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Through It All

So I’ve got my Dressin’ made (ixnay on the Uffin-stay talk in the South) and I’m about to get myself cleaned up but I have to take a second and reflect on the signifigance of Thanksgiving. 

I am of the mind that Thanksgiving is a mindset I’d like to have every single day of the year.  I look around me and there are so many people really hurting, suffering and going through hell.  I’ve had my share of challenges, but, really, I don’t have it so bad.

I could go on and on about the things this year that have gone down that make me pause and want to hollah how good God has been to me.  I’ve got a great support system of family, some fabulous friends, I have the ability to get up everyday and go to a nice job; I have a roof over my head; food in the fridge; my family is healthy (cept for a few aches and pains amongst us) and really, what I’m most thankful for, cause without it, all the other stuff is moot…I have my salvation.

I could keep babbling, but, Andrae Crouch wrote it so well so I’m gonna let him sing it…this really sums up my frame of mind for Thanksgiving 2008.  I hope yours is whatever you want it to be.

If I’d never had a problem, I’d never known that God could solve it…wouldn’t know what faith in His Word can do.  (Woo!!!)

All Hallows Eve

Various and sundry scenes from Halloween 2008.  These little dawlings are some sort of cheese concoction that Rachel at work whipped up.  Aren’t they cute?

Two of my new work peeps…Sara and Kim.  

This is Abbie…my former next door neighbors adorable little grandaughter that I’m glad I pulled up just in time to see.  What a cutie.

My son, the Zombie.  (I knew somebody out there would be happy with this costume.)

Halloween was weird this year.  Normally, I’ve always walked #2 (and the other kids when they were younger) around the neighborhood.  This year, #2 didn’t want me to so I gave out candy.  It was weird.  Part of the awkwardness is due to the Changes but really, the biggest part of it is my kids are older.

This was one of my favorite Halloweens ever.   Sniff sniff.

Da Fawth

 The 4th was pretty quiet at my house.  I was planning on doing the pool thing but there wasn’t much sunshine.  Saw some cool fireworks in Grandma’s neighborhood though.

This was the Grand Finale that the Manchild and his cousin did.  The Drama Queen did not appreciate my rendition of Stars & Stripes whilst it was going off.  “You’re NOT funny”.  I wasn’t trying to be funny.  Someday she’s gonna do the same thing and her 14 year old daughter will hopefully say the same thing to her.

Speaking of the kids…you might be able to see them on CMT this weekend.  They were part of a tv taping with their Grandma and it’s airing all weekend intermittently.

From Whence Cometh My Strength…

I know I posted this same song last Good Friday…but it does explain it all for me.

Kiss Me

Go and celebrate your Irish heritage today, even if you aren’t Irish. 

I happen to be of the Scotch-Irish variety, descending from the Sullivan’s (mother’s maiden name) who were originally the “O’Sullivan’s“. The Fife’s of Mississippi, of which my maternal grandmother came from was part of my Scotch part….then you go back and there’s some French on the maternal great-grandmother’s side but then you take the Collie side….Collie is English, although my way yonder back grandpa, John Collie came to America from Scotland.

On the same side of the pater familias, there was the Nickells (paternal great grandmother and that link there does indeed go to my branch of the Nickells) and they were Irish, although the surname was originally Nickhaill.

My kids are full of Irish too from their Pappy’s side.  On that side, they descend from various McKinneys, Gwynn’s, O’Bryant’s…my father in law looks like an Irishman, actually.  Fiddle and all…

I don’t know percentages and stuff but one of the Irish thangs I inherited was the fair skin and black hair. Shut up. My hair used to be black before the good Lawd thought I needed to look “wise” and “distinguished.”

This clip of the Chieftains in Nashville makes me want to do that Lord of the Dance thing. I just might do it today. If I feel moved, I will. My co-workers would love that. They already think I’m a “musician” so maybe I can make them think I’m a dancer. Heh.

Don’t Even…

The next person that asks me what I’m getting for Valentine’s Day is liable to meet Sista’s Fist. Just don’t.

Ok, you can ask.

Sitting At A (Not So) Tiny Table In A (Not So) Ritzy Restaurant…

Chrisyub (Happy Birthday yesterday)…a date with your husband is like this…you find a place you both want to eat.  In our case, it was Texas Roadhouse.  You go about 9:15 because the crowd is much thinner, thus, you are seated right away.  You eat, chat, go home and go straight to sleep.

I think the HT was a little bumfuzzled about her parents actually going someplace without her.  She called, wanting to know how to find something on a website.

Mr. Smiff himself said he thinks we should do the late night thing more often.

Nice way to celebrate a birthday and Valentine’s Day since he will be gone for both.  Don’t feel so bad for me…Out of 18 Valentine’s Days and birthdays that we’ve been together, he’s been away for probably half of them. birthday?  You have one more shopping day.