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Feel Good Friday is here. Dig if you will Diana Krall’s tantalyzing version of Tom Waits’ “Temptation.” Lawdy.
Makes me want to have sex or something.

I’m Singing…And I’m In My House…By Myself…and I’m SIIIIING-ING!

The best way to spread Christmas cheer…is singing loud for all to hear….

Since my neighbors seem to think I want to hear everything they do (from being woken yesterday morning to the sounds of them bathing their little children to last nights um….”Mommy and Daddy time”.  I can even hear them hanging clothes in the closet AND they take up three parking spaces!) I am going to sing very loudly today and I will sing this, with emphasis on the “Alleluias” and see if that don’t drive them crazy.

The piano player looks like the Freaky Weasel, doesn’t he?  Cept the FW is a….fitter.

My favorite version is still Emmylou (with help from Linda, Dolly and Neil Young) and the album of the same name is STILL one of my emmylouharrislightofthestable1

favorite albums of all time, in any style of music, any season.  If it’s not in your collection, it would behoove you to get it.

I do love me some Selah singing too though.

Tales From The Tragically Unhip

So I’m at Spinning the other day and usually Terri (the Spinning instructor that takes delight in kicking yo Sista’s ass) plays mostly Hip Hop stuff that I really don’t enjoy.  I tune it out and go into my little Spin Zone anyway…however…this song came on and I dug it so I asked (knowing I was at the risk of sounding like someone ready for Assisted Living)

“Who is that?”  said I.

 “Duffy” says Terri the Spinning Instructor. 

“Who?”  I repeated.  Two much younger women both looked at me and simeltaneously said “DUFFY” as if to say “Duuuuuuuuuuuuuuh you owld lady.”

There was a boy, probably 17 on the bike next to me and God love him, he turned to me and said “I have no idea who Duffy is, if that makes you feel better.”  What a good boy.  His mama should be proud.

So, I came home and looked Duffy up on the Itunes, not knowing the name of the song, but, figured it out and I dig me some Duffy. I’m sure I like it cause it has an Austin Powers/Quincy Jones-Soul Bossa Nova element to it…sorta retrow-bay-bay-yaaaaaaaaaaah.


Lordy have mercy….Patty Loveless has a new cd out of nothin’ but classic Country Twang and what I’ve heard of it so far…makes me want to slap my mama. Rarely do I look forward and wait for any album being released anymore, but, I’ve been a’waitin’ on this one.

So far, my favorite cut on Sleepless Nights is There Goes My Everything.  I’ve always loved that song to death.  It’s hard to beat Jack Greene’s original, but, Patty singing it makes me want to bawl my eyes out, it’s so good.  Every song choice on this cd is just perfect…If Teardrops Were Pennies, There Stands The Glass, Don’t Let Me Cross Over…just go get you a copy or download it.  Dad. Gum.

I am not being paid by Patty or her record company neither. I’m an obsessed fan is what I am.

It Once Was Lost But Now It’s Found

Found it.  It hurts like the dickens to wear it.  Almost as bad as when I first got it. Amazing how quick that stuff moves. I guess when you’ve been a certain way for 30 years, it’s kinda hard to change.

I spent ALL day yesterday awash in bones and muscles.  I hope it will help me get a decent grade on my Lab test Tuesday.  I want it known I have been to two, count ’em TWO, Open Labs this week. 

I think all this bone stuff is sinking in cause when I watched Jimmy Kimmel and Regis & Kelly’s Halloween shows last night, everytime they showed a skull, I didn’t think of it as a Halloween decoration.  I’m thinking “There’s the orbicularis oculi, maxilla, zygomatic, ” etc.  Skay-ree.

Mike reminded me the other day that I think it was Friday was 11 years since Eva Cassidy died.

Not live performance but you can hear her sing “Yesterday”. Whoa.