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The One Where I Sound Like Eyeore

I wish I could get my pal Holly to write me a blog post.  She is so incredibly gifted at writing about deep things that frankly, I’m not always smart enough to totally get what she’s saying, but, it’s always so poetic and gorgeous, even if what she’s relating   may not make her feel so poetic and gorgeous.  (That was a mouthful, wasn’t it? See how un-coordinated I am?)

I’m totally overwhelmed this evening. 

First on my mind, is my mother’s upcoming surgery.  It is scheduled for next week.  I’m not sure if it will happen because she is fighting some crud. 

She called me last night, voicing concern over her crud and the impending surgery.  I don’t think I was able to comfort her and I feel like a horrible daughter.  I can’t stand to hear my mother have fear or sadness in her voice.  She and I both have a tendency to mask our pain and because we aren’t ooey-gooey affectionate with one another, I didn’t know what to say to her but my gosh…I can’t stand for my mother to be scared, sad, or anything like that. 

In other news…work? Totally sucks.  Trying to avoid being victim-ish, but, in a word, it’s a horrible job and I’m totally beating myself up for giving up my State job back in the fall for the higher paying job.  I’m sure there’s some deep lesson to be learned but you know what?  F&#k deep lessons.  I’ve bout had it up to Here with deep lessons.  

This has been a season of crap and I know it will pass.

On the Upside…Foster is fun and makes me laugh…


The Economy and Stuff

As I’ve been sitting in Training this week with 9 other people, most of whom have been victims of layoffs, most of us struggling to survive and doing what we can to tread water, as well as my own experience the last three months as a single woman trying to get by,  I’ve thought about a lot of things.

One of the guys used to own his own finance company.  Read that again…he OWNED his own finance company.  Has worked for large corporations as this big shot, finance guy.  He is now, like me, training for a job he is way over-qualified for.

Another guy, a young guy in his mid to late 20’s is an architect.

Another guy is an electrical engineer and  has just returned from his second deployment in Iraq within the last several weeks.  You want to talk about HUMBLING, listening to Eric describe the numerous times his life was in danger, dealing with riots in an Iraqi prison, and all these things that are just about impossible for a dufus like me to wrap my head around.  I would say Eric is probably not even 30 years old. 

A young lady in my class, a little, teeny tiny woman originally from Guyana, who made her way to the United States, is also a military veteran, is a college graduate…

Another lady, probably in her mid to late 50’s, retired from working for the Government, took another job in the insurance business, is responsible for caring for her elderly mother and will be working the overnight shift.

There’s yet another young lady, who moved here to work for a very large company.  Packed up from her hometown in South Alabama, leaving her family and friends, getting an apartment here only to get laid off three months later. 

The thought has occurred to me this week listening to my co-workers tell their stories of struggle and trying to figure out what to do in these lean times and the constant news reports of how bad the economy is, all the people losing their jobs, etc….and this may sound weird but I think it’s probably good that we’re going through this Recession/Pre-Depression/Whatever You Wanna Call It. 

I don’t know what I’m trying to say and I’m certainly not an expert on talking about the dang economy and all that, but, I think maybe it’s good for the people of my generation to experience this stuff. 

 So many people in my general age group (that could be anybody born after say, 1960 on up to 1980) have never had any sorta clue what it’s like to struggle.  Our generation had everything.  I look at my own kids.  They certainly don’t live in a mansion but my word-they have no idea how lucky they are to have what they have. 

I’ve always been amazed at young people, not far out of college who have homes and lifestyles that it took their parents years of hard work to obtain.  It’s always been unsettling to me and it seemed like something was not quite right about it.  What is there to work for and dream for  when you have “everything” so young?

I’m not what you would call smart about stuff like this and I will tell you I’ve looked at many people my age who live quite well with a fair amount of envy.  Then again, I feel like maybe, my lack of riches as an adult, lack of credit cards (thank you, Jesus that a tiny taste of that was all I needed to know I didn’t want that)-as an adult, if I didn’t have the cash for it, I didn’t get it.  Plain and simple.  I’m not patting myself on the back by any stretch or saying everybody should use ME as their financial example cause that’s not it.  God knows I could use a lesson or two in budgeting.  I’m still flying by the seat of my pants with that.

I know that the Economy thing will eventually turn around.  I don’t know when or how or what, but, nothing ever stays the same.  It will go back up and I hope people will learn that maybe credit isn’t always the best way to do stuff, ya know?  And that the One With The Most Toys doesn’t really win anything but a lot of debt, stress, marital problems, despair, etc. etc. etc.

And I am once again disclaiming my ability to say anything about important stuff like the economy.  I’m very hopeful for our country, our Powers That Be, my own situation and future and am glad that God is in control. 

And I’m REALLY glad to be back amongst the employed people and hope that I will never forget those dark days of December and January, sitting here in my ever-so-humble, but very comfortable dwelling, wondering what in the world I was going to do next.  I don’t ever want to forget my wonderful family and extended family and how they helped me.  I hope and pray I will someday be able to do the same thing for somebody like they did me. 

More importantly, I don’t want to forget that even though I had some very dark days since December 5, I knew that God was going to provide for me.  Didn’t know how, but, I know from experience He’s pretty dang creative and has a way better imagination than I’ve got.   He’s done things for me I could’ve never thought of.  He’s bigger and greater to me now than ever.  I’m not out of my hole yet, but I can at least see that it’s not quite as deep as it appeared to be.


I do declare….so many people are counting down the days til Georgie (thats what his mama calls him ya know) leaves the White House. Pssht. Not me. Know why???

I don’t think Big O is gonna be near as entertaining as his predecessor. And what is Letterman going to put on in its place? I swear, I don’t miss Letterman these days because of Great Moments In Presidential Speeches.

And to all my Christian bretheren and sisteren….y’all just pipe down. It’s like this…my Dad’s given name was Hiram Abiff.  Now who would think a dude with the name of “Abiff” could make it work for him?  He used probably the nerdiest name ever and made it work for him. 

The whole “Obama’s Middle Name Is Hussein…It’s the End of the World” stuff?  He can use that to his and our advantage.  Relax.  As Christians we aren’t supposed to worry about stuff anyway. 

 Hate to tell you this but….Jesus loves people whose  names are Hussein too! 

Speaking of What Would Obama Do…I’m gonna call this now and y’all can mark the date I predicted it…November 11, 2008…I predict there will be a blonde that will surface, at some point during the administration….There’s a woman in the background somewhere and her name ain’t Michelle.

I think he’s gonna be just dandy as President but as swayve and deboner as he is…come on…Big O just looks like The Ladies Man.  I could care less myself and I don’t think it has a doodly-doo to do with nuthin.  I’m just sayin’ it cause I tend to be a little on the intuitive side. 

He even looks like The Ladies Man!


Elections and Revelations

If I lived as long as Barack Obama’s Grandma lived and then died the day before my grandson was elected President, I’d have to have a little talk with Jesus about that.

Speaking of the Election, Yo Sista is one of those 5% of voters who is not decided as for who I’m going to vote for tomorrow.  I said I didn’t know if I was even going to because of said quandry, but, Cherry said “You HAVE to vote!”

Is it responsible to go into the booth and close my eyes and point at a button?  I don’t think so.  What does one do when this happens?  Write myself in? 

 For real…what do ya do when this happens?  I’ve never had this happen before and I have voted in every Presidential election I’ve been eligible to vote in.

I’m getting lots of questions about my “Revelation.”  I don’t know if I can blog that or not.  My preacher reads this blog.  HAR.

A Schpilkis In My Genectagazoink?

How come didn’t nobody ever tell me about the Sleep Timer on the teevee?  Did y’all always know about this?  I think I sorta knew it was there, but, thought it was for something else, maybe?  At any rate, I like it a whole lot and find it interesting that I sleep better WITHOUT the teevee on! 

Who knew that if you go to sleep with the teevee on, and when you roll over in the middle of the night and sorta kinda, but, not really, wake up, that if the teevee ISN’T on, you won’t get that stimulated to get ensconced in say, the repeat of Conan or find some really groovy old movie on TCM, and then you end up getting 27 minutes of sleep after 3 a.m.?  Amazing.

You know how after somebody dies and you go through the immediate aftermath and you have the phone constantly ringing off the wall, a stream of people constantly in your face and then the day after the funeral, the phone stops ringing and people go back to their own business and you are faced with an eery quiet and you stare your grief right in the face?    That’s kinda what I”m feeling right now, except there hasn’t been a physical death and nobody brought me a casserole.  At least not yet.

I Called It

It isn’t gonna shock anybody for me to express how I am not political.  I don’t care a thing about politics.  I don’t care what side of the fence you stand on.  I don’t like to watch those shows where they argue across a table about stuff (and seem to have a whopping good time doing it).  I don’t care what color my President is, whether he/she be green, fuschia or periwinkle.  I don’t care about politics.

However, I love History and anything pertaining to it. (Except for a few eras that are just boring to me) Because I love History, I like to catch a peek at things like the Democratic National Convention and will peek for a second at the Republican Convention. 

I distinctly remember the night Barack Obama came out and gave the Keynote address at the 2004 Convention.  Me, the unpolitical one remember, said to my husband, “That guy is going to be our first black President and I bet it will happen in 2008.”  I don’t think I’d ever seen him before that.  Maybe I had, but, this was the first time I remember him long enough that he caught my deficited attention.

This is not necessarily an endorsement.  I’m not sure I like His Barack-ness yet.  I’m not sure I like Paw Paw McCain neither.  I think Joe Biden’s son is rather handsome though.

My Favorite McNamee’s

Because my Baby’s Daddy is out gallavanting in the Southern Caribbean somewhere, I stayed home today cause Sumner County Schools were closed. I’m not so much complaining about that. I was going to take Friday off (one of those Mental Health Days they talk about) to make it a four day weekend.

I know one thing is fo sho…that Mr. Smiff best not come back from his journey to the islands saying how tired and worn out he is. I’ve been looking at daily updates from Rhonda Vincent’s website and it doesn’t look so treacherous to me.

So, I’m watching these hearings with Roger Clemens and his pal, Brian McNamee. This is the biggest bunch of ka ka I’ve ever seen. Nuts is what it is. I can’t believe they are spending all this money and time on this. Saying “Roger Clemens and every other baseball player use HGH’s” is something akin to saying water is wet. Sheesh.

They keep saying “McNamee” this and that and it makes me think of my neighbors we had in Brentwood when I was a kid, The McNamee’s.

They are the only McNamee’s I’ve ever heard tell of til now. Talk about some wonderful folks….those McNamee’s were and I’m sure still are, something else. I’d sure love to visit with them.

Mrs. McNamee was a school teacher. She taught at Oak Hill (she may still). She was just a darling little lady that always reminded me of Sally Field. They had four kids…Trish, Mike, one was a year older and one was a year younger than me and a set of twin girls that came along later.

When Mrs. McNamee was pregnant with the twins along about 1973-74 school year, she had a little preschool in her house. Me, Terri Leigh, Kent Thune was in it, and some kid named Bobby. (there were others but I can’t think of their names or faces right off).

Bobby got sent to the “Thinking Chair” cause he was acting up or something. The “Thinking Chair” was in the den, whilst we were in the living room. She had tape laid out in a square and we had to sit on the tape. Bobby, if memory serves, was a regular in the Thinking Chair.

One day, Bobby got sent to the Thinking Chair, yet again and while in the chair, he musta gotten the groove or something cause he started clapping. Mrs. McNamee hollered “Bobby! Are you thinking or are you clapping?”

Why I remember that moment, nearly 35 years later, just as vividly as if it happened last week and why it makes me laugh out loud, is a mystery.

I remember Mrs. McNamee’s School way better than I remember Kindergarten and First Grade and this was before that. I remember Mrs. McNamee sitting in her rocking chair, patting her very pregnant-with-twins belly.

I remember when those babies were born, running into Mr. McNamee and Trish and Mike at the old Brentwood Kroger (the building that CVS is in now but on the other side) and asking them what the babies names were and Trish saying “I forgot” and then asking her dad and announcing “Jenny and Julie.” (Trish was about 5 at the time)

I remember when the McNamee’s Irish Setter, Brandy, had puppies and going down there to see them early one summer morning. That was the first time I’d ever seen puppies just a few hours old.

When Tommy Sands came to visit the Collie’s about 1978, Mrs. McNamee could not believe her favorite teen idol of her youth was going to be at the house two doors down.

I will never forget my dad, upon seeing Peggy, in her rollers and bathing suit top, laying out in a chair with her eyes closed…he sent Tommy  down there and he went up behind her and said  “Excuse me, ma’m…can I borrow some sugar?” She about had a duck right there on her patio.

I can just see her, Dad and Tommy sitting at her patio table, drinking iced tea, chatting like old friends. I knew I was witnessing something extremely cool and wonderful, even though at that point, I didn’t realize who Tommy Sands was. It was unbeknownst to me at the time that Tommy was a former son in law of Frank Sinatra. I may have known that but didn’t care then.

We were sad when the McNamee’s moved to another neighborhood. Those kids and us were like brothers and sisters. My sister hung out with them a lot, especially. If I were to see them right now, I would have the biggest case of warm fuzzies ever.

The last time I saw them was at a wedding in about 1999, and them, the Derthick’s, and another neighbor kid, Chip Kerr and I shared a table and had the BEST time sharing memories and laughing like crazy. Chip has an even better memory than I have about details from when we were kids.

Hallbrook was a great place to grow up cause of people like the McNamee’s. I’d much rather ponder them than that smarmy, liar, liar, pants-on-fire McNamee.