My mother, in her advancing age, continues to shock the heck outta me. 

When she shacked up (briefly, before she and her late husband Charles married) and had wine in her fridge?  I sorta went “Do what?”  But that didn’t make me go all Wile E. Coyote like this conversation I had with her the other day. It went a little something like this:

“Well, the Ghost showed up at work again.  I heard her”.  Now, she said this like she was telling me she had gone to Walgreens and picked up her Premarin.  (ALL my life, I’ve heard her talk about that.)

I thought I was hearing things. 

The same woman who always spake of how dangerous it was to mess with such things, was telling me about the Ghost at Work.  Do whaaaaaaaaaaaaaat?

She went on and on about the flickering lights and odd happenings at her office building.  She even said….”Well, you know…somebody died there one time.  AND where that building is was a Confederate battlefield.” 

I’m not saying there is not ghosteses over there, I was just SHOCKED to hear my mother talking about it like that and then she was saying how she likes to watch that Ghost Hunter show.  Again, do whaaaaaaaaaaat?

There, she and Biff wouldn’t let us watch James at 16 or Three’s Company because of sackshul references.  Least there wasn’t no references to the Unexplained?

She was saying she didn’t want to go in a certain hallway or something and I found myself saying “Now, Mom…what you do is tell them to get on outta there cause you got work to do.”

It was just odd.