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Come and Listen In To The Radio Station…

I didn’t realize that the Intimate Evening With Stubby and the Grascals will be broadcast live on WSM and on XM radio.  Thanks to my pals at the Bluegrass Blog for that little tidbit. I’ll be listening.


The Homebody

Have I ever mentioned here about how I married, perhaps, the most anti-social person on the planet?  Well, I did.  He could go to a deserted island and live all alone, never seeing a soul again and he would not be bothered at all. As long as the deserted island had ESPN reception, he’d be good.

It’s not that he doesn’t like people. I think he’s got that shy, introverted, artist-type of thing happening.  He has to Shake ‘n Howdy all the time on the road, which he enjoys to a point.  When he gets home, he wants to hibernate, thus, we have no social life to speak of, at least together.  We are a weird couple that way.  I guess, to friends of mine, Mr. Smiff is somewhat of an elusive character that they see very rarely, on special occasions.  Not everybody is cut out to be married to this type of person.  It can be a lonely existence, for sure.

Then again, it’s kinda nice cause he never surprises me with dinner or houseguests or throws any sort of weird social situation at me.  My dad was always springing people on my poor mother.

We had an invite for a New Year’s gathering.  I really wanted to go.  One, it sounded like fun.  Two, once the new year starts, so will Mr. Smiff’s busy calendar.  The Revolving Grascal Door will start swinging.  It was a nice idea to go out to a gathering on New Year’s like normal people do.   But. …He wanted to stay home.  He said he wanted a “nice, quiet evenig at home.”  I reminded him every night he’s home is a nice, quiet evening at home.  It would’ve been neat to actually, like, go out, me and him for a change.

I don’t think he sees it from that point of view at all.  He’s not trying to be a selfish, it’s-all-about-me ass.  He’s a homebody, plain and simple.  Still, it aggravates me and I wish we were going to that party.

Come On Down…

The alarm clock went off this morning.  It was on WSM.  Bill Cody said something about “An Evening With The Grascals and Eddie Stubbs.”  First I’d heard about a romantic evening between them and Senor Stubbs. 

A little later, they put this guy on the air and asked him trivia questions.  This ol’ boy was on his way to work and he answered them all correctly and his prize?  An Evening With The Grascals.  Heh.  That made me laugh very loudly at such an early hour.  “Listen to that”, I said to Sleeping Beauty Mr. Smiff.  “That guy’s prize is he gets to come see you. What a lucky feller.”  Har har. I don’t think Mr. S. thought it was that funny but lordy, I sure did. Imagine that.  Some hard-working feller calls in to WSM on his way to work and he wins an evening with Mr. Smiff, Bobo, Boo, and the whole Hee Haw Gang.  Hys. Ter.I. Cal.

You too could be the lucky winner of an evening with The Grascals.  Go here and see how.

Your Sista will probably have to miss said evening with The Grascals.  That’s the day of the Endo Zap of ’08.  I’m hoping to be loaded up on some sort of narcotic or something similar.  If not, maybe they’ll let me in.

Kennedy Center Honors

The Kennedy Center Honors thing tonight was absolutely fabulous. Earl Scruggs dashing new look, plus, he and Randy doing a little bit of a soft shoe in honor of Steve Martin was just the shizz. Loved it.

The tribute to Brian Wilson….like buttah. The boys choir at the end singing “Love and Mercy” with the beach balls floating about…whoever thought of that deserves a raise.

I love Steve Carell. I think I have a crush on him and Randy Scruggs. And Darius Rucker. And Steve Martin.

Speaking of Scruggs Love, I rented a dvd off Netflix last week. It’s a documentary from 1972 that aired on PBS on Earl. It has clips of him, Randy, Gary, and Steve playing with Doc Watson, Joan Baez, The Byrds, Bob Dylan, an Opry performance….it’s some kinda wonderful.

You know, one of me and Mr. Smiff’s first dates was at the Scruggs house. June of 1989…Glen Duncan (who plays fiddle in this Letterman clip and played in our wedding that December) was there…Charlie Cushman….Alison Brown…some Japanese guys…and there I was, sitting with Louise and meeting my future mother in law, brother in law, sister in law and nephew for sorta kinda the first time. It wasn’t really the first time I met them, but, under those circumstances, it was. Pretty beezar. There is video somewhere of that little pickin’ soiree. Good times.

Here’s the guest list from the White House reception after the Kennedy Center tho’down.

Favorite Picture Ever


On Mary’s Lap…

I hate the memory card ran out only 30 seconds into the thing Mr. Smith, the Manchild, the Holy Tara and I did this morning at the choich.   However, you can hear my Holy Tara’s angelic sounding voice a little bit so listen…

Bug Bites

Well…I think it’s safe to say that the two eldest Smiff Kids have been officially bitten by the Bug.  You know what Bug I’m talking about.  The Bug that bit their Daddy many years ago.  It bit me, but, I was too scared to scratch the itch, so to speak.

First, the Holy Tara, who had filled in for the girl who was supposed to do the solo with the kids, did the solo in the performance.  Katie, the girl who was to have done it originally, is a veteran performer.  She’s worked professionally on recordings and other things since she was a wee girl.  That Katie, when she heard that Tara did the solo so well, told her she should do it.  I thought that was pretty wonderful and selfless of Katie. 

Tara sounded even better last night than she did at rehearsal Saturday.  I had already done my initial boo-hoos at rehearsal.  This was the first time Mr. Smiff had heard it.  Both of her grandmothers were present and both grandmothers were appropriately taken and awed by their grandaughter as were her Uncle and Aunt.  I so wish her Knoxville Aunt and Uncle could’ve been there to hear her. 

Now, I don’t know for sure, because I was not sitting right next to him when the Holy Tara graced the microphone, but, I was a little concerned that it might totally get away with him and him not be able to do his bass thing.  He’s a pro and continued on, proud Daddy he was.

The premise of this presentation was based on “A Prairie Home Companion.”  My friend (and now pastor!) Matt Tullos wrote the thing and it was executed beautifully by some very talented people….props to Loren, Aaron, Hope, Duane, Ben, Rachel, and Skeeter.  It was very loose and very fun.  Not your standard, stuffy, Christmas “cantata”.

I was pretty tickled to be able to be part of the Drummer Boy with Janice and Holly.  Holly is a Junior in High school and a very talented young lady.  I taught her in Sunday School when she was in kindergarten and I have a neat connection with her family.

Before Holly’s dad was married to Janice, long ago he was married to another lady and had two girls.  His daughter, Kelly, was my good friend in 3rd and 4th grade.  I used to spend the night at their house.  Wild we ended up in the same church on the other end of town so many years later.

It really was a thrill and a blessing to play with Mr. Smiff and two of our kids.  The Manchild did a bang up job on his guitar break and it was pretty meaningful to all of us.  I hope we get to do it again.

I made an attempt to have it videoed.  My camera….was working fine Saturday.  I went to use it yesterday and the LCD screen was very faint and the video I had somebody do came out as “file error”.  I remembered why and how I ruined this camera.  I ain’t telling. Somebody videoed it and hopefully we’ll be able to have a copy.