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Blown Away

So I was looking for some more pictures of the WSM Radio tower. (Guess why?) I stumbled across the website of a guy I went to elementary, junior high and part of high school with. We were in the same 5th grade class, actually.

Anyway….nobody told me Eric Shiveley became a brilliant singer/songwriter/filmmaker. HELLO???

I can’t remember the last time I heard music that blew me away. It’s been a LONG time. I am not easily impressed musically. Yeah, I’m a music snob. I admit this. I woulda been blowed away even if I didn’t know Eric way back in the olden days. Just listen/watch.

Miz Collie and the Dixie Daince Kings

Somebody had left a comment on my Brentwood post from a long time ago and it reminded me that I had something scanned from old Brentwood that’s particularly interesting…



In this picture….the guy in the red jacket is one Burt Reynolds.  The place is the OLD OLD Concord Store on the corner of Concord Rd. and Wilson Pike.  The occasion is the filming of WW and the Dixie Dance Kings“.   The other guy is the late actor Bill McCutcheon (known to Chick Flick lovers everywhere as Owen Jenkins in Steel Magnolias ….”HELL! Owen Jenkins! Have you shrunk?”)

This was sometime in 1974.  I was 5. I remember one morning my mother being kindly pumped, throwing me in the car (I wasn’t in school yet) and us going up the street.  We parked on the bridge on Concord Rd. over the railroad tracks and walked up to the little store. 

There was all sortsa commotion going on and there were people lined up across the street from the store.  If memory serves, it was mostly women lined up.  I remember when Burt emerged from the trailer in the red jacket, the women,(even my normally calm, sedate mother) going NUTS.  This was not too terribly long after Burt posed for Cosmo.  Warning: Before you go to this link, Burt had NOT been waxed.  Ew) Here it is incase you’ve never seen it.   Burt was hot during this era.  Kinda like the George Clooney of the time without the Celebutardness. 

More than Burt, I can remember standing in the old lady that lived across the street’s yard and poor thing….everybody was standing on her irises and she was not happy about  it.  I wouldn’t have been happy neither.  I love irises and they don’t bloom that long and I don’t know that I’d want to give mine up for Burt Reynolds either.

I’ve only seen this movie once.  Who has a copy of it?

Glory Days


It’s pretty geeky if you take a picture of a tv screen, but, when its one of those screens that’s like a movie theater and you just happen to catch the opening of the Halftime show of the Super Bowl and it’s Bruce and Clarence and you get it looking like this, I don’t think it’s THAT geeky.  Maybe just a little.

I was like Ellie Mae about that dang home theater. 


A life-size Little Steven though….yikes!  Bruce needs to share some of his Stay Young secrets with his buddy there.

I’m not one who worships at the Church of Bruce but I most definitely appreciate his icon-ness and was diggin’ the moment quite a bit.

Funny thing about this gathering I was at…it was at the home of my friend Martha that I went to junior high and high school with. (Yet another Facebook reunion although I did see her at our 20th reunion in 07) I went to Brentwood High School my Freshman and Sophomore years.   It was kinda surreal when Bruce was singing “Glory Days” cause that song always reminds me of BHS .  Another girl I went to those schools with, Tracy, was there and I looked over and she was all up in the whole Bruce thing…


It was just kinda cool to be there and hearing Bruce do that song that was so popular back when I was at BHS and they played the radio in the cafeteria…and here some of us were all these years later..all growed up.  Not just grown up but 40 years old!  Just one of those moments that makes you go “hmmmm”.

Then, in the midst of my trot down Memory Lane, Jene’ who was one of best pals in 7th grade comes into the theater room, singing “Go To Yates” on the chorus….I had TOTALLY forgot about that…(Yates was the vocational school and of course, for students of Brentwood High School back in those days, the mere thought of going to Yates….HA)


Jene’ was killing me…then again, she always did.  Gosh, in 7th grade, just picture me and her…we were so silly. 

I had totally lost track of Jene’ after 10th grade until our Reunion.  A few weeks ago, she sent me the sweetest note on Facebook, talking about my Dad.  I had forgotten she was on our softball team the year he coached us.  There I pat myself on the back for my “amazing” memory, but, theres lots of things I forget about…like that.

Good times…good memories.


Livin’, Laughin’, Lovin’…

Regarding the Facebook craze of late, I often hear people say, mostly in a condescending tone, “I don’t have time for that.”    That’s fine but you know what, I’m grateful for Facebook cause I’ve been able to re-connect with some people that I have known longer than anybody, just about, besides family.


You didn’t know that Simon Cowell actually was from Brentwood and the British accent was fake, didja?  Heh.  Just playing…that’s not Simon, although he looks like him.  That’s Casey. 


Not bad for a buncha 40 year olds, huh?

And this is my Soul Brother, Murrey.  He has the most wonderful Signifigant Othah, Melissa…I just love her. 


I have had  conversations with famous comedians like Minnie Pearl, Sheb Wooley, Larry the Cable Guy, Mike Snider, Archie Campbell, and others.  Murrey can get me laughing  just about more than anybody and I was in pain from bellysplittin’ laughter last night.

Those truly linked don’t need correspondence. When they meet again after many years apart, Their friendship is as true as ever. Deng Ming-Dao

The Night Before The Night Before Christmas…

I don’t know what I was thinking this evening when I had this thought:

“I think I’ll just run into Wal Mart.”

It was when I walked into the Rivergate Wal Mart on Christmas Eve Eve that I was reminded of a couple things:

I really have been a little “detached” from Christmas shopping this year. I’ve done some but not like I’ve done in years past.  That’s one of the pluses about the kids being older.  Teens have more expensive wishes, but, as a rule, it requires much less “put-togetherness”. 

Had I not been so detached from the Shoppingpalooza, I would have thought better than to go into Wal Mart at 7:00 on the 23rd of December.  Baaaaad choice.

The Rivergate Wal Mart IS the Armpit and Groin Lent of Nashville-Never in my life have I smelt as strong an odor of cigarette smoke and seen more women in DIRE need of root touchups, poor grammar, baggy britches….it’s good in ‘da hood, boys and girls.

This whole holiday season has been a plethora of visiting with old friends.  I got to visit a little bit today with my good friend from 3rd and 4th grade, Kelly and loved seeing her and her kids. 009

Look at her beautiful, blue eyes, y’all.  I had forgotten how blue her eyes were.   (Note to self…scan photos of Dance Recital in 1978 in which Kelly and I both wore heinous costumes to give readers a REALLY good belly laugh)

Kelly gave me this Woodstock Christmas ornament in 1979 and it has hung on my Christmas tree every year since.  It’s made of some sort of ceramic and I’m really surprised it hasn’t broken in all these years.  One of my favorite ornaments. 


Stuff like getting to visit with Kelly today are the things I love most about Christmas.  Forget the standing in line at Wal Mart and busting your bank account….for me, besides the whole Jesus’ Birthday thing, it’s about getting to visit with the Kelly’s in our lives and remembering.

I went out to Cool Springs tonight for a gathering of people who went to Brentwood and Franklin High Schools (thank you for organizing, Paige!) courtesy of Facebook. 

I ran into a kid I have not seen since probably 6th grade. 


 Donald and I were in Elementary school together all the way through, but, I remember him being in my  5th grade class, especially.   I told him that one of my most warmest, fuzziest memories of childhood, (back when life was good, before the dreaded Puberty Monster hit, before cancer, car accidents came and I got hip to realities of life ) was at Christmas that year, our entire class went to Donald’s house and then went caroling. 

 Donald’s mom was one of these just fabulous, June Cleaver kinda moms, and that evening is one of those things I’ve always remembered and often wished I could escape back into.  He had no recollection of the event at all, but,  I told him to be sure and tell his Mama I’ve always remembered being in her home at Christmastime. 

THAT is the kinda feeling I’ve always tried to create at Christmas with my own family.  Just like what was in my home, especially those last few days before Christmas.   Warm, fuzzy, magical…the lights all seem to have a different glow. 

I’m praying that my kids, even though this Christmas has found our lives rearranged and different…I hope there is still some of that element for them.

Maybe Things Aren’t So Bad

Seems like everytime I try to attend my own Pity Party, something is thrown my way that helps me reconsider getting all doodied up and ready to go. 

Fighting the Christmas Blahs and feeling sorry for myself cause of the Unemployment thing, I get news this morning that a former classmate of mine met a very violent and tragic end to his life this week. 

Thanks to Facebook, there’s been a collective grieving and remembering of David Williams. 

I was in Elementary school, Junior High and High school with David.  We were both in the Brentwood band.  He was a strikingly handsome kid with a flair for art and a killer sense of humor.  (That’s him in the blue uniform holding the trophy. )n1441708119_30162540_1910

Camoflauge pants make me think of David…always have.  So does Moses Malone and pencil drawings…and trombones and blue eyes. He had the most piercing blue eyes that offset his dark hair.  I never had a thing for him (I know it sounds like I did, but, I didn’t) but I can tell you right here and now, hearing of the horrible way he died just makes me sick.

Also reminds me that things could be worse and are for a lot of people.

What Do You Want For Christmas?

I’m on the verge of a meltdown today because of various and sundry stuff so I don’t have anything brilliant (heh) to pass along other than a blogpost from Tambi.

A little background on how I sorta know Tambi.  Tambi’s family lived (parents still do) in the neighborhood next to me.  She was older than me but her sister and brothers rode the same bus as I did.  Her youngest brother is my age and we were in the same class a time or two in elementary school.  In fact, her brother is kinda sorta who #2 was named after. 

I was never best buddies with Trev but he was the first “Trevor” I ever knew and I always thought that was a cool name.  Mostly family calls #2 “Trev” and the other Trev was never (to my knowledge) referred to as “Trevor” so anyway….

Also, Tambi’s mother taught 5th grade at Lipscomb School and I will never forget the day she put me in my place.  Lawdy mercy…she was good at that, but, she was one of those teachers all the kids really liked. 

Every Christmas, I always get frustrated with what to get my mother, the parents-in-law because at the ages they are, when they need something, they get it and anytime I’ve ever asked my mother or in laws what they want for Christmas they’ll say “Don’t get me nothing.  I don’t need a thing.”  (It isn’t just the Senior family members who don’t ever say what they want for Christmas either)

I love what Tambi’s family did for her grandmother one year on her birthday.  What a neat idea.  Go read it.

There are so many wonderful organizations that help families in need at Christmas and all through the year.  The Salvation Army and Toys For Tots, while both great organizations, seem to get all the press, but, places like The Samaritan Center and the organization Tambi mentions, the NBA Toy Store help make it easier for parents in need to make Christmas good for their kids.

Made feel warm and fuzzy…thanks, Tambi.