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  1. 2 has become a Pogo Stick King.  Something about seeing a kid pogo sticking brings joy to my heart.  Ah, to be able to aimlessly jump up and down, not a care in the world. 

Over dinner with my kids this evening, this conversation was heard…(Do note that names have been changed to protect the Guilty)

  1. 2 says: “Did Potential-Hoodlum-That-You-Two-Sometimes-Hang-Out-With have to go back to jail?”

Both the Manchild and the Manchild’s Sister looked at him much like Marcia Brady used to do Cindy when she tattled.  “Nice going.”

You know what my favorite part about the kids going through this Stay-With-Dad phase is?  Secrets!  “Let’s not tell Mom this because she will be pissed.” 

Ok, let’s pick this apart, shall we? 

Why would Mom be opposed to my Darlings being friendly with Butthead-Down-The-Street-Who-REALLY-Likes-The-Feel-Of-Handcuffs-Round-His-Wrists?   Hmmm….maybe it has something to do with that time I caught him destroying my neighbors Christmas decorations?  Or the time I caught him destroying an election sign in my yard?  And any number of other times I’ve caught this kid in the act of THINKING about doing something he isn’t supposed to?

He has asked my kids “Why doesn’t your Mom like me?”  Ummmmm…..let me count the ways.

I can always count on #2 to fill in the blanks.  I think stuff like this is the reason they like to stay at Dad’s more than Mom’s.  Oh Lord Jesus, rock my babies…

Oh, how I wish I could elaborate on some funny things I hear at my workplace.  Oh heavenly day…everyday I learn something new and it don’t have to do a THING with work. Next time you see me, axscht me.

And on another un-related note…I got to visit a tad with my oldest/newest close friend, Eric the Brilliant Singer/Songwriter/Film-maker  a week or so ago.  (This is him with our other school chum, the most wonderful and amazing John.  (I still have a hard time calling him “John” for he was “Johnny” to me from First Grade on.  ericjohn

Y’all know my Old School Chums are people I’m quite sentimental and mushy about.  Guys like these are dear to me in a way I can’t quite explain and being able to re-connect with the likes of them has been a huge gift.  Something about knowing people pre-puberty and to be able to sit down with them and remember the Good Ol’ Days at 40 is just plain wonderful. 

ANYHOO, I say all that to lead into telling you how you too can own your very own copy of Eric’s amazing movie “Everyone But You” that I have watched now probably 20 times.  Listen to me people…it is THAT good.  Go get you one.  You will thank me profusely for the suggestion of adding this to your dvd collection.  

Eric is one of the nicer guys around and you will absolutely fall in love with him, his songs and his cool metal house out in the middle of  Wherethehayellisthat, Colorado?  I’m not gonna shut up about how much I love this movie and how these songs of his are what the Nashville Hacks Cats SHOULD be singing.  If the mainstream public could have a chance to hear this stuff…

Natasha Richardson

I was hoping and praying that we would follow Natasha Richardson’s miraculous recovery from her head injury on a ski slope in Canada. I was hoping that maybe the lack of details on her condition this morning meant that it natasha1wasn’t as bad as I was thinking. I mean, beautiful 45 year old, Tony Award winning actresses like Natasha Richardson, with sons near around the age of my own, aren’t supposed to die in their prime.  Right???

I can’t help but think about that scene from Love, Actually where Liam Neeson, who is now Natasha’s widower, is delivering the eulogy at his wife’s funeral. Who would have ever thought? (Couldn’t find a clip on You Tube of it.  It’s wonderful)



Oscar Babblings

People from India are not Americans, but, I suppose they are natives of some sort.  The question is, is it “proper” to call them “Indians?”  Or will the PC Poo-leece come after me?   (Not that I care but you know…)

My boyfriend Jimmy Kimmel brought up a really good point last night on his Post-Oscar broadcast…they brought those kids that were in Slumdog Millionaire to Hollywood for the ceremony but can you imagine how hard it will be for them to return after that????

I love Hugh Jackman.

I wanted Mickey Rourke to win.

Philip Seymour Hoffman’s Doo Rag should’ve disqualified him for even being nominated. 

Oh and speaking of PSH, I’m not gonna point fingers but did notice on one of our local news channels (:cough: WKRN:cough:) they were running graphics on nominees and they spelled “Seymour” wrong.  Don’t mean to split hairs but if you’re gonna do a job like that, it might behoove one to do the homework?  Or am I just being silly?

I was a bit comforted to see Sean Penn whip out his “cheaters” to read his speech cause anymore, I can’t read nothing without mine.   He’s older than me, yes, but,  it made the whole Cheater thing ok to see Jeff Spicoli needing some help reading.

Sophia Loren and Shirley MacLaine make Senior Citizenry not look all that bad.n  And Meryl Streep too.  Dadgum.

The In Memoriam segment was kinda lame.  It lacked the “awwww” factor because of the way they timed the clips and photos. They should’ve asked me to do the Power Point on that.  Gah.



I Know You Are But What Am I

I think I know who mighta stolen Lance Armstrong’s bike

Miz Collie and the Dixie Daince Kings

Somebody had left a comment on my Brentwood post from a long time ago and it reminded me that I had something scanned from old Brentwood that’s particularly interesting…



In this picture….the guy in the red jacket is one Burt Reynolds.  The place is the OLD OLD Concord Store on the corner of Concord Rd. and Wilson Pike.  The occasion is the filming of WW and the Dixie Dance Kings“.   The other guy is the late actor Bill McCutcheon (known to Chick Flick lovers everywhere as Owen Jenkins in Steel Magnolias ….”HELL! Owen Jenkins! Have you shrunk?”)

This was sometime in 1974.  I was 5. I remember one morning my mother being kindly pumped, throwing me in the car (I wasn’t in school yet) and us going up the street.  We parked on the bridge on Concord Rd. over the railroad tracks and walked up to the little store. 

There was all sortsa commotion going on and there were people lined up across the street from the store.  If memory serves, it was mostly women lined up.  I remember when Burt emerged from the trailer in the red jacket, the women,(even my normally calm, sedate mother) going NUTS.  This was not too terribly long after Burt posed for Cosmo.  Warning: Before you go to this link, Burt had NOT been waxed.  Ew) Here it is incase you’ve never seen it.   Burt was hot during this era.  Kinda like the George Clooney of the time without the Celebutardness. 

More than Burt, I can remember standing in the old lady that lived across the street’s yard and poor thing….everybody was standing on her irises and she was not happy about  it.  I wouldn’t have been happy neither.  I love irises and they don’t bloom that long and I don’t know that I’d want to give mine up for Burt Reynolds either.

I’ve only seen this movie once.  Who has a copy of it?

A Happy Refrain

It’s another edition of Feel Good Friday and what better way to feel good this first FGF of 2009 than with a little fiddlin’?  Now, this idn’t the way they fiddle in the Great State of Kentucky, but, that’s ok.  Gene Kelly and Donald O’Connor had it going on.

Gene Kelly rightfully gets a lotta props for his genius, but, Donald O’Connor doesn’t and it’s a shame. You gotta watch this and if you want more O’Connor and Kelly, do yourself a favor and rent Singin’ In The Rain.

It’s not surprising that O’Connor had to have three days of bed rest following the filming of this number right here.  Debbie Reynolds has said that making Singing In The Rain was harder, physically, than giving birth.  Gene Kelly and Stanley Donen worked them near ’bout to death, but, oh my…this stuff is like buttah.

FGF-The Man Who Came To Dinner

The Feel Good Friday offering this week is from the movie that started my obsession with old movies.

Remember it like it was yesterday…I was 13 and it was one of the first times my parents left me at home by myself at night and I found The Man Who Came To Dinner on tv and laughed my hiney off at it. I looked and looked for it for years on video. Would scan the tv schedules looking for it, I’m talking for years…never found it and didn’t see it again til about 1995 when TNT aired it. (I always knew Ted Turner was good for something). It’s available on dvd now though. YEA!

The story goes that the Warner Bros. people were a little not sure about putting this movie out with Monte Wooley in the lead rold because although he had originated the role of Sheridan Whiteside on Broadway, he wasn’t enough of a “known” name to carry the film.  Bette Davis has a secondary role as his secretary but Wooley was unbelievable and carries the movie just fine.  Lotsa fun this movie…love it.

You can’t beat Jimmy Durante at the piano, although one might would want to give him some Ritalin after a little bit. Fabulous.