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Shake It Down-FGF

Feelin’ good on a Friday with a blast from the proverbial past with The Commodores.

Lionel Richie DID have a great afro, didn’t he?

You know how some songs make you think of certain people? This one always makes me think of Mitch.  I can just see the teenaged Mitch, sitting in his parents car in our driveway, this song on the radio and him gittin’ it.  I NEVER hear this that I don’t think of him.  Heh.

Yuck Sweet Yuck

Me and #2 have had a lovely lil’ evening. We went to the Cracker Barrel before going to see Bedtime Stories (LOVE IT).

Ran into old friends the Peasalls and their rather large brood of offspring, which now includes a son in law!  (Thing #232 this week that has made me feel elderly.  Sheesh. I was at Mike & Sally’s wedding!)

Upon checking out, I remembered I needed to get me one of those car air freshener thingies that Yankee Candle makes.  I washed the ‘Stang today (dang, that’s a purty car) and wanted some smelly-good stuff for it.

Usually, I get the Clean Cotton air freshener or the one that smells like Leather cause neither one is very overpowering.  I like smelly good stuff but I don’t like it to knock me prostrate when I catch a whiff of it, ya know?

What in the name of fresh air made me decide to get the “Home Sweet Home” scent?  I’ve had that candle before and it smells ok, however, the car air freshener?  Not so much.

The ‘Stang is all shiny and purty and looking oh-so-good, but the inside smells like cough syrup. 

When we left the movie, I still had my “medium” drink (which was about the size of a jug of milk) and every sip tasted like Creomulsion for Children because of that dang air freshener.  Makes me gag just thinking about it. 

It don’t smell like any home I’ve ever lived in, unless you count when we’d get sick when we were little.  Mom gave us the different colored Triaminic.  If memory serves, the orange Triaminic was not so bad, but the YELLOW?  I can taste that stuff now.  Ew. If I were to smell that stuff now, I’d go running for my life.

The smell of Vicks Vapo Rub, to this day, makes me want to gag and be scared all at the same time.  Because of that, I never used that stuff on my kids when they’d get sick. 

I remember being reeeeallly little, being sick and that old vaporizer we had that was LOUD running, and that Vicks crap all over me.   And that Creomulsion cough syrup bottle that had those two, happy looking kids on the bottle??  Obviously, they weren’t sickly and hadn’t had that crap forced down their mouths or they wouldn’t have been so happy looking!

The Night Before The Night Before Christmas…

I don’t know what I was thinking this evening when I had this thought:

“I think I’ll just run into Wal Mart.”

It was when I walked into the Rivergate Wal Mart on Christmas Eve Eve that I was reminded of a couple things:

I really have been a little “detached” from Christmas shopping this year. I’ve done some but not like I’ve done in years past.  That’s one of the pluses about the kids being older.  Teens have more expensive wishes, but, as a rule, it requires much less “put-togetherness”. 

Had I not been so detached from the Shoppingpalooza, I would have thought better than to go into Wal Mart at 7:00 on the 23rd of December.  Baaaaad choice.

The Rivergate Wal Mart IS the Armpit and Groin Lent of Nashville-Never in my life have I smelt as strong an odor of cigarette smoke and seen more women in DIRE need of root touchups, poor grammar, baggy britches….it’s good in ‘da hood, boys and girls.

This whole holiday season has been a plethora of visiting with old friends.  I got to visit a little bit today with my good friend from 3rd and 4th grade, Kelly and loved seeing her and her kids. 009

Look at her beautiful, blue eyes, y’all.  I had forgotten how blue her eyes were.   (Note to self…scan photos of Dance Recital in 1978 in which Kelly and I both wore heinous costumes to give readers a REALLY good belly laugh)

Kelly gave me this Woodstock Christmas ornament in 1979 and it has hung on my Christmas tree every year since.  It’s made of some sort of ceramic and I’m really surprised it hasn’t broken in all these years.  One of my favorite ornaments. 


Stuff like getting to visit with Kelly today are the things I love most about Christmas.  Forget the standing in line at Wal Mart and busting your bank account….for me, besides the whole Jesus’ Birthday thing, it’s about getting to visit with the Kelly’s in our lives and remembering.

I went out to Cool Springs tonight for a gathering of people who went to Brentwood and Franklin High Schools (thank you for organizing, Paige!) courtesy of Facebook. 

I ran into a kid I have not seen since probably 6th grade. 


 Donald and I were in Elementary school together all the way through, but, I remember him being in my  5th grade class, especially.   I told him that one of my most warmest, fuzziest memories of childhood, (back when life was good, before the dreaded Puberty Monster hit, before cancer, car accidents came and I got hip to realities of life ) was at Christmas that year, our entire class went to Donald’s house and then went caroling. 

 Donald’s mom was one of these just fabulous, June Cleaver kinda moms, and that evening is one of those things I’ve always remembered and often wished I could escape back into.  He had no recollection of the event at all, but,  I told him to be sure and tell his Mama I’ve always remembered being in her home at Christmastime. 

THAT is the kinda feeling I’ve always tried to create at Christmas with my own family.  Just like what was in my home, especially those last few days before Christmas.   Warm, fuzzy, magical…the lights all seem to have a different glow. 

I’m praying that my kids, even though this Christmas has found our lives rearranged and different…I hope there is still some of that element for them.

Facebook, How I Love Thee

I’m all up in this Facebook thing, right? Every week, I’m running across yet another kid that i remember little details about that they don’t even remember themselves.  It’s a fun way to waste time.

I was chatting on the FB chatter thingy with my longtime peep, the infamous Murrey Gropp.  (Murrey, you need to start a blog…I mean, serrusly) Murrey was telling about his prom date.  I wanted more details so ol’ Mur’ rings me up and we had us a little reunion ala TMobile.  I guess we talked for an hour. 

 Oh gosh, Murrey had me howling talking about this kid and that one but the funniest story…he was talking about this particular kid we grew up with.  He asked if I knew where Kid was.  I said I didn’t, HOWEVER, I had been talking to his big sis on Facebook.  (Said Kid’s identity will remain anonymous to protect the…innocent…or something like that). 

I told Murrey that Said Kid’s dad had passed away some years ago and he told of how he and Kid used to hang out a lot and when he was real young, he’d spend the night over there.  Kid’s dad apparently had a penchant for Vodka and water and would get loaded and talk to the boys like they was hanging out in a truckstop.  He’d call them “Little F#$%ers.”

So maybe thats not “funny” but then, it is hilarious to me.  My parents never did nothing funny like that.  All my dad did was play “Auld Lang Syne” on this trumpet on New Year’s and “Stars and Stripes Forever” on the 4th of July.  I’m glad he didnt get intoxicated and cuss at my friends. 

I ran across this picture on the profile of another former Brentwood Bruin and I hope he doesn’t mind me putting it up here….totally made me laugh very loudly and be amused.


I’m so jealous.  I want a picture like Robby’s got!

A Long Time

This Thanksgiving weekend has been a plethora of viztin and I have thoroughly dug every bit of it.

Today, I got to do some viztin with my very oldest friend. I haven’t seen her for 15 years and I’m so glad I got to spend a little time today with her, her husband and children and her parents.

You know how some people you can go a billion years without seeing and then you see them and it’s like time never stopped? That’s how I felt today. I haven’t seen Terri Leigh’s daddy in 20 something years but it was like it hadn’t been 5 minutes. He wasn’t even around a lot when we were kids because he worked a lot.  Yet, her mama and daddy’s faces are some of those stamped in my memory nearly as much as my own parents. 

Terri Leigh and I met when we were 4 years old when her family moved in the house behind us. We were joined at the hip til we were about in 7th or 8th grade. We went in different directions and have had some email contact in recent years but haven’t seen each other til today.


It takes a long time to grow an old friend.  ~John Leonard

If They Don’t Edit Me Out…

I almost forgot about this, but, I’m gonna be on tv this week.  Yeah, yeah….my glamorous life has taken me straight to public televison.

I kid, but, I am kinda excited to see the WNPT special Memories of Opryland this Sunday.  Not just cause oprylandpreviewcoversmall-350wI’m in it (I dread seeing myself on tv…I bet I look and sound like a dork) but cause I loves me some Opryland and am STILL not over it not being there anymore.

I gave them some bits of home movies to use and a photo or two.  All of that came in the middle of when I was moving so I didn’t get them the photos I would’ve liked.  I had such a great time the day I went and did the interview.  Justin Harvey about had to shut me up.  The cameraman had to keep telling me to to not look at him and answer questions.  HA.  I’m so sophisticated.

Elementary School Musical

I had the funnest lunch today.  I met Tom and Jarod…two guys I went to elementary school, junior high and part of high school with.  Haven’t seen them in probably 23-24 years.

The bizarre thing….it was like it hadn’t been a few months.  Yeah, we’re grownups now and all that but it was so bizarre how both of these guys really haven’t changed a bit.  It was a bit surreal.

Both guys are very up on where everybody is…especially Jarod.  He knew that this one guy runs the Lenscrafters at the mall…another guy owns a Meineke store….one guy is a lawyer….he knows where everybody is. Tom is pretty up on it too.

Both guys are real estate people…Jarod is in the frickin’ Rotary Club and goes to our old elementary school and reads to the kids.  I would so love to do that.  Let me in that Rotary Club. (Tom…send me a link if you got a website.)

I’ve mentioned ou rold classmate Sam Huffman here before….I liked to have fell outta my chair when Tom was talking about how Sam is an airline pilot for American or one of those carriers.  Sam was a MESS in school.  I mean, that poor kid was in trouble ALL the time.  He was such a brilliant kid, the teachers didnt know what to do with him.   He was bored in school, no doubt.  Anyway, he was no stranger to Jesse Frank’s paddle.  

Tom said he’d shit his pants if he was on a plane and the voice that came over the speaker said “This is your Captain…Sam Huffman, speaking.”  I thought I was gonna when he said that.  I swear.  I’d demand to be let off the plane!  

 Nah, I wouldn’t….just hard to imagine that little kid being responsible for guiding an enormous machine like that through the friendly skies.  He couldn’t stay in his seat when he was younger.  Wild.  Dang, I’d love to see ol’ Sam….oh Sam…..(I actually heard from him a couple years ago when he found himself on this here blog)

We all agreed how fortunate we were to grow up where we did at the time we did.  The days when Brentwood was a close-knit community where everybody knew everybody.  There’s something wonderful about shared memories with people like that.  It’s a unique bond.  I hope we get to hang out some more and add some others to the mix. 

One of the cool things about working where I work now…



This has just been the most laid back weekend I can remember having in ages.  Because Payday is not til Tuesday, that means I am broke, thus, I can’t go do anything wild and crazy.  Even so, I’m glad I’m in poverty the last few days.  I’ve been hanging around the house so much, I’m finding myself thinking “I need to go to work.”  Yikes.

I spent today going through photos.  I’m trying to find photographs of Opryland for this groovy documentary that Justin Harvey and his cronies over at WNPT are doing for an upcoming special, that I believe, is set to air in December.    Did I even tell y’all Justin interviewed me for that?   Well, he did and it was so much fun.  I coulda sat there all day talking about Opryland. 

Anyway, why is it, I know of umpteen photographs in the Collie Collection that exist of us at Opryland, (including me, my mom and Sandra on the Tram the first day the park opened), but, because I need them for something (and quickly) I can’t find them?  Why does this happen?

I did find CLC‘s birthday present from a year and a half ago though.  I ain’t telling what it is…he can tell it later oncest he gets it in his posession.  Two separate occasions I was going to give it to him, but, couldn’t find it.  I texted him and said “We need to hook up so I can give this to you before I lose it again.” 

I had found a bunch of slides for Justin and them.  This was before I moved…even put the Opryland ones (including my favorite one of my late Uncle Huey P. Duncan riding the Sky Ride and some other dandies…the day I went to interview with Justin, that plastic bag I put the slides in disappeared. I have looked high and low and those things have fallen off the face of the earth and it makes me mad. 

What will happen is all these home movie videos, slides and photos will magically appear the day after the thing airs.  You watch.

I tell you one thing…I would love to do what Justin does.  Justin has been the man behind those other, wonderful specials WNPT has put together in recent years

I’m a nut for documentaries anyway…on anything.  That series POV that airs on PBS is just fabulous.  Look for Calavera Highway.  When I tell you that is one of the best documentaries that’s ever been done, you must believe me.  That one and Lomax The Song Hunter are my favorite documentaries I’ve seen lately.

All my documentary watching of late (I’ve always dug em) has got me thinking I would so love to make a documentary on something.  I think I have all the junk required to be a Documenta-matrix.  If I had the first clue how to start something like that, I’d be all over it. 

Anyway…this whole thing started me saying how much I’ve dug the last three days being around my Special Happy Place “piddlin”.  And I’ve done shared a secret fantasy. 

Good grief…some of my kinfolks alone would be docu-fodder.  Maybe Ill get around to it.

Let’s Do What We Dare, Do What We Like…

People make fun of me for reading the Obituaries.  I don’t know why I do it.  It’s just something I’ve done since I was about 10.  I figure it has something to do with that side of me that loves history. 

It’s not unusual for me to see a familiar name and recognize it as somebody I went to school with’s mother or something or some other aquaintance or the relative of somebody I used to work with, etc. 

I love the obituaries that are very detailed and tell about the person, what they did for a living, who their Mama was and what their dog’s name was.

Today though, I’m scanning through the names to see if I recognize any of them and dang if I did.  I was hoping it would be somebody else with the same name, but, I kept reading and it said “Brentwood, TN-40 years old….” Damn. 

Ashley Duncan and I were the same age.  In the same grade.  Rode the same bus.  He (the first guy I ever knew with the name “Ashley”) He lived a hop, skip and a jump from me in Twin Springs (seems like they lived in the second house…I know…Rainman strikes again).

Ashley was one of those kids that stood out.  He was tall, (as tall as you can be in 6th grade) very cute and I remember had a really outgoing personality.  Seems like lots of the little girls at Lipscomb had crushes on him. 

I remember Ashley had a couple of brothers and a little sister.  They were one of those families where all the kids were cute, like they could be on tv cute. 

I don’t think Ashley went with us to Northside (now Brentwood Middle School) and Brentwood High School.  Maybe he did and I just don’t remember. I don’t know where he went after that, but, I can see him as plain as day.  The picture they had in the paper of him was EXACTLY how I remember him looking 25 years ago.

I actually thought of Ashley last week when I was over in Brentwood doing my job interview.  I rode by my old house and I thought of him as I turned into Hallbrook and saw Twin Springs Dr. , just past Concord Rd. Church of Christ.  One of those passing thoughts…”wonder whatever happened to him?”

I was pretty sad to read in the obituary that one of his brothers preceded him in death.  Also sad that Ashley leaves a daughter and a fiance and a bunch of nieces and nephews (from his younger brothers and sister! Wow). 

One of the things about seeing this death notice that grabbed me, besides remembering Bus 44 and being very sad for this family…was where it said “Age 40″. That used to seem far away. For me, it’s a few months away.

I emailed my bestest childhood friend, Terri Leigh (haven’t seen her in 15 years but we keep in touch by email some) to see if she had heard about Ashley. She and Ashley used to have a Thang for each other way back when.

I told Terri Leigh that we need to gather up Melanie (our other goodest childhood friend) and celebrate our 40th birthdays. I suggested that we have a slumber party like we used to do on our birthdays. Gawsh…I’ll have to find pictures of my 8th birthday slumber party and put them up here.

***I emailed some of my peeps from Lipscomb days and Murrey Gropp….oh lordy…even middle aged, he’s still hysterical…he said “One day, all that will be left is you, me, cockroaches and Keith Richards.”  Murrey always was one to throw comic relief to cut through sad stuff.  Made me spew Diet Dt. Pepper.  HAHAHAHA

Shut Up

I love Facebook.  I love that in the last month, I’ve reconnected with a ton of people I haven’t even as much as given a teeny thought to since Reagan was in office. 

Today, my fellow former Franklin Rebel/Band Geek Denise was so precious and stuck this lovely photo on the Facebook. 

I’ll sit here and wait whilst you have yourself a nice belly laugh. 

The thing that jumps out at me…is not the little blonde whatever that is on the top of my head (shut up, that was my Rosanne Cash phase when she was in the “I Don’t Know Why You Don’t Want Me” period.  That’s not what’s so mortifying to me.  Nor is it the teeth.  It’s the eyebrows.  That was when I only pulled them sometimes and when I did, my eyes would water.  I didn’t know about wax yet.  Nice contour, don’t you think?

Shut up.  I was hot.

Now I have to search and see if I have a picture of Denise and her French Horn.

Random Saturday-Ness

I thoroughly enjoyed having a house full of giggly girls at my house last night.  I’ve known most of them since they were little and the other two girls, Kelsey and Morgan, are just two of the sweetest kids around.  I’m glad the DQ has some good friends like them.
When the Manchild was younger, he loved that show Courage The Cowardly Dog on Cartoon Network.  I remember one time he was watching it and he was saying “Mom, you have to see this” and I was all “Oh puh-leeeeaze” but I watched it anyway to humor my kid.  I ended up nearly wetting my pants laughing cause that is one funny show. (It was the one where the goose fell in love with Muriel). 

I hadn’t seen Courage in ages until today.  #2 was watching it and I swear, Courage and Eustis were just plain killin’ me.

I can’t profess the same affection for Cartoon Network’s Total Drama Island.  That show makes me curse.

Ricky Gervais was on Letterman last night.  Ricky and the Gentleman Formerly Known As My Boss remind me a ton of each other.  ‘Cept the GFKAMB isn’t British.  Ricky G. is a funny man.  The GFKAMB is also a funny man.  I’m not sure what it is but, yeah. (That phrase sounds like something the Drama Queen would say…but yaaah)

I for real thought that Gary Tuchman was gonna die live on television last night trying to show us just how powerful Hurricane Ike’s winds were.  I bet Anderson Cooper would be really pissed off if somebody else dies live on the air before he does.  I did think millions of people were gonna witness ol’ Gar’ getting his arse blowed to Glow-ry right there in front of our eyes though.

I texted Cuzzin Sharon in Houston to see if she had evacuated and she hadn’t.  She texted me early this morning and said that she had the windows open and she was reading a book and sorta enjoying the whole thing.  The funny thing is I remember when Hurricane Alicia hit Houston back in the early 80′s, Sharon telling of sitting on her back porch, reading a book.  I’ve never known Cuzzin Sharon to be without a book.

 I should start reading again. I used to read a lot but somewhere along the turn of the century, my ability to sit down and read a book went out the window.  I mean, I can still read but, I got to where I would skim through and not really read stuff.  Maybe I should try again.  Donna was talking about some Henry David Thoreau book yesterday that sounded interesting.  Note to self….two words Library Card.

I didn’t do nary a thing today and it was really nice to do nary a thing.  I did get a haircut but I didn’t get cullah put on so it didn’t take long. I didn’t feel like I had something I needed to be doing and there was something about that that was just a good feeling.  I haven’t felt that in years and years.

It ocurred to me while I was out and about a little bit ago that I’m now residing in the same area I resided in when I first married in 1989.  This area has grown a bit but there are still things here that were here then, like the Kroger I used to go to as a newlywed and the laundromat we used to to go to before we had a washer and dryer.  Something about that is a little ironic.  Started my grown up life in this little area and it’s like the second round of my grown-up life is beginning in the same spot.  Kinda bizarre.  Not really, but, it gives me pause.

Charlie Walker

Back in the early 70′s. the Collie’s went to visit the Charlie Walker’s at their home in Hendersonville.  My sister and I were little girls and we were standing at the top of the stairs, fighting over a doll when suddenly, Sandra sailed down the big ol’ staircase, rendering her unconscious momentarily.  (I think.)

Every SINGLE time I saw Charlie Walker for the rest of his life, be it at the Opry or the last time I saw him a year ago Easter at the Springhouse at the Brunch (Charlie was a big golfer) he would ask me “Now, were you the one that fell down my stairs?”  Heh. Nope. Still wasn’t me, Cholly.

Charlie’s passing today in Hendersonville is quite a bittersweet one.  (Here she goes…her Dad and Charlie) Yep…Dad and Charlie went all the way back to their very beginnings in radio in San Antonio, Texas.  In fact, most of my family in San Antonio knew Charlie and some of his older children (the man was fruitful and multiplied, folks.  To the tune of 10 kids, ranging in age now from upper 50′s to young adult. One of his girls was a professional basketball player and I believe, was, and may still be, a commentator for the WNBA).  Charlie and Biff were born the same week, actually, and now that Charlie’s gone, there’s only one or two of his contemporaries left, meaning the guys that started in radio around about the same time and were good, good buddies til Dad died in 1992.   T. Tommy’s gone…Joe Allison, Tom Perryman is still alive and kicking and on the air in Tyler, Texas. 

Charlie was a radio man, but, he was the voice behind one of my favorite hardcore, country records ever…this one right here. I wonder how many times in my life I saw Charlie Walker go on the Opry stage and sing this Harlan Howard gem? More times than I can count.

I Called It

It isn’t gonna shock anybody for me to express how I am not political.  I don’t care a thing about politics.  I don’t care what side of the fence you stand on.  I don’t like to watch those shows where they argue across a table about stuff (and seem to have a whopping good time doing it).  I don’t care what color my President is, whether he/she be green, fuschia or periwinkle.  I don’t care about politics.

However, I love History and anything pertaining to it. (Except for a few eras that are just boring to me) Because I love History, I like to catch a peek at things like the Democratic National Convention and will peek for a second at the Republican Convention. 

I distinctly remember the night Barack Obama came out and gave the Keynote address at the 2004 Convention.  Me, the unpolitical one remember, said to my husband, “That guy is going to be our first black President and I bet it will happen in 2008.”  I don’t think I’d ever seen him before that.  Maybe I had, but, this was the first time I remember him long enough that he caught my deficited attention.

This is not necessarily an endorsement.  I’m not sure I like His Barack-ness yet.  I’m not sure I like Paw Paw McCain neither.  I think Joe Biden’s son is rather handsome though.

That’s Strawwwwwwwww

You can’t get any better with Friday Fun than with Sesame Street

I was always bothered as a kid by the king losing his teeth in that clip.

Ixnay on the Eedo-Spays

This Olympic thing has me dazzled.  I mean, Michael Phelps…he’s a freak of nature.  I heard them say he is double jointed at the knees?  Say what?  He’s something else to watch.  All those swimmers are like tadpoles.

I can’t look at Bob Costas now without laughing.  He used to be cute as a bug.  Newscoma and CLC have done ruint me on Bob Costas.

When I first turned the Olympics on last night, I saw two dudes on a platform doing synchronized diving. What. The. Hell? That mess spooked me. I don’t know why, but, I was so highly disturbed by it, I had to text CLC about it. I thought at first I was watching some sort of Olympic parody, kinda like the above clip, that 20-something years later, still causes me to nearly wet my pants laughing. “I’m not that STRONG of a swimmer.” HAHAHAHAHA


One of the little synchronized diver fellers even reminded me of Martin Short in that clip. Had that same, just-out-of-the-mental-institution look which was further confirmed that it was a nutty sport by the way the commentator was explaining why the synchronized divers get out of the pool and go stand under the shower. Something about how the pool water is colder and the shower water warms their muscles up, which is all valid and understandable. Then, Commentator said something about how the divers also “like to just have fun in the shower.” I dunno. Synchronized Diving is going to give me nightmares. It’s just creepy.

CLC texted back saying they had just seen a Russian guy do an “unintentional can-opener”. Can you imagine years of training, all the travel to get to frickin Beijing and you get up there and do a Cannonball into the water? Lordy mercy. That musta made Putin and all the rest of the gang proud to be Russians, dontchya know? Poor guy.

And speaking of guy swimmers…I’m hoping that the kinda suits those guys are wearing now (which I dig) will inspire men everywhere to ditch the Speedos cause you know, it’s just wrawng for most people to even think of wearing one. That will be news to a coupla middle aged dudes that go to my YMCA but I hope it will inspire those two to retire their Speedos.


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