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I Kinda Liked This Monday…

I did something today I haven’t done in three months…I got up and went to work! I was a happy camper to have somewhere to go today. I did go off and forget to take my ADD medicine though and other than a headache, luckily, it didn’t affect me too bad since it was your typical, Orientation, where you mostly sit and listen. 

Thank ya all for your kind words, prayers and encouragement over the last few months. I especially want to thank my agent, His Sarcastic-ness

I’m in a Training class of 10 people.  I like to think of it like we were the Finalists ala American Idol.  It started out with some 350+ people applying for these positions.  It was narrowed and narrowed and according to HR Guy….we were the “Cream o’da Crop.”  Most of us victims of lay offs.  I am grateful indeed.  More than I can tell you.

So, I have to show you something great on a totally different subject matter (Did I mention I went to work today without taking my ADD medicine?)

  Now, I know I impress with my name-dropping and such. I love to brag about how I went to school with the likes of Ashley Judd, Jeff Cease (formerly of the Black Crowes, and now my newest oldest pal Eric…..well, I think my two teens have me  beat.


I did not know until this evening, that the Manchild and his sister are schoolmates of Cousin It’s grandson!  Black Crowes, movies…..pshaw!  That right there is just plain cool.



January 2, 1992  2:32 pm  My mothering career began with the birth of the most perfect baby/kid ever.


The only one of the grandkids my Dad lived to see.


He is a wonderful big brother, adored by both his sister and brother.  This last year, especially, has brought moments where he has showed his true character, not only to his sister, but, to his parents.

Behind the hair and sometimes stoic expression is a sweet, kind, sensitive, highly intelligent, very talented young man.  He’s probably going to fuss at me for putting this up here but I’m proud of him and glad to be his mom.

Happy Birthday-


Words ‘O Wisdom

The Manchild is having his wisdom teeth cut out today.  I don’t think I’ll be photographing and blogging this event. 

Then again, it might be fun to video him when he’s all loopy and stuff.

Me and my Shishter often talk about how we both loved having our wisdom teeth out.  If I could grow them back and do it again, I’d do it so I could have a couple days off and Mepergan. 

I started this post pre-Wisdectomy (I made that word up).  The MC did beautifully and we’ve spent the afternoon doing some heavy duty Mother/Son bonding over Wifeswap and videos like this:

The One Where The Manchild Dives For The Ball…And Missed

You know how you wake up in the morning to have your regular ol’ day…you are pretty happy that the humidity is low so YES! It’s a Good-Hair-Day-Tuesday.  You’re feeling right good about yourself and your future, life is good, heigh-ho, heigh-ho, it’s off-to-work-you-go?  It’s a productive morning, get lots done and you’re thinking “So, what will I do at lunchtime?” …..

Then you get a phone call telling you your kid has split his head open in PE class. You call the school and are told that 911 has been called, your kid is bleeding oh and be sure you get a plastic surgeon to do his sutures?  So much for a leisurely lunch time, eh?I’ve never had one of those kinds of phone calls before until today.

  Now, I’ve had kids get stitched up, (one with an unfortunate encounter with a merry go round, the other an encounter with bare feet and a rake) broken bones, (big toe and wrist) the Vapors, an ambulance ride, handed my not-yet-one year old-baby to a stranger to put him to sleep to put tubes in his ears, had the same baby about a year later, severely dehydrated, suffering from Rotavirus, in the hospital hooked up to IV’s for three days, rocked and held a feverish little one (and not so little) more times than I could possibly remember, sat in the bathroom in the middle of the night with the shower running, letting the steam clear a croupy cough, my 2 year old drink bleach, saw one of my kids nearly drown at 3 years old, an ER trip thinking one had appendicitis, been thrown up on, pooped on , peed on, all those things more times than I could begin to remember.  January 2 I will have been a parent 17 years.  I’ve done a lotta stuff, like every other parent has.

Something about hearing the numbers “911” in relation to your child, who is about 25 minutes away makes your heart just stop for a second.  Mine sure did today.  I waited at Hendersonville Hospital for a good 25 minutes before the ambulance arrived with the Manchild in tow.  I wasn’t even sure if they were bringing him there because the ER people hadn’t gotten a call, the office lady at Station Camp didn’t know if they took him there or to Sumner Regional.

Finally, the ambulance pulls up and I go over to the back, nervous, not totally knowing what I’m gonna see, kinda on the verge of tears, in total Talk-To-Jesus-Out-Loud mode…and they pull the Manchild out on the stretcher. 

Now, you gotta realize, I haven’t seen the Manchild wear anything except a black tshirt with some sort of band name on the front for probably two years and baggy blue jeans.  He had on his Gym shirt, which is gray and has his school name on the front and he had on shorts!  I forgot the boy had legs.  We also don’t live in the same house anymore.

So, he’s got on a totally different color than I’m accustomed to seeing, his head is wrapped in gauze, oxygen thingies up his nose, blood on him and I say something very motherly (and very sincere) like “Oh Tyler” and my firstborn child waves at me and says “Mom….I look like a retard.”

The Wellness Class (what happened to “Gym” or “PE?”) was playing “Flash Football.”  I don’t even know what that is.  A friend of mine asked me if that was when you run down the field and show your ass. I don’t know. I’m assuming it’s something akin to Flag Football.  They were inside the gym and Tyler went to dive for a catch and…well…he missed. 

He doesn’t remember the missed catch so that means he went to his Special, Happy Place for a moment.  He was pretty pale when he got to the hospital and he was chattering.  Tyler is a big talker but he’s usually very calm.  He was almost hyper.  I guess part of that was nerves, part of it mighta been a little shock…he was cracking me up though.

They ran him through the CAT scanner and that all came out fine.   A plastic surgeon looked at his boo boo and said that he narrowly missed hitting a major artery in his forehead as well as narrowly missed the muscle that controls the eyebrow movement.   4 cms with tissue and skull exposed.  Yee haw. The Manchild is fortunate all around and that is not lost on his Dad or myself. (There are more pictures on the Flickr over there but some are a little…ick so I wanted to be sensitive to my more sensitive readers)

 I got paper towels and washed his hands and face (first time he’s let me do anything for him like that since I can remember) and even though it was a crappy thing to have happen, I enjoyed getting to play Mommy to my big boy, even for just a minute.  (Enjoy is probably not the right word)   I couldn’t believe he wasn’t fighting me.  This boy likes to be independent.  I respect that and totally encourage him to take care of himself but it’s interesting how when your kid is sick or hurting. that mother instinct just kicks in.

The changes that have occurred in our family the last few weeks, the logistical changes, etc.  I don’t know…I’m glad he let me be Mom and do my job, even though when he first got in the room he said “Mom…I’m 16. I’m ok.”  After the EMT guy said something about how much he bled and that “that’s your Mom, man” it was ok for me to slip into that mode cause none of his buddies were around or nothing. 

All the stuff that’s gone on lately has been difficult for all of us.  It’s so important to me that Tyler knows that just because I’m at a different address (he chose to stay with his Dad) that I’m still his Mom and my love for him is no different.  I may not be a perfect mother, but, those kids are my heart.  Even big, tall and hairy like the Manchild is, he’s still my baby boy.

When we left the hospital, I hugged the Manchild and told him I loved him and was glad he was ok.  I decided when I moved that I have to start telling those kids every single day I love them.  They aren’t really warm/fuzzy/”I love you” saying kinda kids and I’m not so good at saying it but thats another thing about my life I’m trying to change.  Days like today are such a reminder that you don’t know from day to day, how your life can change in the drop of a football.

From Pasadena To Pascagoula

I was just reading Jag’s post about her weekend in LA.

Everytime I see the word “Pasadena” and especially “South” and “Pasadena” together, it makes me think of how my Dad used to call me “Sharon Rosena From South Pasadena” (Sharon Rose being my given name.) 

I saw the name “Pascagoula” on a weather map today and that’s another one of the phrases Dad would use in reference to me.  Sometimes, he’d say “Sharon Rose-oola From South Pascagoula.”

When I had my own kids, of course, I had to attempt the same sorta thing.  It was “Tyler Thomas-o From Southwest El Paso” and “Tara Rosita From South Escondido.”  Unfortunately for #2 (or maybe he was fortunate) I never came up with a twist on his first and middle names.  I wonder if he’ll end up on Oprah cause of that someday?

Lame, yes, but, it was always fun to say and even funner to hear Tyler and Tara as little people try to say it.  Tyler, with his lisp and Tara always said it perfect.

What’s Happenin’ Hot Stuff?

The Princess of All Thangs Of A Dramatic Nature was watching some show on the tv.  I recognized one of the men on there from Doogie Howser.  I think he played Doogie’s dad.  Anyway, this show looked like one of those 7th Heaven kinda shows (don’t tell nobody this, but, I got sucked into that show back when the aformentioned Princess was into that. Sheesh) with the perfect looking teenaged girls that you want to slap, right? 

I only turned to look at this thing for about 15 seconds, long enough to see Doogie’s dad and the woman playing the mom.  I liked to have had a duck when it dawned on me who was playing the MOM.

Do what?  Why’s Molly Ringwald playing a mom of teenagers, for the love of Long Duck Dong?  I mean, she just had her 16th birthday and everybody forgot it and….wait.  That was 1984, which would make that 24 years ago. 

I was totally trying to figure out how could it be that Molly Ringwald could be even portraying a mother of teens on the teevee.  I looked Molly up on the Google and she’s almost exactly a year to the day older than me, so, that means she’s 40.  Whoa.

Then I remembered I have a kid who will be 17 in January and another who will be 15 in about 2 weeks.

On top of that, the last couple days, I have spewed forth more Mom -sounding rhetoric to my teens than I can remember doing all at once. I have sounded very much like a grownup. (Scary) I mean, I am a parent of teenagers.  I know I probably shoulda been hit with this reality, oh, about 4 years ago when the Manchild crossed that threshold, and I guess I did.  I think given some circumstances flying around, there’s been a lot more reality checks of late.

What’s even scarier to me is that the Manchild is just a little over a year away from being a legal adult.  That means he’ll be able to vote.  He’ll be able to buy cigarettes if he so chooses (I hope that he doesn’t), he’ll have to register for the Draft or whatever they call it.

This navel-gazing moment was brought to you courtesy of Molly Ringwald.  Thanks a heap, Molly.

At Least They’re Consistent

I had to drop something off at the school office yesterday for the Manchild.

Incase you haven’t been inside a high school office lately….Office Ladies are still bitchy.  Nice to know some things never change.

Funny how at months away from my 40th birthday, walking into school office and being greeted so un-warmly by Office Lady…still makes me feel like I’ve done something wrong or that I need to get an Absent Slip cause I skipped school…again.