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I meant to say something about this earlier…Brother In Law Smiff is playing a solo gig down at the Station Inn to commemorate the release of his new cd Five Flat RocksI’m pretty pumped to see the BIL’s outfit perform.  Oh…the BIL’s name is Billy Smith.  He’s a fabulous songwriter, performer and all around dude.  The music commences at 9 o’clock.

Maybe he’ll tell the story of carrying Bill Monroe’s teeth to the dentist or one of his other tales.  He’s got some doozies.

Here’s a clip of the signature title as done by the Del McCoury Band.  I do think that of all the millions (ok not millions) of songs Billy has written, that this one is one of my favorites.  I believe it was co-written with my sister in law Marilyn and her former…never mind…it’s complicated.  Great song.  Come see Billy if you aint got nothing else going on.



Mayberry Days

Mr. Smiff and them taped their thing on the John Boy & Billy Show today and it will air this Friday…September 28.  Go here to see if you can hear it on your very own radio in your own neck of the woods.  If not, I’m sure you can hear it online. 

Mr. S knew he was going to meet James Best and Betty Lynn…he also hung out with Maggie Peterson, who we all maggie.jpgknow better as Charlene Darling. 

 He enjoyed chatting with Betty (aka Thelma Lou) about betty-lynn.jpgvarious movies (old movie buffs are prone to do that sorta thing when in presence of people such as this) that she appeared in in her 50 something year career.  One he asked her about was “June Bride” that she appeared in with Robert Montgomery (Elizabeth’s dad) and Bette Davis.  Can you imagine sitting with a sweet little old lady who just happened to have worked with Bette Davis?!?!?! That’s one of those things that just doesn’t happen everyday.

 Before being sweet on Barney Fife, she was in the original Cheaper By The Dozen with Clifton Webb.  Good thing I wasn’t there.  Ol’ Betty woulda been saying “Get this crazed savant movie fan away from me!” 

The Mr. mentioned another actress who appeared on Andy Griffith that participated in this little function today.  He couldn’t remember her name.  Described her as “The woman in the ‘How Are You Missus Wy-lee’ episode that Ernest T. kept picking up.”  Oh.  Of course.  “That would be Jackie jackiejoseph1.jpgJoseph.  She used to be married to Ken Berry” I said.  She is one of those really familiar faces you’ve seen on tv all your life.  Look here at all the stuff she’s been in.  WHY do I know these things?   Surely there is therapy for this sorta thing.

One of the things Mr. Smiff noted about James Best (aka Roscoe, Jim Lindsey) is that even though he’s an older, somewhat frail-ish gentleman, when that red light went on, so did he. He was impressed with that. 

All of this craziness goes along with the annual Mayberry Days festival going on this week in Mt. Airy, NC.  Now that the Grascals are officially affiliated with the Mayberry bunch (thank you, Mayberry’s Finest) , they get to participate in cool stuff like this.  For my Mista, this is utter heaven.  Too bad I have to work and stuff, or I’d hightail it over to Mt. Airy.

Mr. Smiff Meets Roscoe

Because I was busy dining with my good friends Busy Mom and CLC, I missed a phone call from Mr. Smiff telling two important things:

One…#2 went to the dentist.  No cavities.  That is a miracle upon miracles.

Two…Mr. Smiff and Uncle Bobo (aka Terry Eldredge) will appear on the John Boy and Billy Show next Wednesday (September 26) and it’s not necessarily to sing.  I think they’ll play music from their cds (I think this is correct) but they’re going to have both Terry’s facing off in an Andy Griffith Trivia contest.  This is the cool part….Terry Eldredge’s partner will be Betty Lynn aka “Thelma Lou” and my Terry’s partner will be James Best aka Roscoe P. Coltrane and Jim Lindsey.  (I’m pretty good at Mayberry trivia but didn’t know til about 5 minutes ago that Jim Lindsey and Roscoe were the same guy. Der. In my defense, I was not a Dukes of Hazard viewer)

Check your local listings to see when JB & B are on in your area.  This should be fun.  Mr. Smiff almost had a twinge of excitement in his voice when telling it.  Almost.

Oh and B-Mo and Cee…I found my extra cool cd I burned this morning.  Where was it?  Still in the car. 

Dig If You Will

bus.jpgHow bout the new Grascal-Mobile?(Click to embiggen)  As Andy would say “It’s niiiiiiiiice.”  Be listening/watching  for commercials all across the U S of A in the very near future and more importantly, be watching for Mayberry’s Finest in your grocery store and buy lots of it. 

Mr. Smiff has been traveling the highways and bi-ways for 30 years.  He’s ridden in cars, RV’s, vans, many vehicles that have broken down a lot, the Osborne Bus, and just about every type of vehicle you can imagine.  It’s about time he traveled in style.

*Thanks Marcela for the picture.  I still haven’t gotten to see it in person yet.