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Phone The Neighbors, Wake The Kids…

It must be a really slow newsday today.  Why?  Because Channel 4’s TOP newstory this afternoon is the breaking story that Kenny Chesney is comfortable with being bald

Well, praise the Lord and pass the Afro Sheen.  I’m sure the billionty other bald fellers will feel a WHOLE lot better about themselves now since Kenny’s ok with it.

I happen to think bald is very hot.  I do not, however, think Kenny Chesney is hot.


Miz Collie and the Dixie Daince Kings

Somebody had left a comment on my Brentwood post from a long time ago and it reminded me that I had something scanned from old Brentwood that’s particularly interesting…



In this picture….the guy in the red jacket is one Burt Reynolds.  The place is the OLD OLD Concord Store on the corner of Concord Rd. and Wilson Pike.  The occasion is the filming of WW and the Dixie Dance Kings“.   The other guy is the late actor Bill McCutcheon (known to Chick Flick lovers everywhere as Owen Jenkins in Steel Magnolias ….”HELL! Owen Jenkins! Have you shrunk?”)

This was sometime in 1974.  I was 5. I remember one morning my mother being kindly pumped, throwing me in the car (I wasn’t in school yet) and us going up the street.  We parked on the bridge on Concord Rd. over the railroad tracks and walked up to the little store. 

There was all sortsa commotion going on and there were people lined up across the street from the store.  If memory serves, it was mostly women lined up.  I remember when Burt emerged from the trailer in the red jacket, the women,(even my normally calm, sedate mother) going NUTS.  This was not too terribly long after Burt posed for Cosmo.  Warning: Before you go to this link, Burt had NOT been waxed.  Ew) Here it is incase you’ve never seen it.   Burt was hot during this era.  Kinda like the George Clooney of the time without the Celebutardness. 

More than Burt, I can remember standing in the old lady that lived across the street’s yard and poor thing….everybody was standing on her irises and she was not happy about  it.  I wouldn’t have been happy neither.  I love irises and they don’t bloom that long and I don’t know that I’d want to give mine up for Burt Reynolds either.

I’ve only seen this movie once.  Who has a copy of it?

My Life In Pictures (Or Something Like That)

Scanning goodness for your viewing pleasure…


I would love to live life with the reckless abandon I had here…running around wearing my tights and a cool hat, not caring how ridiculous I look.  (There’s my Hot Aunt Lady in the background)


I was well on my way to becoming the most famous Chord Organist in the history of music.  I took it seriously.  Some of my biggest hits were “Down In The Valley”, and everybody’s favorite, “Barbara Allen.”


I hit the road briefly as part of a traveling acrobat show in ’79.


Jump ahead a few years, I tried to convince Merrill and Wayne Osmond to let me become “The Other” Osmond Sister since Marie had married and stuff.  They thought about it but said those eyebrows were a bit too much.


Me and Dwight had something really special.  He had a wee bit of an issue with my yellow britches and white, lace up shoes though and still….the eyebrows were an issue.


Who has the worst hairdo here?  Me or Hank Snow


I had a very strict rule that I was to wear the black and red Oprah Suit (she was wearing stuff like that a lot during this era) everytime I was around a famous country star named Hank.  Hank Thompson was HOT.  (Least my hair looked a LITTLE better here.  Ok, not much but a little!)

Big Doin’s For The Smiffs

This past Thursday night, I had the wonderful opportunity attend the Source Foundation Awards at the Musicians Hall of Fame. This year was the 6th annual presentation to women who have been a vital source in the success of Music Row and the Nashville Entertainment Industry. 

This year, Source honored Rose Drake,( who I used to wait on years ago at Huff’s Foodtown in Brentwood,) who is the widow of steel guitar god Pete Drake and an amazing businesswoman, who was the brains behind Pete’s record label, publishing, and continues to this day, 20 years after his death doing what she does so well.  I think they said Rose’s first music biz job was taking requests on the Ernest Tubb Record Shop Midnite Jamboree and her compensation was one album a month. 

Helen Farmer was the Director of Special Projects at the CMA for many years.  I hadn’t seen Helen since Fan Fair of 1991, when I was pregnant with the first kid.  Helen and my Dad were close friends and I was pretty tickled to see her and to see her recognized for her contribution.

Reba Hancock was honored posthumously for being the rock behind her brother, Johnny Cash’s business.  Her daughter Kelly was there to accept her Mom’s award.

Another honoree that was quite interesting was Lucy Coldsnow Smith.  Lucy spent 10 years as Marty Robbins’ assistant before moving to Hollywood, becoming a very succesful dialogue editor.  I couldn’t believe I was sitting across from an Academy Award winner.  We are talking BIG TIME. Go look at that link to see the movies she’s worked on. 

Virginia Team was honored for her trailblazing art direction.  Gosh, I’ve seen her name on so many albums.  I used to just study liner notes like crazy, so much so, I recognized the names of the people who have worked for her for many years. 

Oh yeah…there was another distinguished honoree…a certain Mutha In Law of mine
The whole evening was so fun (even Marshall Chapman leaned over to me during the thing and said “I had no idea this would be THIS fun!” heh) and the vibe in the room (although it was hotter than hades) was just sparkly. 

It got even MORE interesting when Jeannie Seeley began to tell about Hazel’s early days in Caswell County, NC and how she moved to Nashville in 1970 (with a 10 year old Mr. Smiff in tow),her days at Hillbilly Central, the days when she worked for Dr. Hook, Ricky Skaggs, the years she wrote for Country Music Magazine and the zillions of other things she’s done…it’s really quite impressive, all the things Hazel has done.   Not bad for a Tobacco Farmer’s daughter.

We were all proud and happy for Hazel through the whole shindig, and we all almost wet our britches when Jeannie announced there was somebody special there to present her her award. Surprised sho nuff we were when His Garthness strolled into the room.   He had some wonderful things to say about Hazel and how much she means to him.  Pretty dang sweet.

After the program was over, there was the obligatory photo ops.

You can see more pichurs over there > at the Flickr.

As we were taking this photo here of my older children (#2 was really unimpressed with the whole thing cause he had his Gameboy with him. Someday, he’s gonna kick himself for that) I told Garth that I had a picture of him holding Baby Tyler at the Opry. He looked at Tyler, who is as tall as he is and probably weighs the same and said “I don’t think we’ll try to duplicate that pose.”

Really…a wonderful night.

Shindig At The Hall

 I had my picture made with Emmy once many years ago, but, it didn’t come out.  Finally got one. Wow.

I also snug me a new feller while at the Hall last night…all these years and he’s one I never had my picture made with. 

Dickens and Collie’s go back quite the long way.

  This nice lady came up to me and said “I know who you are”….I got to meet NM!  That was fun.

Patty Griffin and Buddy Miller did “Love Hurts” and just about kilt me.  That’s one of my top ten favorite songs ever and they brung it, as did Guy Clark. 

Oh, and I can’t let it slide that Petah Cooper, in all his glorious, eye-candy-ness…was also there. (He’s chatting here with his Cowboy-ness, Jack Clement. 

The absolute classiest move of the evening occurred when somebody knocked their drink over.  I’m not naming names, but, it was not me.

More pictures on the Flickr….>>

We Have RFD

Sarcastro said we now had RFD in Nashburg.  Woo hoo!  I’ve done recorded me some Porter Wagoner, Pop! Goes the Country (Ralph Emery had him a fuzzy beard back in the old days.  I forgot how he used to look) and the Wilburn Brothers.  The Wilburn Show I saw today was done during the era when I was around Teddy and Doyle a LOT.  It was eery.  Just as I remember those two.  Except in real life, they didn’t wear bright, satin shirts with puffy sleeves.  They didn’t dress like this either when I was around them. But I do remember this album cover, and every other one they had, hanging on Teddy’s den wall. 

It occurs to me now that at the time, I thought everybody’s parents had friends like this.  I’ve said that before, but, it blows my mind now how many legendary, wonderful, eccentric, interesting, creative people I’ve been around.  Doyle was a hoot.  I still can’t believe as sheltered as my parents tried to make things for us, they allowed us to be “babysat” by Doyle, along with his ex-wife, Margie Bowes.  Not so much her babysitting us, cause that happened often, but, there we were, riding in the car with a more-than-slightly-inebriated Opry member.  It makes me giggle to remember now. 

I’m not so much into all the farm stuff they have on RFD but then again, RFD does stand for “Rural Free Delivery” so it has to do with thangs of a rural natchuh. 

Look Alikes: Part Deux

One of the hidden talents the Smiffs have is coming up with people who look like famous people.  Just regular people we run across or famous people….me and Mr. Smiff are good at that. (More stuff we waste our brain energy on)

In the latest installment of “Sista Compares People Who Look Alike“, I’m about to blow your mind.  You will be saying “Oh mah gawsh! She’s right!” And I bet you hadn’t thought of this before.

Dig if you will…

Sean Hannity….are we 100% sure that he is not the illegitimate son of Sargent Shriver?  Those two look alike, sound alike….it’s quite scary, actually.


174px-sargent_shriver.jpg sarge_and_mlk_corbis_.jpg

I’ve always thought Sargent Shriver was one heckuva good looking feller and I also think Sean Hannity is hawter than a two dollah pistol. (Please, no political nothings, k? This isn’t about that. It’s about handsome men)

They aired a fabulous documentary recently on Sargent Shriver on PBS.   Did you see it?  Look for it.  I don’t know that I’ve ever used the word “riveting”here but this really is.

Wait, there’s more…

My talented cousin, Julie Hanson, is an amazing singer who has appeared on Broadway as Christine in “Phantom” and done all sorts of things.  She’s my dad’s sister’s grandaughter…my aunt Joy, who incidentally, is in the hospital.

Anyway, I was watching Austin City Limits last night and Norah Jones was on.  It occurred to me that Julie and Norah, who are also the same age, look a LOT alike.

julie-hanson.jpg norah-jones-01.jpg