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Nightlife Ain’t No Good Life…

Because we love the nightlife…and love to boogie…on the Disco Rooooooooooo-und…..this is the plan for the evening….

The place…Greenhouse in Green Hills
Time-5:00 (Woulda been later but some people are heavily into Lost)
The Occasion? Just cause.

Be there or be obtuse.

Your Sista will not be partaking in any alcoholic consumption, as entertaining as it usually is when I do, however, I will try to be entertaining stone cold sobah.  I’ve already partook in my allotted two Coronas a year this year.  Now, if there is a Mudslide in the house…..I’m forbidden by law to partake in any Long Island Teas ever again, much to the chagrin of my Shishter.  Hey…I think my Shishter is joining us.  She’s not a blogger (she should be) but we just like hanging out when we can.   

 I’ve even got some of my Baptist friends intrigued as to what it is like when I partake.  Can you believe that?  What kinda Babatists are they anyway???  I didn’t think Baptist bretheren and sisteren partook.  Har.

I didn’t even know this place existed but I appointed Mista Wage in charge of a destination for this little outing cause he is the Man About Town.  (He really is.) And just for fun and nostalgia’s sake….


Friday Finally Came Around (And This Girl WASN’T Ready To Paint The Town)

 Raise your hand if you’re glad it’s Friday…Gosh, but, it’s been a long and tiring week.  Not necessarily a bad week, just long, busy, and HOT. 

I’m glad I followed up with our regular doctor today with the Holy Tara.  She has said all week she’s had a headache and all, but, she has continued on with her regular activities pretty normal.  The doctor gave her a series of neurological test-type things today.  Things like spelling certain words, drawing certain things, standing a certain way without falling, etc.  Things that sound pretty silly, but, somehow tell a lot about the brain.  He said she most definitely has a concussion and that anytime you are knocked out, even if for a couple seconds, it’s a concussion.  It’s a shock to the brain and it experiences some swelling.  He ordered her to lay low all weekend and not do anything but rest and take in lots of fluids.  If the headache gets worse, I get to take her back for a CAT scan over the weekend.  Yay.

I was surprised last weekend that Vanderbilt didn’t do a scan on her and so was the doctor.  I don’t know that they ever got how hard her head hit that tree. I guess the protocol they followed did not lead them to believe it was necessary, but, I wish they’d have done it.  Anyway, she’s resting and not very happy that she missed a couple very important social opportunities tonight.  I’m feeling a teeny bit of Bad Mother Guilt for not keeping her out of school one day.  She went on about her regular routine, though.

It’s been a busy, busy few weeks for the Grascals and that, in turn, is draining on me. Hard on everybody, really.  It’s been one of those weeks where Mr. Smiff is in and out…hi and bye.  We had some asspain things to deal with the finances this week. Without going into all the long, drawnout details, we hate Wells Fargo and once the car is paid for will never, ever do bidness with them again.

I finally, FINALLY made an appointment and got the insurance approval to be tested for ADD.  I think my life may change drastically.  I’ve been dealing with this since I was about 12.  Maybe some help is around the corner.  I hope so.

I’m a little put out with the voters of the IBMA for not giving The Grascals any Individual Instrument nominations.  Sorry folks, maybe I’m prejudiced but Terry Eldredge deserves a Male Vocalist nomination,  Danny Roberts deserves a mandolin nomination and Terry Smith is LONG overdue for a Bass nomination.  He can play circles around a certain nominee, who has won it umpteen times, is a good guy and a friend, but, just so happens to be a better politicker than Terry is.  Either way, it infuriates me.  There, I said it.  The IBMA voters were smart enough to nominate the Grascals for Entertainer of the Year and Gospel Recorded Song of the Year.  That keeps me from throwing and out and out hissy fit.

I had lunch at the absolute cutest place today…The Yard Shop on Gallatin Rd. in Inglewood.  Wonderful sandwiches, coffee, eclectic things inside, yard stuff…fun place to eat.  I’ll definitely be going back.  They had a picture hanging on the wall that I have and an old pew that used to sit on the stage at the Grand Ole Opry. 

I hated to miss the get-together at Blackstone, but, I only had a limited amount of time this evening to visit with Sir Smiff and I was just plain worn out from learning more than I ever thought I would know about STD’s this week at work and how rampant it is in this area and everything else that’s gone on this week.  I don’t have the stamina the other guys have.  Does that mean I’m old because I’m more interested in some quality time in bed (don’t get all excited. Mr. Smiff is at the Grand Ole Opry tonight.  No excitement there). 

Your Sista is tuckered out and very happy it’s Friday and anticipating a nice sleep tonight

Here’s To Happy Days…Good Times…Little House on the Prairie!

I had a wonderful, dream of a Saturday. 

I’m glad these pictures got taken early in the festivities or there would’ve not been any group pictures made.  I got a few pictures in at Kate’s, but, somehow, just didn’t get around to taking lots of them.  815562042_e761f80da1.jpg

These are some hawt mamas here.  I don’t care who ya are.  Can you name them all?  I don’t have no cool prize to give away other than the priviledge of gazing upon the blogger-beauties.jpgvast lovlieness before you.  We look like we could break into “Now we’re not ones to go ’round spread rumors” don’t we? (Click on this picture so you can see Jag.  I thought I resized but I didn’t such a good job)

Speaking of beauties…Mr. and Mrs. Chez Bez are about as michael-hutch.jpgbeautiful as they come in every way.  It always does the old heart good to run across another Franklin Rebel, especially former Mr. Gatti’s employees and people who remember the days of fine, Franklin dining like Rax and when FHS smelled bad and had the likes of B. Nelson and Mr. Hankins and his styrofoam cup roaming around the building, making all us kids wonder what was in that cup.  

Ivy and I agree on how much we’d like to scoop Michael up and just put him in our pockets and carry him around.  I’d have Michael in one and Chris Wage in the other.  Mr. and Mrs. Jackson Miller are pretty darn cute, too.  My girl Lesley’s friend Donnie was an absolute and complete delight.  Ron is cute as a bug, too.  I think he was the other son of Johnny and June.  He reminds me SO much of John Carter Cash (who incidentally, has a new, wonderful book that I need to blog about.  Remind me)

Oh and the discovery of the day?  Chocolate beer?  When did they come up with that?  I guess it was in the last 15 years while I was changing diapers and being June Cleaver.  What a wonderful invention!  Not that I would know or anything, but, what a swell idea.

I got to meet the adorable Laura Creekmore at the Flying Saucer.  Jag (another Franklin Rebel!)and her cute husband (who reminds me of the boy that was on “The Courtship of Eddie’s Father”) were also at the Flying Saucer.  Klinde and the German made the rounds at both the Saucer and K & K’s.

The Dynamic Duo from Hooterville is always fun to be with.  I didn’t think they were going to make it and the mother in me called Squirrel Queen making sure they hadn’t been accosted by the Drunk Lesbians of Nashville.

Kate and Karsten know how to throw a party.  Their house is absolutely incredible.  Thank you for inviting me.  I have major house envy.

And something from the “No Way” file, I dreamed I touched Chris’s butt.  And Hutch’s.  Isn’t that crazy? Southern Belles as demure and genteel as I would never do such a thing, so it had to be a dream.  In my dream, Chris had a nice, biker/runner butt that you could bounce coins off of.  I’m not usually a butt kinda gal either, unless I’m watching an old movie with Gene Kelly in tight pants dancing around.  I might have Chris Wage and Michael in some pockets, but blue jeans usually have four pockets, right?  Chris Chamberlain has a permanent place in a pocket and Hutch does too.  Have I told you guys lately that I love you?

Speaking of weird dreams, I also dreamt I showed some cleavage to anybody who would look.  What was that about?

A big shout out to my tawl drinka wawta/other half, Mr. Smiff, who took all three kids with him to Cleveland, TN yesterday and allowed his favorite Hee Haw Honey a chance to have a quiet day and a fun, fun night.  One of these times, I hope he can come to one of these soirees.  He and the kids got home about 12:30 and then I was wide awake and watched Lady Bird’s funeral on C-Span til 3 in the morning. 

Ok, I’m going to get ready for church now.  I think.


A little reminder that Mr. Smiff and Them will be at the Station Inn Saturday night.  The show starts at 9 ish, but, you want to get there earlier than that to get something to sit on and before they lock the door to obey fire laws.  I don’t know what the cover charge is, but, I bet the Station Inn’s website will say. 

I know a few of the bloggers are coming so come hang out with us if you don’t have nothing to do.  You’ll get to see Mr. Smiff’s new rather chic, rather mod hairdo, too.


Happy Friday night, cats and kittens!

I had big lunch plans today.  I decided that today would be the day I took the old cable box and traded it for a DVR.  There was nothing gonna stop me from doing this.  Not even getting a phone call from His Hutchness saying he was going to be at my office and did I want to lunch with him and Ginger.  “Why sure,” said the Sista…” I’d love to lunch with y’all, however, my priorities are highly intact.  Nevermind the fact that since last Friday, you have been in the Intensive Care Unit, receiving more than one blood transfusion, I’m getting my DVR today!” 

Losing all that blood has not in any way, shape or form messed up the Hutchmeister’s keen sense of where to eat.  He had a solution…we could go to Neely’s at Fountain Square and then swing by Comcast.  I didn’t know that place existed. So we had good food, fellowship AND most importantly, I can record my programs now. 

Hutch and I discussed our mutual love of Judy Holliday.  I holliday.jpglove, love, love Judy Holliday.  She was a brilliant, comedic actress/writer  of the 40’s and 50’s who died pretty young of breast cancer.  I had watched a movie with her yesterday and was babbling about that.  I think I got off on that tangent cause of my DVR.  Me and that stupid recorder.  I’m slapping myself silly for being so retarded about that.  I’m so thankful our pal is ok. 

I did feel  bad that Hutch drove.  He seems to take the whole “I’ve had blood transfusion” thing in stride.  Hutch is Hutch and I was pretty glad to see the old boy.  I hope he’s not overdoing it getting back at work so quick.  Easy, boy.

 On a totally unrelated note, sorta…Hutch said he wants to come out to the Station Inn next Saturday (6/30) to see Mr. Smiff and Them.  Others have expressed interest in coming. We can make it yet another excuse to get together and consume alcohol.   I wish you would.  It would make it look like I have friends.  I’m not quite so outgoing at these shows.  I don’t know if the bluegrass folk just don’t like me or perhaps they think I don’t like them.  I have been accused of being snotty.    (That’s that whole other persona I have that my blogging friends don’t know).  I think I somehow put off an unapproachable vibe.  I certainly don’t mean to.  I’m jacked up that way. So anyway, y’all pretend to be my friends and come down.

Meanwhile, I’m going to go play with my new DVR.  I’m so pumped about it! While I’m recording every program on tv, I will again thank the good Lord for Hutch and pray he stays well.

Flying Around The Saucer

jag-and-ivy.jpgThis was fairly early in the evening

While this one, drunk-malia.jpg was much later. 

 justin-and-brit.jpgOf course, the reason for the whole shebang was to love on Brittney, however, I also took the opportunity to love on that adorable Justin a little.  Can you believe Ginger had to get in  MY picture with MY new boyfriend?  sharon-justin-and-ginger.jpgThere were only about 50 other pictures with her and Justin made, but, no, she had to be in my picture. 

My, but, there were numerous handsome young fellers there.  Where did they come from?  I couldn’t get over how young these guys all are and being reminded how old I am.  I mean, even Chris Wage is but a mere pup.

See the other pictures on my Flickr over there> or over there <. 

I found myself in a bit of a quandry when I was leaving.  Seems the parking people want you out of the parking lot by 10:00.  I left at 10:07.  I couldn’t get out of the parking lot.  I thought I was gonna have to jump the curb, but, my brother CLC was kind enough to rescue me.  I think he had to rescue some other damsels in distress for the same reason before me.  That C is handy to have around.

Feelin’ The Love

Two Saturdays in a row I’ve gotten to hang out at the Mothership with some of the coolest cats around.  I’m sure lots came to experience the Wacky Women From The West, but, the timing was good and it was a nice time.   We had appearances by Ivy, Hutch, Ginger, Aunt B, The Wonder Dawg, Kathy T. and her lovely girls, Sarcastro, great to meet Badger, Scout and Finn for the first time…also got to meet the adorable Little Knuck for the first time.  #2 was doing some serious flirting with her, prompting the Knucklehead to keep a close eye out.  I hope I didn’t leave anybody out.

I got some great cards and presents even.  Hutch brought me Patty Griffin’s newest cd, a book from Kathy T., an Itunes card from the West Tn Girls, a Mothership tshirt from Dr. Funkenswine…I was pretty blown away.  Even the vacationing CLC took time out of sightseeing the Keys to “sing” to me as did the ailing Lynnster.  Great cards from the Ging, my friend Traci and my sister as well.  Alls I can say to that is wow. 

I was pretty bummed because once again, on my birthday, Mr. Smiff was out of town (he left this morning for Los Angeles and the Grammies), but, these peoples made up for it.  Thank you all. 

>>Pictures on Flickr>>>