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Blown Away

So I was looking for some more pictures of the WSM Radio tower. (Guess why?) I stumbled across the website of a guy I went to elementary, junior high and part of high school with. We were in the same 5th grade class, actually.

Anyway….nobody told me Eric Shiveley became a brilliant singer/songwriter/filmmaker. HELLO???

I can’t remember the last time I heard music that blew me away. It’s been a LONG time. I am not easily impressed musically. Yeah, I’m a music snob. I admit this. I woulda been blowed away even if I didn’t know Eric way back in the olden days. Just listen/watch.

Shake It Down-FGF

Feelin’ good on a Friday with a blast from the proverbial past with The Commodores.

Lionel Richie DID have a great afro, didn’t he?

You know how some songs make you think of certain people? This one always makes me think of Mitch.  I can just see the teenaged Mitch, sitting in his parents car in our driveway, this song on the radio and him gittin’ it.  I NEVER hear this that I don’t think of him.  Heh.

Can You Do This?

Mothers like to think they know everything about their children.  We think there is nothing about the people we give birth to, change their diapers, raise, etc.  We’re the mutha’s for heavens sake.   Mothers are all-knowing and all-seeing. 

Why is it, then, that until today, I did not know that #2 could do this:


I did not know my kid had this talent.  I can’t do this. I’m impressed.


You TOO can learn this tantalizing, tonguerific technique.  Maybe I should start practicing. 

One more cute one just cuz he’s cute.


First Post of 2009

Nothing too heavy this first morning of 2009…random randmoness for ya:

Job hunt update…I did have a phone interview yesterday. Phone interviews are awkward. They just are. I hope I didn’t sound like a dork.

I had Korean food yesterday at Yong’s in Hendersonville.  I’m not the expert on Korean cuisine but my friend Tara is.  She is a Hawaii native and lived in Los Angaleeez for many years.  You can get lots of Korean there. 

 When she moved here, she happened to find Yong’s on Walton Ferry Rd. in Hendersonville.  She took me there about a year ago and dadgum…good stuff.  She makes the food fresh right there on a stove.  Ride out there and get you some.

Me and Cherry were supposed to go do something last night but dang if that Cherry got sickly. Probably a good thing though cause like my mother is so fond of saying…”Lotta drunks out on New Year’s Eve”.  Heh.

Me and Cherry spent the better part of New Year’s Eve looking on the Tennessean website at State employees salaries. As a former State employee, it’s kinda mindblowing and upsetting that anybody can look and see what anybody that works for the State makes. Why is it then, Cherry and I couldn’t tear ourselves away from it? Kinda like when I discovered that you can look up property values and see what your friends paid for their houses.

For somebody as nosy as me, junk like that is like porn.

I’m waching Leave It To Beaver this New Year’s morning.  I’m cracking up at Wally and The Beav.  Beaver introduces his brother to Miss Landers and says “May I present my brother, Wally.  He’s a sophomore in high school and he took a bath and stuff.” 

Larry, Gilbert and Whitey climb up in a tree to watch Beaver and Miss Landers while she’s having dinner at the Cleaver home .  Larry says “Look!  She has toes!”  Whitey says “Where?”  Larry says “Coming out of her shoes!  I’ve never seen a teacher eat before.”   

Beaver’s friend Gilbert reminds me of my longtime friend Dean Smith when he was a little boy.  (Dean’s Daddy is that hunka hunka Carl Smith and his mama was that hottie Goldie Hill). 

The resemblance between my friend and Beaver’s friend caused me to Google Gilbert and I found this interesting article that Stephen Talbot (who played Dean’s look alike) wrote for  Go read it. 

And we all thought Gilbert was just second banana to the Beav.  Who knew he came THIS close to being tried for espionage?  That he spent his life trying to hide his television identity and has now come to embrace that part of his life. (What I like to call “The Goober Syndrome.”)  AND to my absolute TV Geekette delight, Gilbert produces one of my favorite shows on PBS,  Frontline.  (I dvr this regularly cause it comes on in the middle of the night, usually)Hard to comprehend that like the article says, Wally and Beaver are American Icons, yet, don’t have much of any sort of cut from Beaver.  Something about that is very wrong.

I lurve the internets!

All Of The Other….Um….Pickup Trucks…Used To Laugh And Call Him Names…


Even a semi-Scroogette like me found this sight in Brentwood today quite fun and festive.

Actually, I found some of my Christmas spirit.  You know how if you don’t have insurance anymore and you aren’t able to get medicine cause it’s kinda expensive so you go without?   I think that’s where lots of my Holiday Cheer was hiding.  Thanks to my mom for stepping in and helping me find it again.  Moms are good thataway.

I will say this…people in Brentwood can’t drive.  You’d think driving all those expensive cars they’d learn how to at least learn to use a turn signal.  I guess when you look that good you don’t have to.

I felt so bonded with my Mom today at lunch, I started to show her my ink…but decided not to.  Heh.

Evedy-Sing Eeeez Hunky Dunky

My newest favorite Christmas movie is Christmas in Connecticut.  It’s on OnDemand now.  Watch it.  It’s mucho fun and the chemistry betwixt Barbara Stanwyck and Dennis Morgan was such that it makes ya wonder if they were barbara

doing something when the cameras weren’t on.  Plus, you get to hear Dennis Morgan sing.   I love, love, love those old timey, Irish-tenor-ish types.

But Do You Have A Sweater THIS Ugly?

Feel Good Friday is here…I’m strugglin’ to find some Christmas spirit for the first time ever in my life so work with me here, people.

 I said something today I never ever dreamed I’d say: that if it weren’t for #2, I’d probably say let’s skip the whole thing this year and pick up next year with it. I’m trying….

It was helpful to go to TPAC last night to see The Santaland Diaries. I LOVE David Sedaris, I swear. This runs through the 20th at the Johnson Theater. Do yoseff a favor and go see it.  I even got my picture made with Crumpet hisself.  Big, fat sugahs to McCeemy for getting us in. 


I swear…it’s no wonder Donny and Marie have dealt with depression.  Good lord.  Those sweaters alone would send a person to the nuthouse.  Yikes.   (I am all about some Osmonds so don’t nobody from Utah send me some hate mail)  I especially like the arm-in-arm dancin’ thing D & M got going on here. (Schcott?  Maybe we should consider a quick choreography thing Sunday afternoon?)

I’d also like to dedicate today’s FGF to Crusty Asses everywhere who love Chrithmuth.  (You know who you are. HAR)