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I Know You Are But What Am I

I think I know who mighta stolen Lance Armstrong’s bike


Go Rebels

Normally, I don’t give a flying flip about high school sports. I might ask one of the kids if Station Camp won or lost or whatever, but, other than that…it’s not something on my radar.

However, I’m kinda pumped that my old high school and these peoples old high school is in the State Championship this weekend.  I did not know that Franklin High School has never won a state championship in 100 years of schoolin’ the coolest kids in Williamson County.

If I had my cymbals, I’d do my little cymbal part in the FHS fight song.

Michael Rowed

I coulda cried for poor little Alicia Sacramone last night.  First, she fell off the balance beam when she mounted on the thing and then in the Floor Exercise, fell right smack dab on her hiney.  She held herself together so well though.  If that’d been me, I’d have burst into tears and run away.  Those girls did bring us a Silver medal for the US team though. 

I was amazed a couple of those gymnast girls actually have bosoms.  I didn’t think gymnasts were allowed to have those.  That’s good to see.

That Balance Beam thing…oncet upon a time, I used to turn flips and do gymnastics myself.  (shut up, I did too) You gotta remember those balance beams are something like 4 inches wide.  I think I may have mastered a cartwheel on the thing.  That little Shawn Johnson gal, makes it look like it’s as simple as hopscotch.

Michael Phelps is making everybody say “Mark Who?”

Ixnay on the Eedo-Spays

This Olympic thing has me dazzled.  I mean, Michael Phelps…he’s a freak of nature.  I heard them say he is double jointed at the knees?  Say what?  He’s something else to watch.  All those swimmers are like tadpoles.

I can’t look at Bob Costas now without laughing.  He used to be cute as a bug.  Newscoma and CLC have done ruint me on Bob Costas.

When I first turned the Olympics on last night, I saw two dudes on a platform doing synchronized diving. What. The. Hell? That mess spooked me. I don’t know why, but, I was so highly disturbed by it, I had to text CLC about it. I thought at first I was watching some sort of Olympic parody, kinda like the above clip, that 20-something years later, still causes me to nearly wet my pants laughing. “I’m not that STRONG of a swimmer.” HAHAHAHAHA


One of the little synchronized diver fellers even reminded me of Martin Short in that clip. Had that same, just-out-of-the-mental-institution look which was further confirmed that it was a nutty sport by the way the commentator was explaining why the synchronized divers get out of the pool and go stand under the shower. Something about how the pool water is colder and the shower water warms their muscles up, which is all valid and understandable. Then, Commentator said something about how the divers also “like to just have fun in the shower.” I dunno. Synchronized Diving is going to give me nightmares. It’s just creepy.

CLC texted back saying they had just seen a Russian guy do an “unintentional can-opener”. Can you imagine years of training, all the travel to get to frickin Beijing and you get up there and do a Cannonball into the water? Lordy mercy. That musta made Putin and all the rest of the gang proud to be Russians, dontchya know? Poor guy.

And speaking of guy swimmers…I’m hoping that the kinda suits those guys are wearing now (which I dig) will inspire men everywhere to ditch the Speedos cause you know, it’s just wrawng for most people to even think of wearing one. That will be news to a coupla middle aged dudes that go to my YMCA but I hope it will inspire those two to retire their Speedos.

Supah Sunday

I ended up watching the last half of the Superbowl with a room full of teens last night and I have to say, I thoroughly enjoyed it. Not so much the game, but, the kids had so much fun.

What was not so fun was getting a flat tire as I pulled into Chad & Kelly’s driveway. Chad and Mason came to my rescue and put the pretend tire on because of course, Mr. Smiff was out of pocket when it happened.

I saw halftime at Scott and Tara’s house and we marveled at how fantastic Tom Petty sounded and that we hoped he wouldn’t have a Wardrobe Malfunction. Tom Petty….wow. He was great.

I was at their house, not for the ballgame but to rehearse for a marriage event we’re doing this Friday. (7:30…Bluegrass Baptist-Hendersonville…much fun) I don’t want to give away what songs we’re doing but I’ll just say that they don’t mention Jesus in them. Scott says I can’t play my tambourine neither. Can you believe that???

I took pictures of the various places my person was at and I’ll put them up later.

The big thought I have this morning and have had….why oh why did I not name one of my sons Plexico? I mean….duh?

Does it mean I’m old because I distinctly remember Super Bowl 13? It was Dallas against Pittsburgh.  I think Terry Bradshaw and Mean Joe Greene were on that team.  It snowed like crazy that night.   Yes, I am elderly.

Memories of Yesteryear

There’s not a thing on the tv today, so it’s been sitting on ABC and they’ve had skiing stuff on.  They have switched to ice skating stuff and up pops a face I haven’t seen in many a moon….Nancy Kerrigan.  Remember her?  Good lord and and Dorothy Hamill!  I forgot that she existed.

Hard to believe it’s been what…13 years since her and that Tonya Nancy_tonya Harding girl were in our face about 30 hours a day, on the cover of every magazine and the Big News of 1994 until that OJ thing happened.  Was this the beginning of tabloid tv?

Sheesh, I didn’t think that would ever end.  Remember how they played that video over and over and over of Nancy on the floor hollering "WHY?????!!"   Me and Mr. Smiff used to imitate her incessantly.  I’ve got it down pretty good.  Heh.  She hollered "Why" somewhat like the Drama Queen sometimes talks now…."HUH-whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy."  Oh gosh, I’m cracking myself up. I tried to find that on You Tube, but, no luck.  Dang. 

Reckon whatever became of Jeff Gillooly and that big ol sumbitch that did the whacking?

No thanks necessary.  It’s my duty to bring up warm, fuzzy memories of days gone by.

The Other St. Louis Cardinals

With the Cardinals winning the World Series last night, I  can’t help but think about the 1942 series the Cardinals won.  1942stlouiscards

I bet you had no idea your Sista knew anything about baseball.  You thought all I knew was obscure facts about Ernest Tubb and Kitty Wells…right?  HUH?  My baseball history doesn’t compare to my country music knowledge,and I certainly don’t and can’t claim to be an expert, but, I still like it a lot.

I do know a little bit about baseball.  Now, I can’t rattle off stats or anything like that, but, I know some baseball history.  When Ken Burns great documentary was first on PBS, I didn’t miss a second and have re-watched it umpteen times…another great baseball documentary was When It Was a Game that HBO did years ago.  That was a great documentary cause the entire thing was made  up of home movies of baseball players back in the 40’s and 50’s. 

There are years I watch a lot of baseball and then there are years (like this one) I don’t watch a single game.  It is the only sport I really like and care anything about.

So, in thinking about the Cardinals winning the series, I am reminded of the 1942 World Series in which the Cardinals beat the New York Yankees.

You know what’s coming…yes, I have a teeny bit of a personal connection to the 1942 winning Cardinals.  I know what you’re thinking…"That Sista is so well connected." Heh. Not really, but, I can make it sound that way, can’t I?     Johnny_beazley_autograph

So the 1942 team beat the Yankees and one of the pitchers for the team, who pitched them to two wins in the World Series that year was one Nashvillian, Johnny Beazley.  He was a great pitcher and quite important to the Cardinals during that ’42 season and probably would’ve been more of a household name/living legend had World War II not come along.  The war and an injury he got upon his return ended up ruining his baseball career.

Johnny did well playing baseball and came back home to Nashville, he was the father of 5 children (one of his daughters has been a naturalist at Warner Parks forever) and owned the Falstaff Beer distributorship.  He was even a City Councilman.  He retired to Florida in the late 70’s after his first wife died.

Oh yeah…my connection, albeit a teeny one would be that his grandaughter, Terri Leigh, was my first best friend.  They lived behind us and we became friends when she and I were 4 years old and stayed really close til we got to middle school and she moved in on my man.  (Not really, but, kinda)  Terri Leigh was the beautiful, blue eyed blonde to my tomboyish, dark curly hair.  She and I are still in touch through email here and there and she is adorable, still.

I only saw Johnny a couple times and certainly can’t claim to have known him well. He was in Florida while we were growing up or I’d have seen him more, I’m sure since I saw Terri Leigh’s maternal grandparents a lot.

Johnny was such a strikingly, good looking man and something of an intimidating presence.  Even the picture Terri Leigh’s dad kept of him in a frame was intimidating.  I wish I would’ve had the presence of mind to pick his brain about what it was like to play pro ball in the era of Stan Musial, Joe Dimaggio, and Ted Williams.  At the time, I didn’t realize who he was and what he had done. I can remember holding the signed game ball with signatures of all the ’42 Cardinals on it and thinking it was just another baseball.  Geez.