway and #2 was jumping on the trampoline.  (#2 during his Trampoline Jumps is one of the funnest things in the world to watch)  I walked over to the trampoline and hugged him around his legs.  He said “Mom…you’re suffocating my legs.”  Heh.

Went inside to say hi to the Manchild.  He was sitting at the computer, holding his guitar…he was sickly with the Crud last week so I was glad to see him sitting upright.  Everytime I saw him last week, he was lying prostrate making horrendous nasal/bronchial sounds. 

I went back outside to leave and #2 was still jumping on the rampoline.  He had the EXACT same little grin on his face that his sister had earlier when she appeared at my door.  The exact same one!

I said “#2…you are glad to see me aren’t ya?”  He was trying  not to bust into a huge smile because he is 10 and is trying really hard to not be My Baby Boy anymore.  I told him Tara was glad to see me eariler and he asked “What about Tyler?”  I said “Well, I’m sure he was thrilled on the inside but he never turned around and looked at me.”
This made #2 laugh and it did me.

It made me warm and fuzzy.