Hey Mister…yes you.  The guy who was on the treadmill next to me at the Y about an hour ago.  You ran 5+ miles while I was on the Elliptical/StairStepper/New sorta contraption that I really like….

Anyway, you looked the kinda guy that was probably raised right.  You probably have a good job.  I imagine when you’re dressed and ready for Sunday School and all, you probably clean up good. 

Why in the HELL did you walk away from the treadmill and not spray the stuff and wipe it down? What’s the matter with you? 

I thought for sure you went to find a cloth and would come back and wipe it off but you di-int. 

That is wrong.

This unsuspecting lady came up a little bit later to get on the treadmill after you left and I warned her of the Gross Guy That Was On Before.  She thanked me profusely.

I will remember you next time I see you cause of the weird way you hold your hands when you run.

You should know better.