Newscoma and Co. are swinging into town bearing puppies about 11:30 this morning over at Centennial Park.  If you want a puppy kiss, you can probably get you one.  You can probably take one home with you if the spirit moves ya.

You can’t have this one though. 

101_0833-300x225 bandit

He’s spoken ‘fer.

I said no twice.  I think me and him need each other.   I’ll get his rabies shot for 8 bucks next weekend here in Sumner County and I’ve got a certificate for a lower cost neuter.  The wonderful Finn is letting me use her dog crate (which is a nice fold-up one) and I am so grateful to her and Mr. Finn for letting me use it. 
He’s even got him a name.  I like to give my pets people names or name them after people I admire and/or love.   This little guy is named after my friends Ron and Tina Foster who have made a rather large impact on me and I dig ’em.