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In Which I Have Nothing Heavy To Say…

If you’re looking for something heavy, you have come to the wrong place.  Random pieces of the day…

That is not me in the chair.  That’s another Sharon.  I actually work with this Sharon (there are three Sharon’s in my office) and it’s not odd to run into a co-worker at the Hairdo Place.  Cheryl does hair for let’s see…probably 10 people in my office.  She oughta just come set up shop at the Heff Dept. once a month or so and she could get a full days work in.

This is what Sharon looked like after….yeah, she’d probably crap her britches if she knew I put her on here.  Don’t tell her, mmmk?  She sure looks purty doesn’t she?

Cheryl is the best hairdo gal around.  Not only does she fix a person’s hair purty, she’s so beautfully, wonderfully twisted. 

Speaking of twisted, I wish I could tell y’all the absolutely funniest funny I made down’t the Beauty Shop today.  Lordy, I about had that room full of women wishing they’da worn their Depends to get their hair did.  Sometimes I amuse myself so.  It was probably one of those GYHTBT moments but dang…I had the henhouse a’cacklin’.

And was it not just the prettiest day ever in Nashville today?  I had to go Downtown this morning on official, State bidness about 9:00 and it was so perfect outside, me and Jan were both wishing we could just skip out of work and go for a walk or something. 

I didn’t do that, but, we did do lunch at Logan’s and sat outside.  Didn’t none of us want to go back.  I didn’t have no ice cream, neither.  We did have incredibly slow service though, which was really ok cause it was nice out. 

Our waitress, cute as a bug, but, overkilt it with the “Baby’s”, “Honey’s”, “Sweetie’s”….it was almost like she was having a contest with herself to see just how many terms of endearment she could regurgitate.  I mean, yeah…I’m sweet as sugah and all that, but, you don’t have to remind me.  I like sweet little terms like that as much as anybody.  I guess Pretty Waitress was just a’tryin’ too hard.

Thank the good Lawd and NBC for airing The Best of Chris Farley tonight…

How much does it suck that Chris isn’t still around?

I attempted to watch No Country For Old Men last night.  I think I made it, maybe 90 seconds.  I saw that guy with the bad haircut who won the Oscar strangle the cute sheriff’s deputy with handcuffs and he was about to knock somebody else off and decided perhaps this was not the movie for me.  Back into the red envelope and skrait into the mailbox that sucker went.  I don’t recall ever doing that with a movie. 

Except that time years ago when the Basketball Coach didn’t want to see Beaches with me and we went to see Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure and he didn’t like that either so we went into see Beaches anyway. (I think it was the third time I saw that.)  Heh.  I thought I was really cute “winning” that argument.

Another Man Done Gone

Yet another one of my favorite co-workers is jumping the ship.  Lisa (left) has become a really good friend.  I will really miss her.   So will Donna (right).  Donna better not think of going nowhere.



img_1032.jpgLast week, one day when it was really warm, Mrs. BAGLESS, one of my co-workers said “Come look at this.”  Look out the window and we see this ol’ gal enjoying her lunchtime.  I mean, she was into it…img_1034.jpg

I thought it was pretty brilliant to have the cab down and her comfy chair and just chillin’ at lunchtime.  Why didn’t I think of that?

Going To The Chapel…

015.jpgCo-worker Ashley usually doesn’t come in to our office on Fridays. This past Friday though…she had news..




Co-worker Melissa (left) is wanting to say “Why on earth do you want to get married?”  But, she refrains.

Ashley is very happy.  God bless her.  🙂

Livin’, Lovin’ & Losin’

I had just gotten over Co-Worker Dave leaving me for the Federal Government (it only took what, 4 months) and had finally stopped looking for him in his cube every snow-031.jpgmorning and then my girl, Cherry, drops a bomb (get it? a Cherry Bomb?) on me today that now SHE’S leaving me for Busy Mom’s workplace. Can you believe that?

I swanee to goodness. ..I think I have an issue and need a tissue.  I think this is why I’m a little skeered to get close to people and get overly fond of people cause they leave.  You keep a safe distance, then you don’t grieve when they go, right?

I have grown fond of a few people I’ve worked with through the years.  Only a handful of the folks I’ve worked with through the years have I been really fond of.

I do realize that’s not a healthy attitude to take and can lead to a lonely existence but I think somewhere in my psyche, that’s a fear I have and what led me down the path to Introvertedness, maybe.

I know I can still see her and all but it’s just different when they fly the coop.  I’ve seen Dave, what, two times since he left…a few emails….Old Co-Worker Patrick that I loved…do I evah hear from him?  Of course not…Even The Gentleman Formerly Known As My Boss (also a Dave)…has become a distant figure of my past.  My friend Brenda, that I used to work with….I haven’t seen her in ages and we live on the same side of town.

I do hear from my Shishter though.   I’ve seen her once in the last year but I hear from her nearly everyday.  That’s cause she’s my Shishter.

I’ll miss ol’ Cher’.  She’s wonderful to work next to.  Probably one of the most real people around.  Not a phony bone in her body.  Plus, she takes good pictures.

She Knows How To Use Them

Is this a great photo or what? 


From The Leaf Chronicle, the tall blonde is the daughter of a co-worker of mine.  She’s so tall the other player is between her legs. 

I wish I had long legs. 

Rising From The Dark and Desolate Valley…

I work with this fabulous lady, Beverly. Beverly is one of the most direct, honest, straightforward, spiritual and funny people around. She has an edge around her that’s part sass, part street smarts, lots of wisdom, great sense of humor… She kills me. I just love working with her.

This past summer, Bev and I had to drive to places like Springfield, Clarksville, and Dickson for some work stuff. On the drive, she told me something that left me absolutely speechless. It’s odd for me to be speechless but I was so blown away, all I could do was just sit there in my bewilderment of what Bev had told me about her life.

Beverly was the first black child segregated into Bailey Junior High School in East Nashville. She told me about the out and out abuse she had to endure by the white kids. Can you believe somebody set her skirt on fire during an assembly? Let that settle on you for a minute….somebody struck a match to her skirt.

For a white girl from Brentwood to hear Beverly tell her story, it was hard to wrap my head around. I could not relate to the taunts, the abuse and what was Beverly’s crime? Being black. That’s it.

It’s interesting to hear Beverly and Rita, another lady in my office, tell of their experiences of being part of all the changes that occurred in the 60’s when schools were segregated. Rita was from Alabama and she tells of how the first black kid to be segregated in her county was murdered. Unbelievable.

The most powerful thing I heard these two women say in their conversations about their experiences is their frustration at going through all they’ve been through, coming so far and they can’t wrap their heads around the number of murders, shootings in the African-American community….this was not what Dr. King dreamed about. It’s very frustrating for them and I’m sure lots of others.

Nobody could deliver a speech like Martin Luther King, Jr. Nobody.