Happy Memorial Day!

The older I get, the more appreciative and thankful I am to live in the United States of America.   We certainly don’t have everything perfect here but dadgum, we don’t have it so bad.  It’s not so good here just ’cause we’re all so cool and deserving of such wonderfulness to be Americans.  So many sacrifices made by so many.  Real live people who grew up without fathers, like my cousins Don, Dan and Lea-my dear friend Betty; so many….

Yesterday on CBS Sunday Morning, I was so moved by the piece they did on Iraq veterans who are able to get plastic surgery by the finest plastic surgeons in this country.  The two guys featured in the piece, Joey Paulk and Octavio Sanchez are just two of no-telling how many of our veterans have been so disfigured during their time in Iraq.  These were movie star-good looking young men and you can’t tell now that they are even remotely the same person, thanks to some roadside bombs they came in contact with. 

Not only did the bombs rip parts of their faces off , they lost hands, arms, legs, have had umpteen operations and had what little “good” skin they have left to fix their faces.  Octavio lost one of his arms and has no use of his one hand but he kept it JUST SO HE COULD TOUCH HIS CHILDREN. 

I had a skin graft years ago.  It was a very small area on my person where they took skin and put it somewhere else.  It was a painful procedure.  I can’t imagine the pain these guys have gone through having surgery after surgery….getting what “good” skin they have left….these guys touched me like nothing has in awhile and I’m inspired and humbled by their courage.  

The reporter makes a point of how these guys went through this hell on earth…for me.  For you.  For my three kids.  My future grandchildren.   Humbling, indeed.
If you do nothing else today, please click that link up there and watch that short piece on those boys.