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I know lots of people in my age group are thinking the same thing tonight: How bizarre is it that TWO of the major, Pop Culture icons of our generation died on the same day?


We knew Farrah’s time was short but Michael Jackson?  This afternoon, my sister texted me about Farrah and made the statement about Ed McMahon, Farrah and who would the third be?  Unreal.

As a little girl in the 70′s, I looked at Farrah as the epitome of physical perfection.  I mean, she had the hair, the teeth, the body, she could play tennis AND she was married to the Six Million Dollar Man!MV5BMTQzNzE3NzA0OF5BMl5BanBnXkFtZTYwNjI5NTQ2__V1__SX450_SY313_

Amazing to me that Farrah died of a type of cancer that is almost embarrassing to talk about and had to be somewhat humiliating to her, yet, she was so open about it, sharing her journey and being so real about the whole thing.  There she, the embodiment of all that is physically perfect…I appreciate her so much for allowing us in such an intimate part of her life.  Farrah suffered so and I’m glad she’s not suffering any longer. b-Farrah-Fawcett-4eec8c4ccad9

Michael Jackson was on the soundtrack of my life from birth…I can’t even wrap my head around him being gone.  Hands down, he was probably one of the most incredible songwriters, singers, producers, visionaries and good grief…his performing….I wish I could’ve seen him live.

Yeah, he was odd.  Most geniuses have some sort of weirdness about them.  I wish he would have had some people in his life who could’ve kept him closer to the ground but my word…like his former father in law, nobody has experienced that kind of fame.  The kind of fame Elvis and Michael Jackson had is unsurpassed.  There’s no manual on how to be a celebrity on that level.

Thriller is the best selling album of ALL time.  ALL TIME.  That’s pretty mind blowing.


I nearly cut off part of my big toe when I was about 14 trying to emulate MJ’s dance moves.  Holy crap, that hurt.  That little kick thing he does here…


A weird day…both of these people passing brings home, yet again, time is marching and we’re all getting older…

Both of these passings make me really, really sad…


Ya know, if I were graduating from Notre Dame University and the President were coming to speak at my graduation…I would be aggravated if the big highlight of the speech was on abortion. 

I know Notre Dame’s a Catholic university.  I know they don’t like that Obama is pro-choice. 

He’s the frickin’ President of the United States…the Leader of the Free World…and it all boils down to abortion?

This is why I don’t like politics.

The Economy and Stuff

As I’ve been sitting in Training this week with 9 other people, most of whom have been victims of layoffs, most of us struggling to survive and doing what we can to tread water, as well as my own experience the last three months as a single woman trying to get by,  I’ve thought about a lot of things.

One of the guys used to own his own finance company.  Read that again…he OWNED his own finance company.  Has worked for large corporations as this big shot, finance guy.  He is now, like me, training for a job he is way over-qualified for.

Another guy, a young guy in his mid to late 20′s is an architect.

Another guy is an electrical engineer and  has just returned from his second deployment in Iraq within the last several weeks.  You want to talk about HUMBLING, listening to Eric describe the numerous times his life was in danger, dealing with riots in an Iraqi prison, and all these things that are just about impossible for a dufus like me to wrap my head around.  I would say Eric is probably not even 30 years old. 

A young lady in my class, a little, teeny tiny woman originally from Guyana, who made her way to the United States, is also a military veteran, is a college graduate…

Another lady, probably in her mid to late 50′s, retired from working for the Government, took another job in the insurance business, is responsible for caring for her elderly mother and will be working the overnight shift.

There’s yet another young lady, who moved here to work for a very large company.  Packed up from her hometown in South Alabama, leaving her family and friends, getting an apartment here only to get laid off three months later. 

The thought has occurred to me this week listening to my co-workers tell their stories of struggle and trying to figure out what to do in these lean times and the constant news reports of how bad the economy is, all the people losing their jobs, etc….and this may sound weird but I think it’s probably good that we’re going through this Recession/Pre-Depression/Whatever You Wanna Call It. 

I don’t know what I’m trying to say and I’m certainly not an expert on talking about the dang economy and all that, but, I think maybe it’s good for the people of my generation to experience this stuff. 

 So many people in my general age group (that could be anybody born after say, 1960 on up to 1980) have never had any sorta clue what it’s like to struggle.  Our generation had everything.  I look at my own kids.  They certainly don’t live in a mansion but my word-they have no idea how lucky they are to have what they have. 

I’ve always been amazed at young people, not far out of college who have homes and lifestyles that it took their parents years of hard work to obtain.  It’s always been unsettling to me and it seemed like something was not quite right about it.  What is there to work for and dream for  when you have “everything” so young?

I’m not what you would call smart about stuff like this and I will tell you I’ve looked at many people my age who live quite well with a fair amount of envy.  Then again, I feel like maybe, my lack of riches as an adult, lack of credit cards (thank you, Jesus that a tiny taste of that was all I needed to know I didn’t want that)-as an adult, if I didn’t have the cash for it, I didn’t get it.  Plain and simple.  I’m not patting myself on the back by any stretch or saying everybody should use ME as their financial example cause that’s not it.  God knows I could use a lesson or two in budgeting.  I’m still flying by the seat of my pants with that.

I know that the Economy thing will eventually turn around.  I don’t know when or how or what, but, nothing ever stays the same.  It will go back up and I hope people will learn that maybe credit isn’t always the best way to do stuff, ya know?  And that the One With The Most Toys doesn’t really win anything but a lot of debt, stress, marital problems, despair, etc. etc. etc.

And I am once again disclaiming my ability to say anything about important stuff like the economy.  I’m very hopeful for our country, our Powers That Be, my own situation and future and am glad that God is in control. 

And I’m REALLY glad to be back amongst the employed people and hope that I will never forget those dark days of December and January, sitting here in my ever-so-humble, but very comfortable dwelling, wondering what in the world I was going to do next.  I don’t ever want to forget my wonderful family and extended family and how they helped me.  I hope and pray I will someday be able to do the same thing for somebody like they did me. 

More importantly, I don’t want to forget that even though I had some very dark days since December 5, I knew that God was going to provide for me.  Didn’t know how, but, I know from experience He’s pretty dang creative and has a way better imagination than I’ve got.   He’s done things for me I could’ve never thought of.  He’s bigger and greater to me now than ever.  I’m not out of my hole yet, but I can at least see that it’s not quite as deep as it appeared to be.

Oscar Babblings

People from India are not Americans, but, I suppose they are natives of some sort.  The question is, is it “proper” to call them “Indians?”  Or will the PC Poo-leece come after me?   (Not that I care but you know…)

My boyfriend Jimmy Kimmel brought up a really good point last night on his Post-Oscar broadcast…they brought those kids that were in Slumdog Millionaire to Hollywood for the ceremony but can you imagine how hard it will be for them to return after that????

I love Hugh Jackman.

I wanted Mickey Rourke to win.

Philip Seymour Hoffman’s Doo Rag should’ve disqualified him for even being nominated. 

Oh and speaking of PSH, I’m not gonna point fingers but did notice on one of our local news channels (:cough: WKRN:cough:) they were running graphics on nominees and they spelled “Seymour” wrong.  Don’t mean to split hairs but if you’re gonna do a job like that, it might behoove one to do the homework?  Or am I just being silly?

I was a bit comforted to see Sean Penn whip out his “cheaters” to read his speech cause anymore, I can’t read nothing without mine.   He’s older than me, yes, but,  it made the whole Cheater thing ok to see Jeff Spicoli needing some help reading.

Sophia Loren and Shirley MacLaine make Senior Citizenry not look all that bad.n  And Meryl Streep too.  Dadgum.

The In Memoriam segment was kinda lame.  It lacked the “awwww” factor because of the way they timed the clips and photos. They should’ve asked me to do the Power Point on that.  Gah.



I Know You Are But What Am I

I think I know who mighta stolen Lance Armstrong’s bike


Michael Phelps…leave him alone.  He’s a kid.  I’m not saying that I think smokin’ doobies is a good idea but it idn’t like he was high when he won all those gold medals.   Last I heard, pot isn’t a perfmorance enhancing drug, is it?

Whoever sold that picture to the tabloids is a perfect person….no doubt.

Happy Inaugural, Y’all


It is known and understood that I am the least political of the Blogging crowd.  (Busy Mom and I may tie on this) I don’t give a rats ass about politics.  I have my views on things, but, it is rare that I have any sort of inclination to get into a discussion about stuff like that.  It’s boring to me. Even on my Facebook profile, under “Political Views” I have a “zzzzzzzzzzz”.

That said, I do LOVE me some Presidential history and stuff like what’s taking place tomorrow gets me all happy and stuff.

 I’m about to drop a bomb here, y’all.  I have never told this until today. 

I have a thing for Presidential Historian Michael Beschloss and I am always fraught with joy when he appears on anything talking about Presidential history.  Anything Presidential means I will get a heapin’ helpin’ of His 73525354AW006_Meet_The_PresBeschloss-ness. 

Something about telling interesting facts like President William Henry Harrison giving a long, drawn out Inaugural speech, then catching the Pneumonia and dying 31 days later…Harry Truman’s inauguration being the first to be televised, Warren Harding being the first President to ride in a car….I could listen to him talk about that stuff for days and never tire of it.  

Now, I also LOVE Doris Kearns Goodwin.  Unfortunately, Dot is not as easy on the eyes as Mikey B. is. But I would love to have lunch with her and listen to her talk about LBJ. I hope she’s around a lot tomorrow.

Tomorrow is going to be an historical day. I am pumped.  I’m gonna be up early watching every little thing.


I do declare….so many people are counting down the days til Georgie (thats what his mama calls him ya know) leaves the White House. Pssht. Not me. Know why???

I don’t think Big O is gonna be near as entertaining as his predecessor. And what is Letterman going to put on in its place? I swear, I don’t miss Letterman these days because of Great Moments In Presidential Speeches.

And to all my Christian bretheren and sisteren….y’all just pipe down. It’s like this…my Dad’s given name was Hiram Abiff.  Now who would think a dude with the name of “Abiff” could make it work for him?  He used probably the nerdiest name ever and made it work for him. 

The whole “Obama’s Middle Name Is Hussein…It’s the End of the World” stuff?  He can use that to his and our advantage.  Relax.  As Christians we aren’t supposed to worry about stuff anyway. 

 Hate to tell you this but….Jesus loves people whose  names are Hussein too! 

Speaking of What Would Obama Do…I’m gonna call this now and y’all can mark the date I predicted it…November 11, 2008…I predict there will be a blonde that will surface, at some point during the administration….There’s a woman in the background somewhere and her name ain’t Michelle.

I think he’s gonna be just dandy as President but as swayve and deboner as he is…come on…Big O just looks like The Ladies Man.  I could care less myself and I don’t think it has a doodly-doo to do with nuthin.  I’m just sayin’ it cause I tend to be a little on the intuitive side. 

He even looks like The Ladies Man!



I wasn’t going to vote.  I really didn’t think it was right to go in there and vote with the attitude of “I guess I’ll just vote for….” Those that kept saying “You HAVE to vote!” No I don’t.  Not if I don’t know who I want to vote for. 

So I went and met a friend for after work dinner and got done by 6:30 and decided I knew who I wanted to vote for.  Walked in the place at 6:50 with absolutely NO line and cast my vote.

So there I did it.

It was an historic evening for sure and it was exciting watching Obama make his acceptance speech and seeing the older black folks cry cause they never thought they’d live to see the day. 

I’m a little disturbed by my Christian bretheren’s cries of “OH NO”.  Stoppit.  God is still in control regardless. 

I soaked up the History of it all and I am proud to be an American.

Still Undecided

So here it is Election Day and I’m getting all sorts of stuff from both the Left of my peeps and the Right of my peeps and you know what? I still haven’t decided.  I have about 11 hours left to figure it out.

After reading this post by Sarcastro though…I swear…I’m so tempted to write his name in, even though I lurve David Sedaris. 

Cherry works at Vanderbilt and they’re on Alert today incase there’s riots or something.  Yikes. 

Thing is, I’m one of these people that doesn’t bash whoever lives at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave.  I didn’t bash Clinton (I like him) when he was in office and I do not bash Bush cause I like him.  When I say “I like”, I mean, I like them as guys and would love to sit down and vizit with them.  I dig Presidents.  Hate politics and all that but the Presidents are fascinating people to me.  Always have been.  What drives a person to want that job? 

I just cringe when I hear people call Bush an idiot.  The man is not an idiot.  He is not stupid.  Articulate? No.   I don’t think he’s an idiot.  Sue me.

PBS was airing those President documentaries in the last few weeks.  Very interesting.  LBJ was a madman. A charismatic, fabulous, madman. Can I vote for him?

I’m not crazy about Obama and I don’t think he’s Jesus or that he’s the answer to everything.  I don’t think once he takes that Oath of Office in January that the sky is going to open up and that we will hear the archangels break into the Hallelujah Chorus and that the economy will slip back into where it needs to be, the war will end, the lion will lay down by the lamb and we’ll stand on the mountain, join hands and break into “I’d Like To Teach The World To Sing”…ain’t gonna happen.

However, if he is going to be the President (or McCain or Pat Paulsen…no wait…he’s dead) he will have my support and prayers and I will watch him age very quickly as he carries the weight of the world on his shoulders.

Elections and Revelations

If I lived as long as Barack Obama’s Grandma lived and then died the day before my grandson was elected President, I’d have to have a little talk with Jesus about that.

Speaking of the Election, Yo Sista is one of those 5% of voters who is not decided as for who I’m going to vote for tomorrow.  I said I didn’t know if I was even going to because of said quandry, but, Cherry said “You HAVE to vote!”

Is it responsible to go into the booth and close my eyes and point at a button?  I don’t think so.  What does one do when this happens?  Write myself in? 

 For real…what do ya do when this happens?  I’ve never had this happen before and I have voted in every Presidential election I’ve been eligible to vote in.

I’m getting lots of questions about my “Revelation.”  I don’t know if I can blog that or not.  My preacher reads this blog.  HAR.

If Da Glove Doesn’t Fit…

Maybe now that O. J. Simpson is gonna have some “down” time in the Penitintiary, he can work on finding Nicole’s killer.

Quit It

I don’t give a rats behind that Sarah Palin’s teenage dawta is pregnant.  I mean, as a mom of teenagers, I think I’d shit and fall back in it if that was my kid so on that level, I give something of a rats behind.  Just shows to go ya that even rich girls named “Bristol” can get caught. 

The thing about the whole thing that drives me insane is that people are saying “Sarah Palin’s daughter is PREGGERS.” 

There should be a law against using that word.  I hate that word about as much as I hate “Turkey Day” , “Thunderboomers” and “Yeppers.”  Ack.

Knocked up sounds much more dignified, doesn’t it?

Beyond Words

I can’t even wrap my head around the tragic news of Steven Curtis Chapman’s little daughter being run over by a car driven by his teenaged son.  Even more so, this is the second situation like this I’ve heard about this week in our area.  I had heard Sunday about the friend of a friend’s son backing over his young son with the same horrifying result. 

A contrast to these stories, I went to the funeral home last night for my next door neighbor’s mother…a precious, 90 year old saint who lived with them for a time and I had the priviledge to get to know a little.  I always got a kick out of Miss Windolene because she made me think of my own sweet little Grandma Collie. 

I don’t make it a practice to question God and what He allows to happen.  I am of the mind that even though my mortal mind can’t make sense of two preschool aged children, being run over by family members who loved them dearly, I HAVE to believe that He sees the whole picture and somehow, some way He is at work through horrible tragedies like this. 

How is that father of little Caleb and the big brother of Maria going to cope for the rest of their lives?  Why is it that terrible things like that happen to little children while others, like my neighbors mama, live 90 full years on this planet?  There’s no answer or explanation that would make sense to a mortal mind. 

For my thoughts are not your thoughts,
       neither are your ways my ways,”
       declares the LORD. 
 9 “As the heavens are higher than the earth,
       so are my ways higher than your ways
       and my thoughts than your thoughts.  Isaiah 55:8-9

I guess this is the problem some people have with the whole God thing.  I can understand that.  We like to think of God as this Big Dude in the Sky and if He really loves us, wouldn’t make bad things happen.  I don’t feel like He makes the bad things happen.  I think He allows them for various reasons.  Sometimes those reasons are obvious and sometimes they aren’t. 

I’ve had my share of loss and crosses to bear that have not seemed just or fair. (Still do)  I could sit here on my earthly soapbox and try to figure out the whys and whats of everything, but if I did that, I’d be a bigger nutcase than I already am.  For me to get through everyday, I HAVE to believe that this ain’t all there is.  I mean, heck, there’s just some things I’ve experienced that I’m not going to have answers for until I get to Glow-ry.  I can tear my hair out and whatever other forms of self-destruction I can find to bring me momentary comfort, but, those sorts of things just don’t work. 

The junk I’ve gone through and still go through…it’s like that old Andrae Crouch song says…”If I never had a problem, I wouldn’t know that God could solve it and wouldn’t know what strength in His Word can do.”

I know the Chapman’s are clinging to that this morning as they cope with losing their little girl.  Keep them in your prayers.


A “Seizure” Not a Stroke

The more the press keeps trying to convince me and you that Uncle Ted did NOT have a stroke, but, rather, a “seizure”….the more they are convincing me that he is perhaps in the same shape Big Joe was in the last several years of his life. 

I mean, they’ve even got Barack Obama playing along saying “I spoke with Sen. Kennedy this morning and he sounded great!”  Psshhhht.  What, Evah. We aren’t stupid, y’all.  I really can’t stand the thought of one of the Kennedy Brothers not being around anymore, so I do hope the old guy is ok. I love me some Kennedy dram-uh.  I’ve always been into all that stuff.  I guess that’s part of my Rainman-ness. I can name every one of them and who they was married to.  Nevermind that I had watched a documentary on the Kennedy’s the other day and every single time I hear the story of Mary Jo and Chappaquiddick, it makes me just plain mad.  It’s no wonder poor Joan (who was without a doubt, the most beautiful Kennedy wife) ended up a lush. 

Speaking of bizarre, (were we?…maybe not) have you ever seen this picture?  Warning…it’s a dayde picture of JFK for you sensitive Whiffas.



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