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Today Is Tuesday

Today is Tuesday, you know what that means…we’re gonna sing a Tuesday song!

I wanted to be a Mouseketeer SOOO bad at one point. I’m not talking 70’s Mouseketeers or Justin Timberlake Mouseketeer….I wanted to be one with Karen and Cubby, Annette, Tommy, Cheryl, Jimmie, Bobby and Cissy….no wait…Cissy was Bobby’s partner on Lawrence Welk. ANYHOO, I wanted to be one.

Oh, and I need my medicine. I haven’t filled my ADD medicine that I’m out of because it is expensive and I dont have insurance at the moment. I’m liable to zip from one subject to the other at the drop of a…..

My old friend Eric sent me a copy of his documentary Everyone But You.  It is my mission to make sure everybody sees this movie, especially my own kids who have dreams of making a life in music.  This thing is so brilliant and beautiful and real, it should be required viewing for all the music biz students at every college in the country.

There were so many things in this movie that made me laugh so loud and then there were several things that made me cry.  After nearly 20 years of being married to a recording artist/musician/songwriter/etc./etc so many things in this hit home with me.  And on the other hand, my own self, being a stifled, frustrated artist…I totally got it.

I’m so proud of Eric for doing this and I hope he’ll keep hawkin’ it even though he has to work for food and stuff.  It inspires the crap outta me.  Thank you for sharing it, mah friend. 

I had the thought today, too…what if I get a Booty Call and they get a busy signal or no answer?  Just sayin’….

Ok, lets see what else?  Oh…look at this picture of my beautiful daughter:


My new favorite piece of music I heard today?  Tu Vo Fa L’Americano by the Puppini Sisters.

Oh and the best news I got today?   I start working Monday.  Thank you, Jesus.

Shaking My Confidence

If I ever meet Paul Simon, I have a question I have gotta ask him. 

In that song, Cecelia….am I hearing this right…he and Cecelia are in the bed doing their thang one afternoon, he gets up, washes his face (how long does that take? 2 minutes) Comes back and there’s another feller in his bed?  Then, moments later, Cecelia loves him again? Or is it a thing where Cecelia leaves with the guy and then returns later on?

That’s just weird to me.  I’ve known that song forever and that has always bugged me about it.  What kinda ho is Cecelia anyway?  And why would the narrator want somebody who’d bring a dude to bed when he gets up to go warsh his face???? 

I guess some things in pop music aren’t meant to be understood.

Incase You Were Wondering…

Retainers…the plastic ones….can survive a spin in the washer and dryer.  Don’t ask me how I know this, but, I know it to be fact.

An Open Letter To Aunt B. or Yes Ginger, I DO Have ADD

Dear Aunt B.,

Remember last Christmas I emailed you (something I’ve rarely done with you…no reason…me and you just haven’t emailed much) and I asked you for your address? The plan was I was going to address a card to you and the Butcher, stick a stamp on it, put it in the mail and send you my warmest wishes for a great Christmas and a Happy 2007.

Guess what I found in my car the other day? (oddly enough, I was searching high and low for the gift card I bought for the Engineering Brother In Law) Searching in between and under the caseats I found a perfectly addressed Christmas card to you and the Butcher. It even had a stamp on it and a cuter-than-cute return address label. I would’ve just stuck it in the mail, ‘cept postage has done gone up since then! I didn’t even tell Mr. Smiff about it cause he and the kids would’ve laughed at me and I don’t think I’d have handled it well.

This Christmas has been brought to you by the letters P-M-S or in other words, I have not been consistently the nicest gal in Hendersonville the last week.   My female parts are determined to give me hell just one more time before the “Endo Zap” that is soon coming and sure to provide some blog fun.  Hopefully, it will do its job and I can feel better.

So back to the story….a year late and a few dollahs short….Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you and the Butcher.

It reminds me of that time I checked this book out of the church library. The Christmas Box, it was called. I really and truly thought I turned it back in. I don’t think I ever even read the dang thing. This was probably in 2000 when I checked it out.

Mr. Otis was the man who was the church librarian (and has since gone on to Glow-ry). He kept asking me about that overdue book. “Mr. Otis”, said the Sista….”I turned that book in.” I really thought I did. For real. Mr. Otis would just look at me like I had three noses on my face everytime he’d ask me about it. I musta got 80 notices in the mail about that book.

This is the weird part, a few Christmases ago, in about 2003 or 2004, I got my Christmas stuff out and opened a box and what to my wonderin’ eyes did appear but….yep…The Christmas Box. There it was. Mr. Otis watched that library like a hawk. He knew of what he spoke.

What’s so weird is that VERY day I opened that box and found the book was the same day Mr. Otis died. No joke. I think that was him hollering from the Great Beyond saying “See? Told ya you dingaling.”

So to answer Ginger‘s question, ” Yes, Ginger…your Sista really has ADD.” (From an inside joke…not too long ago, Ginger thought I was just kidding about having ADD. Har har)

I Feel Nice-Like Sugar and Spice

It was fun being somewhat blondish-like this summer, but, I’m back to my real hair color….brunette.  Who says I’m about 75% gray?  I know not of what you’re talking about.  I have the same hair color I had in 1987. Do too.

There’s a girl in my A & P class who is probably not even 18 yet.  Cute as a button.  She has the same color hair I used to have once upon a time.  How I covet her brunette that is not from a bottle  (I can spot natural or for real as good as Truvy could spot a bottle job in 20 paces.)  Oh well, someday I’ll embrace it, but, that day ain’t here yet.

Y’know, I’m glad I have the kinda hair that grows kinda like kudzu in Georgia, however, it’s kinda expensive and it’s a pain. I will have skunk roots within a week I bet. The thing about having the lighter hair, it tends to get brassy. I’ve been told that using that shampoo for gray hair (blue hair stuff) will help with the brassiness, but, I forget to try it.

This first day of Adderalling it has been uneventful.  I felt slightly jumpy this morning and by midday, I sorta felt like this:

It’s a time release thing and it’s supposed to last all day. Here it is 9:30, and I’m still feeling pretty good. The Engineering Brother in Law and I have bonded even more so over our Adderall. He said something about mood swings. That’s all I need!

Tonight, I still have to finish making a model of a cell with #2. I stole the cake idea from the Atwood Zoo.  The Manchild is into his brother’s Science project.  He just asked if he could have a bite of cytoplasm if there’s any leftovers.