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Friday Finally Came Around (And This Girl WASN’T Ready To Paint The Town)

 Raise your hand if you’re glad it’s Friday…Gosh, but, it’s been a long and tiring week.  Not necessarily a bad week, just long, busy, and HOT. 

I’m glad I followed up with our regular doctor today with the Holy Tara.  She has said all week she’s had a headache and all, but, she has continued on with her regular activities pretty normal.  The doctor gave her a series of neurological test-type things today.  Things like spelling certain words, drawing certain things, standing a certain way without falling, etc.  Things that sound pretty silly, but, somehow tell a lot about the brain.  He said she most definitely has a concussion and that anytime you are knocked out, even if for a couple seconds, it’s a concussion.  It’s a shock to the brain and it experiences some swelling.  He ordered her to lay low all weekend and not do anything but rest and take in lots of fluids.  If the headache gets worse, I get to take her back for a CAT scan over the weekend.  Yay.

I was surprised last weekend that Vanderbilt didn’t do a scan on her and so was the doctor.  I don’t know that they ever got how hard her head hit that tree. I guess the protocol they followed did not lead them to believe it was necessary, but, I wish they’d have done it.  Anyway, she’s resting and not very happy that she missed a couple very important social opportunities tonight.  I’m feeling a teeny bit of Bad Mother Guilt for not keeping her out of school one day.  She went on about her regular routine, though.

It’s been a busy, busy few weeks for the Grascals and that, in turn, is draining on me. Hard on everybody, really.  It’s been one of those weeks where Mr. Smiff is in and out…hi and bye.  We had some asspain things to deal with the finances this week. Without going into all the long, drawnout details, we hate Wells Fargo and once the car is paid for will never, ever do bidness with them again.

I finally, FINALLY made an appointment and got the insurance approval to be tested for ADD.  I think my life may change drastically.  I’ve been dealing with this since I was about 12.  Maybe some help is around the corner.  I hope so.

I’m a little put out with the voters of the IBMA for not giving The Grascals any Individual Instrument nominations.  Sorry folks, maybe I’m prejudiced but Terry Eldredge deserves a Male Vocalist nomination,  Danny Roberts deserves a mandolin nomination and Terry Smith is LONG overdue for a Bass nomination.  He can play circles around a certain nominee, who has won it umpteen times, is a good guy and a friend, but, just so happens to be a better politicker than Terry is.  Either way, it infuriates me.  There, I said it.  The IBMA voters were smart enough to nominate the Grascals for Entertainer of the Year and Gospel Recorded Song of the Year.  That keeps me from throwing and out and out hissy fit.

I had lunch at the absolute cutest place today…The Yard Shop on Gallatin Rd. in Inglewood.  Wonderful sandwiches, coffee, eclectic things inside, yard stuff…fun place to eat.  I’ll definitely be going back.  They had a picture hanging on the wall that I have and an old pew that used to sit on the stage at the Grand Ole Opry. 

I hated to miss the get-together at Blackstone, but, I only had a limited amount of time this evening to visit with Sir Smiff and I was just plain worn out from learning more than I ever thought I would know about STD’s this week at work and how rampant it is in this area and everything else that’s gone on this week.  I don’t have the stamina the other guys have.  Does that mean I’m old because I’m more interested in some quality time in bed (don’t get all excited. Mr. Smiff is at the Grand Ole Opry tonight.  No excitement there). 

Your Sista is tuckered out and very happy it’s Friday and anticipating a nice sleep tonight

The Holy Tara Gets The Vapors

What was supposed to be an hour or so at the swimming pool yesterday stretched into a long-ass day. We left here a little before 12.  Got home about 7.  Pull up a chair, kiddies, it’s story time.

For those not in the Nashville area, it has been hot, I mean HOT this last week or so.  It has not been unusual for the thermometer to cross over 100.  I knew this was going to be the kinda day where I was in the water a lot more than usual.  It’s just hot.

All summer long, it’s been me and #2 doing the pool thing on the weekend.  My Teens are at that age where getting up early is getting up before 11.  Today, however, the Holy Tara wanted to come along.  The first time she’s been with us all summer. 

We get there, get settled in our chairs…HT hurls her usual “What are you looking at?” and eye rolling commences early on the expedition.  Ahhh….the thrill of a teenage daughter. It was so hot, I had gone and gotten in a few times and I kept telling HT she better get in the water.  “I don’t WANT to, ok?” (Insert eye roll and “GAH!”). 

The whistle blew at 12:50 for Adult Swim.  The Three Smiffs walk over to the “Skyview Diner” (a trailer with a concession stand in it) to get some food and beverage.  There was a woman in front of us who took FOR-EVER to get all her stuff.  She probably had 6 kids (homeschooled all, I’m sure) and it was going on and on.  The line was growing.  Dang, it’s hot and miserable, I remember thinking to myself. 

The HT said “Mom, I’m woozy” and started leaning on me.  Pshht.  The Drama Queen at it again.  “Yes, we’re all hot” said Mother Smiff in her best Carol Brady voice.  Then, the HT slapped me on the shoulder and I said “If you do that again (teeth clenched ala Biff) you will be grounded for months.”  She even went so far as to lay her head on my shoulder and put her arms around me.  This should’ve given me a clue that maybe she was serious.  She is really not into hugging her mother these days.  Thing is, I didn’t name her The Drama Queen for nothing.  She has cried wolf many a time and we’ve warned her about that.

We had finally gotten up to the window and the guy had gotten our drinks and I handed the HT her water and said “Why don’t you go sit down?”  She started to walk away and turned into rubber right there and went down. She fell back on her rear and sorta bounced and her head went back and smacked a tree. 

The people in line and all their little children were standing there, mouths open as if to say “Did we just see what we thought we saw?”  I said “Somebody get a lifeguard!” They started scrambling and I heard somebody say “This lady’s a doctor” and she was right there, then this other woman appears and said to the doctor “Get outta here, I’m a nurse!”  Heh.  The doctor lady never once said a word.  She knew it was not important to get into a power match there over the passed out kid.  I thought that was pretty cool of her. 

The YMCA people started gathering, getting wet towels, and just a flurry of activity.  The HT was surrounded by all these handsome, young YMCA lifeguards.  She was out for about 15 seconds, I guess.  It’s funny how when something like that happens, you DO just what they do in the movies.  I started patting  her check saying “Honey….wake up”. 

She came to and immediately started crying and I was relieved she knew her name and stuff.  She hit her head hard on that little tree.  That was what scared me the most.  I figured she had passed out from the heat and not having ate or drank anything before we got there.  She hit her head so hard and her neck popped back when she hit the thing, I was worried about that. 

It wasn’t long before we started hearing sirens.  The Y people had called 911 and the EMT’s were there.  At this point, she couldn’t get up and walk out of there.  She was still laying under the tree, dirty and this lady appeared with wipes cause she knew a girl that age would be mortified at laying there on the ground covered in dirt.  She started crying again, saying how sorry she was and I said “If anybody is sorry it’s me so quit it.”  We almost had a Wynonna and Naomi moment.  She was pretty thrilled with the fact they halted pool operations and two or three emergency vehicles responded to her plight. I’m really glad they called 911 cause there’s no way she could’ve walked (at that point) all the way to the front.  It’s a good distance from the front door of the Y to the pool in the back. 

So anyway, I went to check on the girl in the back of the amblance and #2, in his usual, caring and concerned way, said to the EMT’s “Hey…is there a tv on this thing?”  Good ol #2.  

I guess because of the nerves and heat, I started to feel a little icky, so I had to stop and sit in the lobby a minute.  One gruff, old codger paramedic was like “Aren’t you coming?”  I told him to simmah down, I needed a moment to collect myself.

I knew I wanted her head checked out and after horror stories I’ve heard from friends about Hendersonville Hospital, I told them to haul her downtown to Vanderbilt.  Hazel, who spent ten days at Vanderbilt this spring, said “They will poke you to death down there.  If they say you’re ok, you’re ok.”  This is true.

They gave her IV fluids, tested everything, including two EKG’s when the first one left them with a question. 

I bragged last year after the HT’s best friend was very ill and spent time in the Vanderbilt Children’s ICU and I will say again how fortunate we are here in Middle Tennessee to have such a wonderful facility as the Monroe Carell Children’s Hospital here.  They have a separate ER from the main hospital and everybody we came in contact there was just wonderful to HT, me and #2.  We were there for what seemed like hours, finally leaving about 6.

I never was afraid that something was morbidly wrong with my kid, but, she was pretty freaked out by the whole experience.  As usual when drama happens, Mr. Smiff was not here.  He was in Canada, of all places.  The cell service connection there is spotty at best so it was frustrating for me (and I’m sure him) to not be able to get him on the phone immediately.

I think the Holy Tara learned some things tara-in-hospital.jpgyesterday…one…when it’s hotter than hades out like it was yesterday, be good and hydrated so you don’t get Heat Exhaustion.  We were not out there a terribly long time before she was overcome.  It’s going to be hot again in these parts this week so everybody do what you need to do.

Two, one thing Tara said more than once is “I had no idea I’d end up riding in ambulance to the hospital when I got up today.”  She learned how quickly life can totally change in a split second.  She is fortunate that she was able to walk out of that hospital last night, knowing there are lots of kids in that same facility who weren’t able to say the same thing.

I learned that you don’t pronounce the word “Syncope” like “Sin-Kope.”  It’s Sin-co-pay.  That will go in my mental box for school. 

Today, the HT/DQ is doing fine although she has a spot of a headache.  I knew she was perking up when she started texting from the hospital bed. 


I’m off today.  I haven’t taken a vacation day all summer.  I don’t have many of them.  In fact, after today, I think I have something like 2.5 hours of vacation accrued.

I got to lay in the bed til about 8:45.  I always wake up at 4:30 the first time regardless.  I’ve dozed in and out.  One time I woke to the sounds of the cat puking.  It was lovely. 

The plan is to get something accomplished here at the Smiff House.  We’ll see how that goes.

Ancient Chinese Secret

Apparently, something purple, like a marker or something, made it into the washing machine with my khaki capris.  I now have purple splotches on my pants. It’s purty.  I’m so good at laundry. You’d think after all these years of washing clothes for 5 people, I’d get the concept of checking the pockets before emptying.

You never know what you’re going to find in the bottom of my washing machine:

 Manchild…pencils.  Pencils that have been sharpened down to nothing more than an eraser.  I have washed his Learner’s Permit.  It’s very clean. 

Holy Tara….oddly enough she doesn’t leave much behind in the washer….

#2…action figures…

Mr. Smiff…paper towels.  Those are his versions of handkerchiefs.  


I have found as much as $20 in the bottom of the washing machine and in the dryer before. 

We are very organized at Casa de Smiff.


Overheard at the Smiff House Thursday morning about 7:00 a.m.

Mother Smiff to  #2 Son:(who was being dropped off by Father Smiff):  You need to brush your teeth before you go.

#2 Son Smiff:  But Mooo-ooom….I brushed my teeth everyday while I was in Knoxville!

Rambling, ADD Tuesday

I am a bad, horrible person.  I just am. 

I knew something was up with Robin Roberts.  I’m a pretty loyal GMA watcher while I’m getting ready in the mornings.  I got hooked on that whiter than white bunch while I was home, in between jobs.  Chris Cuomo is just too dang cute for words. 

Robin was MIA for a bit and something in the way Diane said she was “on assignment” just didn’t fly with me.  When she first came back (this is why I feel so bad) her eyes were puffy and because I’m so smart and know everything, I said out loud (the the snoring Mr. Smiff) “She had her eyes done!” 

I do feel bad cause I like Robin.  I say that like I’ve known her forever.  Remember when she did weekend sports on Channel 4 in the 80′s?

Yay! McCeemy’s back on American soil.

Yay! I am having lunch with the Gentleman Formerly Known As My Boss tomorrow!  The best boss evah.

I’d like very much to have lunch with my Shishter sometime in the next decade.

#2 is reportedly having a blast with his cousins in Knoxville.  I wonder if my sister has begun drinking heavily?  I asked #2 on the phone yesterday if he was having fun with Payton and Hannah and in his direct, from the hip, #2 style he said “That’s what I’m here for.”  Duh.

You need to read my pal Chris in Texas’ new and improved blog.

I love the smell and flavor of pickles, however, I do not like to bite into them.  What is up with that?

I have a new job.  I’m in the same office, just handling different duties.  I think this is going to be a perfect fit for me and will help me a ton when I get in school.  Take it from your Sista…you do not want to get any form of Hepatitis or any tick-borne illness.  Trust me on this one.  Wash your hands and use your repellent with DEET when you go outside.  I don’t have either of these types of illnesses, but, I’m dealing with them on a daily basis now.  Shigella and MRSA  are some other things you don’t want neither.

It’s no wonder I’m anemic.  I mean, it’s just no wonder.  If they start letting people have elective hysterectomies, count me in. I’m over this.  This is the part about being a female I hate and I don’t feel like turning flips like Cathy Rigby used to do nor do I feel fresh.  I ache from head to toe right now.   Poor Mr. Smiff.  They need to put something about that time of the month in marriage vows. 


Nobody took the towels out of the dryer.  You just can’t get good help anymore.

I’m Just Burnin’ Doing The Varmint Dance

too-slim.jpgI tried really hard to find a clip of one of my heroes, Too Slim, doing his famous “Varmint Dance”, alas, I couldn’t.  so instead, I’ll put a picture of the “Idol of American Youth” here for your viewing enjoyment.   Too Slim is the man.

The reason I’ve got such a hankerin’ to do The Varmint Dance is cause I have run across (or almost run across) 4 different species of varmint (or is it varmit) since Saturday. 

First, Saturday evening, I was picking the Manchild up from the Rich Folks Neighborhood on the lake in Gallatin and I saw one of these just sitting in the front lawn of this mansion.  Just sitting there like it was the family pet.  Then, his buddy came up and found himself a tree to sit under.  These foxes (or is it “fox-i, Cee?) are no dummies.  They know where the nice yards to sit are.  They’re cute little boogers.  Almost look like a cross between a cat and a dog, in fact, #2 pronounced them as looking like Cat/Dog.  I know they are not critters you want to try to Ellie Mae on though, but, from a distance, they were cute.

Then, this past Sunday night, Mr. Smiff went to the Kroger to get an air conditioner filter (at 10:00 at night no less) and he called and said to come out front and there were two of these just hanging out in the yard.  He shone the headlights on them and they looked at each other as if to say, “I think now would be a good time to go cause Mr. Smiff is here” and darted off down the street.  They really move beautifully.  I wish I could be that graceful.

Tuesday, I came home for lunch and saw one of these sitting in my yard.  I thought it was a duck first.  Then I thought it looked like an eagle and then he looked at me and ascended into the big pine tree in our front yard.  Their wing spans are impressive.  I hear owls all the time around here and this is only the second time in almost 11 years of living here that I’ve seen one.

This evening as we were dining at Shoney’s (good grief…has Shoney’s always sucked or is it just since I’ve gotten to be a grownup?  I always thought Shoney’s was fine dining.  Ick.)  Mr. Smiff said “I probably shouldn’t tell you this” and I knew a preface like that meant he probably had seen vermin and sho nuff, he went out to the shed today, opened the door and there was a rather large one of these making himself comfortable. 

You’d think me telling this stuff that we live out in the sticks or as my co-worker Beverly said “Do you live in the jungle?”  We live in a very populated suburban area off a very busy street and right off the bypass, literally down the street from where this horrible accident happened today.  I hope that they aren’t going to have to redo that bridge cause lawzy me, if they close that road down, it will hamper my regular trips to Wal Mart and that would be a travesty.

Male Bonding

I would really like to go to bed, however, I’m in a bit of a quandry. 

 There are three guys in my bed:  Mr. Smiff, the Manchild and #2 are doing some heavy duty male bonding watching Family Guy.  I went in there and tried to get in on the fun, but, it was clear that this was a Guy Thing.

Never mind none of them has to get up tomorrow and serve the people of the Volunteer State.  They can sleep til Ellen comes on if they want to (the MC has been going til noon the past few days).  I guess I should let the bonding go on since the Mr. is not the type of Dad that goes fishing or hunting or things like that with his children.  No, in this house we bond over television and guitars.

I’m still tired and itchy.  I bet I’ve taken 8 Benadryls today and even a Claritin and I’m still itching like crazy.  My feet, hands, wrists are making me nuts.  I’m having visions that I’m turning into my mother who lived at the beach as a teen and young adult and suddenly somewhere became allergic to the sun and would break out after being out in it.

I was at the pool over the weekend, getting a fairly late start to my tan thing (shut up…I don’t look like leather and I don’t bake til black.  Just a little cullah is all) and ever since, I’ve been itching.  It seems I may have done this last year at the beginning of the summer. 

Gid gad…I am so turning into my mother.  Just slap me if I start warning you about drunk lesbians in the subway.

Ok…bonding done.  I’m going to bed. 

Random Sunday-ness

How much you wanna bet I was the only person at the Y Swimming pool today that had Christmas songs running across their headphones?   I didn’t do it on purpose.  I just got my older mp3 player out and I didn’t remember what was on it. 

Imagine my surprise when I hear James Taylor start in on how “Christmas future is far away, Christmas past is past”  and then go into Nat King Cole’s “All I Want For Christmas” while it’s about 90 degrees out and I smell like coconut. 

The Drama Queen is safely ensconced at Navarre Beach.  Dang her.  I probably shouldn’t have let her go and wouldn’t have if it would’ve been any other friend.  Some day, I’m going to have a friend who will invite me to the beach.  No, wait…I did have a friend who invited me to Destin, oddly enough, the summer of 7th grade.

Her name was Ginger.  She was a neat girl.  She was a typical, only child, though, who wanted the mirror space all to herself.  I remember on that trip, her mother hounded her constantly.  Ginger ran track at Brentwood Academy and her mother pushed her and was so critical of her.  I felt sorry for her.  No clue whatever became of Ginger.  Anybody?

I do believe I saw Jamey Tucker and his chilluns in the produce section of Wal Mart today.  I should’ve spoke to him.  I mean, him, Short and Fat and me are the only Hendersonville bloggers I know of.  Actually, I wasn’t 100% sure it was him until I got home.  I did not know he was a Hendersonvillian.  Hmm.

Mr. Smiff is back in town.  He’s downtown at this very moment performing at Fan Fair.  Hate I missed it.  (Insert sarcasm here.)

Something is flying in the air that is tearing my poor nose right on up.  I don’t know what it is, but, I have spent the whole weekend sneezing, snorting and itching. 

I was a heathen and missed church. Bad Sista.

I’ve been watching a marathon of “Miami Ink” and have been pondering what kind of tattoo I would get, if I ever were to go down the Tat road.  I honestly have no idea.  I would want something really unique and interesting.  Not some silly butterfly or heart, like every other person has.

An Apology to the Manchild

I have learned something in the last day or two.  It’s very important. 

Kroger’s generic colas suck.  Badly. 

I never drank “Diet Dr. K” until a week or so ago.  Oh yeah, I’ll buy my cola-addicted teenaged son generic, Kroger cola all the time.  He’s never complained about it.  I feel like a horrible mother.  The Sam’s/Wal Mart generic colas are good.  So are Publix’.  Kroger’s brand doesn’t hold the carbonation for 5 minutes after you open the can!

Maybe you knew this.  I did not know this and I want to apologize to the Manchild for forcing him to drink brown sugar water.  Never again, my darling Son.  Never again.

No. Way.

I have never been to a Public Hearing or a City Council meeting.  Occasionally, I watch them on Channel 3 and usually, it’s the same boneheads who no doubt drive the Hendersonville Alderpeople nuts.  They gripe about this and that and it seems to be a hobby for them. 

I live in a subdivision in a part of Hendersonville that is experiencing a tremendous amount of growth.  The neighborhood was built between 1975-1978.  The houses are your typical, brick, ranch style homes.  They aren’t big, but, this is really a great neighborhood.  One of the greatest things about it is how close it is to the Bypass. 

We’ve lived here almost 11 years.  In that time, we’ve had a virtual retail wonderland pop up in the last few years.  The Target parking lot is exactly one mile from my driveway.  I love having Target and Kohls out my door.  We live in the most desirable school district in the county.  I still don’t know how we got in the Jack Anderson/Station Camp zone because the Beech schools are closer, but, we are. 

The next exit up is Indian Lake Blvd and there’s so much stuff going up over there, it’s frightening….restaurants out the ying yang, they’re building a ginormous movie theater complex, Barnes & Noble, Cracker Barrel, places like that are on their way to the ‘hood, which is great.

Another lovely thing about our neighborhood is there is no outlet.  You’ve got one way in and one way out.  Apparently, that is going to change soon because a farm that sits at the back of the subdivision has been rezoned.  They are wanting to build 1050 homes on less than 47 acres and they’re wanting to open the back of the neighborhood up which could mean more than 2000 to 6000 vehicles coming back in forth in front of the Casa de Smiff.  I’m not  thinking I like this.

If it would up the value on my house more (which all this other stuff going on has) fine.  We hope to get a bigger Casa in the next couple years although even as jammed like sardines as we are in this house, our kids do not like the idea of moving.  Go figya. 

There’s a Public Hearing next week and I’m thinking perhaps I’ll have to show up for this and even have a chat with my Alder-gal and friend, Darlene Stringfellow, about it.  I like my neighborhood.  I love that my next door neighbor used to hunt on this land before it was a subdivision and was one of the first residents here.  To me, this neighborhood is one of Hendersonville’s best-kept-secrets.  When they open that road up, it will not be so secret anymore and we’ll live on a busy street.  I don’t want to live on a busy street.

Your Sista is going to get political yet. They don’t want me stepping up to the mic though cause when I do let loose and say what I think, it’s usually not nice and I end up being embarrassed.  That’s why I don’t speak up or out often.

A Moment Alone

I finally am in this house by myself for the first time in I don’t know how long.  Mr. Smiff and 2 of the Kids will return sometime late tonight and then he flies out tomorrow for a long weekend of gigs.  The Manchild has worked very hard the last two days here in the house alone, honing his madd guitar skills and has had the Casa all to himself.

We all know that your Sista will never be enshrined in the Fly Lady Hall of Fame.  It ain’t gonna happen.  Things have gotten extra-out-of-hand since we spent a large part of April and May tending to Hazel following her surgery, etc.  So, I’m sitting here staring at the various forms of mess…laundry, crap, crapola and crappity-crap knowing I should just quit my whining and just get in there and face the Beast head on.

Why do I have such an issue with this?  What mental place does the Neat Gene originate?  What is it that makes some people obsessive compulsive (which I do not want to be) and others like me who spiral further and further out of control and perpetually dwell in CHAOS….Can’t Have Anybody Over syndrome?  I try to pick this apart (yeah, I know I should get up and actually deal with it instead of talk about it, but, it’s funner to bitch about) and figure out where it all went wrong.  How do you get your family pumped about getting with it?  For real, I’m a lone ranger in this quest around here. 

In all seriousness, it’s a real source of frustration for me and a part of my life I feel like a total failure.  What’s the secret to getting excited about housework???

Maybe the HomeEc101 girls have some answers for me.  I’ll ponder it more while I go and try to attempt to get something done


How do Whiffers…

Remember that electric problem we had a month or so ago?  Since life had sorta taken over, we had still not dealt with the issue.  We had gotten to where we had not had as big of a problem and I was thinking maybe Kathy T. was right and it was a grid issue. 

Turns out, it was a CEMC problem. The wiring from the meter, going into our circuit box was messed up.  Thanks to #1 Smiff Nephew, Adam and his electrician apprentice friend, James, and James’ boss, the matter has been settled.  Mr. Smiff called the CEMC people and they came by and fixed it today.  Thank goodness. 

Now, I can get all my clocks set to where they’re supposed to be.  I was about convinced that was why the power was going off…I’d get all the clocks set and then the power would go.  (One of the few things I’m really anal about is clocks all being right and in sync with each other).

Two more days of school and the Smiff Kids are out for the summer.  I’ll probably get to blog even less then! Just think, I have a whole summer full of eye rolls to look forward to and even MORE Black Sabbath tunes on the electric guitar.  Whee!

I went to an information thing for a nursing school the other day.  I really want to go to this school.  I mean, really, really.  I hope they can overlook the fact that I had a score of 12 in Math and let me take a refresher.  I did good in everything else.  You’re supposed to have an average of 50  on the GED in order to get in.  Just a wee bit off there, but, I should be able to make that up since I’m so much more mature and life experienced?  Never mind I haven’t been able to help my kids with math since they were in Kindergarten.

And as far as Paula Abdul goes, I have every belief she broke her nose by trying to avoid tripping on the dog.  No, really, I do. 

I am pulling for Laila Ali on DWTS tonight and don’t give a whole lot of nothing for who wins American Idol, but, I DO want to watch and see Paula babble about her nose.

Because I’m Colorful

Yesterday the Rebel Without A Clue or the Manchild, whichever name for him you prefer, said “Mom, would you take me to Target?”  I thought for a second maybe he wanted to get me a card or something for Mother’s Day.  How silly of me.  He wanted to buy a cd.  He was specifically looking for Nirvana, but, they didn’t have it.  He settled for the Beatles Revolver.  I’m glad he’s discovering the Beatles though, fer sher.

I told him on the way up there that I’d bet 80% of the people in the Target store were shopping for their mammys.  We pulled into the parking spot and next to us, this youngish looking guy was getting back into his fancy schmancy convertible.  I asked him “Did YOU get your mother something for Mother’s Day?”  The guy said “I sure did!”  I turned to the RWAC and said “See?” 

So, this morning, #2 or Tick Boy presents me with a book he made at school called “My Mom.”  He even drew a picture of me on the cover.  The book has his take on what I am and what I like.  Some excerpts:

“My mom’s favorite food is…..Nutri System”.   HAHAHAHAHA….bless his little heart.

“My mother spends most of her time…..working”  At least he didn’t say blogging.  He even drew a picture of my building.

“What I Know About My Mother….She is 50 inches tall, she weighs 59 pounds and she has hazel eyes.”  The only one correct in that is the color of my eyes.  59 pounds.  Heh. Oh and once again, he mentions my favorite food is Nutri System.  Maybe he’s trying to tell me something.

Then, the part called “My Marvelous Mom”…

If my mom were a flower, she’d be a sunflower because she is so grate (sic) to me.

If my mom were a superhero, she’d be Spiderman because she has great power and great resposebilietes.

This is my favorite….If my mom were a color, she would be a rainbow because she is so colorful.  (Ain’t no flies on Tick Boy is there?)


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