Tuesday, January 19, 2010 at 10:43am | Edit Note | Delete
I’m at home this morning. I have two of my cubs with me. Probably should’ve sent Trevor to school today but I need him. I need his Trevor-ness.

I slept last night fairly decently for the first time in a number of days. Sandra stayed down there and she slept decently too, even in a recliner. The reason being is it’s quiet in this room. No beeps. Nobody coming in at 3 am to take Mom’s temperature or blood. Hospice is fantastic.

This experience is changing the Mother Daughter relationship between Tara and me, I think. I’m watching her mature in front of my very eyes as she experiences this from a 16 year old’s point of view.

I knew that Mom’s calling Tyler by his name yesterday would mean a lot to him. He was debating whether or not to return to the hospital because he wanted to remember his Mimi the way she was as opposed to on her deathbed, unresponsive, etc. She lit up when she saw him yesterday, clearly speaking his name and looking at him. What a gift for him, her first grandchild.

I have a video of Tyler’s first birthday. He’s sitting on top of this HUGE, wrapped present, in all his one year old, chubby baby glory. He smiles big, looks at Mom and says “Mimi.” First time he said it.

Tyler was such a gift to Mimi during the days leading up to my Dad’s passing and in that first year after.

I told Tyler last night if he wanted to stay out of school today and come back down with us, he could. He said he would but they are blocking for the next theater production today. He has a pretty decent sized part in this production. His Mimi would tell him not to miss that because of her.