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Drama Queen Meets A Rock ‘N Roll Queen

How’s this for cool?  That is my baby girl with Little Miss Dynamite herself. 

“Mom”, saith my dawta, “I felt like a giant next to her.”

Idn’t everyday you get to rub shoulders with somebody who has ’em a spot in the Country Music Hall of Fame AND the Rock ‘N Roll Hall of Fame.  I am going to do a post, hopefully tomorrow, on this most wonderful event we attended where Tara’s grandmother was honored, alongside some other fabulous ladies.

Brenda Lee is the shiznit.


My Songbird

Check it out…The Holy Tara kicking some serrus aissse at her school Chorus concert tonight. Do notice, besides her fabulous voice, the way she saves the thing from becoming a trainwreck because the other girl was too verklempt to sing. That’s not the first trainwreck the HT has prevented. I’m telling ya…my kid’s a natural. Oh and notice the Camera Lady (moi) being totally knocked out at the girl sangin’. Heh. I couldn’t hep singing along maself. I love that song.

The tears and stuff are cause the one girl is moving to Texas. Sweet ain’t it?