A follow up to the “I -Didn’t-Make -My- Bed- Yesterday-Surely-the-Lord-Is-About-To-Bust-Through-The-Clouds story from yesterday….there’s a little anecdote to this; an “Epilogue” if you will. It could actually work as a If You Give A Mouse A Cookie” story.

To backtrack, I actually started to make my bed and I was trying to do it whilst brushing my teeth.  There are a number of reasons it’s never a good idea to brush ones teeth whilst trying to make your bed. 

The biggest reason is if you are like me, you will sneeze in the middle of it.  Then, what happens is toothpaste flies out of your mouth and onto the pretty, red comforter and leaves big ol’ toothpaste spots.  Thus, leaving you disgusted, thinking it’s a typical Monday, and I’m running late, screw the bed-making, it will be ok.

So, when I got home yesterday afternoon, I thought I’d be really smart and throw my pretty, red comforter in the wash and get those big ol’ toothpaste marks off (in celebration of my newly found Felix Unger-icity and all, ya know). 

I had washed the Pretty Red Comforter once before and it did fine. 

Apparently. something went amiss in the warsher. 

I see the little red circles and that tells me that it was actually a dryer mishap.  Even so, it makes my Inner Felix very angry.  (My Inner Felix can either be the Jack Lemmon version or the Tony Randall version. I want the Jack version because of that sinus-problem noise he made.  Did Tony do that? Can’t remember)