This is what I dreamed last night. I don’t know what it means, but, it was odd.  Just thought I’d share…

I’m at the soccer fields in Hendersonville.  Tara hasn’t played soccer in several years and she is present in this dream and is about 10 years old.  I don’t know if she had a game or what, but we’re walking along the greenway thingy there….

Suddenly-somewhere somebody starts singing “Ocean of Diamonds” (a Bluegrass standard but not the kinda song you hear at the Hendersonville soccer fields).  I can’t tell who starts the singing, but, in these crowds of people, all these  Muffia-looking moms and dads with perfect lives start singing and harmonizing on the chorus.

I keep walking, listening and I see my old friend Dean Smith (Daddy is the great Carl Smith) and he’s carrying one of his sons in his arms. (His boys aren’t little anymore, so that was weird) and he’s singing Ocean of Diamonds very loud.

Then me and Tara pass Porter Wagoner, in full Wagonmaster attire, with a very young blonde (not Dolly) on his arm and he’s also singing along with the nice chorus at the soccer field.

It was just weird. Can’t imagine why I dreamed that.  I don’t always remember my dreams so vividly but I did this one.  It wasn’t bad.  Just odd.