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Yuck Sweet Yuck

Me and #2 have had a lovely lil’ evening. We went to the Cracker Barrel before going to see Bedtime Stories (LOVE IT).

Ran into old friends the Peasalls and their rather large brood of offspring, which now includes a son in law!  (Thing #232 this week that has made me feel elderly.  Sheesh. I was at Mike & Sally’s wedding!)

Upon checking out, I remembered I needed to get me one of those car air freshener thingies that Yankee Candle makes.  I washed the ‘Stang today (dang, that’s a purty car) and wanted some smelly-good stuff for it.

Usually, I get the Clean Cotton air freshener or the one that smells like Leather cause neither one is very overpowering.  I like smelly good stuff but I don’t like it to knock me prostrate when I catch a whiff of it, ya know?

What in the name of fresh air made me decide to get the “Home Sweet Home” scent?  I’ve had that candle before and it smells ok, however, the car air freshener?  Not so much.

The ‘Stang is all shiny and purty and looking oh-so-good, but the inside smells like cough syrup. 

When we left the movie, I still had my “medium” drink (which was about the size of a jug of milk) and every sip tasted like Creomulsion for Children because of that dang air freshener.  Makes me gag just thinking about it. 

It don’t smell like any home I’ve ever lived in, unless you count when we’d get sick when we were little.  Mom gave us the different colored Triaminic.  If memory serves, the orange Triaminic was not so bad, but the YELLOW?  I can taste that stuff now.  Ew. If I were to smell that stuff now, I’d go running for my life.

The smell of Vicks Vapo Rub, to this day, makes me want to gag and be scared all at the same time.  Because of that, I never used that stuff on my kids when they’d get sick. 

I remember being reeeeallly little, being sick and that old vaporizer we had that was LOUD running, and that Vicks crap all over me.   And that Creomulsion cough syrup bottle that had those two, happy looking kids on the bottle??  Obviously, they weren’t sickly and hadn’t had that crap forced down their mouths or they wouldn’t have been so happy looking!

We Shall Come Rejoicing, Bringing In The Sieves

Discombobulated.  That is a good word, isn’t it? If I had a word to describe how I feel this first day of 2008, that would be it.  I looked it up in the dictionary and it said something about “Upset” and “Confused”.  Eh. Upset. Yeah, ok.  Confused? No.

It also said it was probably an aliteration of the word “discompose.”  That means to “disturb the order of.”  I like that one a lot better.  I feel like my order has been highly disturbed, yet, not.   Disturbed to the point of organizing. If that makes sense. I think it’s ultimately going to be good, this discomposition thing we’ve got happening.

I will be glad to go to work tomorrow and even gladder when it’s this time tomorrow night and both of our vehicles are back in our driveway and we can giggle about how we made it through yet another weird thing…har har har….tonight…nobody’s laughing.

Sifting. I’m not crazy about the process, but, I do know when you sift flour into say, a cake, it makes it lighter and fluffier. That’s what I’m hoping for from this sifting session.

I May Be Joining CLC On The Bus

If I were to tell y’all what we’ve been through the last 14 hours or so, you probably wouldn’t believe me.  It has involved the movie Love Actually, tow trucks, late at night,  very large, redneck towtruck guys, your Sista confronting said Very Large Redneck Towtruck Guy, lots of cussing and general hatred towards a certain financial company : cough WELLS FARGO FINANCIAL cough: a mistake made by the Federal Reserve (your tax dollars at work, friends) and the Smiff’s suffering because of it. 

I’ve said it before and I will say it again….I hate Wells Fargo and will produce a blasphemous, scathing post once everything is paid off and I will warn all of you to not patronize this company. If you are ever about to finance something and anything is mentioned about the above mentioned, ass-hat company, FLEE.  Just do what I say.

You don’t have an extra…car you aren’t using til Wednesday, do you?