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I don’t know for 100% sure yet, but, I think my Unemployment Season will soon be ending. That is, if I can pass that dang drug test and if nothing “shady” pops up on my background check.

Ironic that Amber was talking about things like background checks the other day and I don’t remember ever going to work for a company and it being like this.  I guess it’s just the times we live in and all but I was even more amazed that there were a few people in this thing with me who had concerns of things showing up on their background checks.

This one young girl turned to me and said “My charge was dismissed.  Do you think that will be on there?” (Her asking the girl who was afraid to even think about attending a Kegger in high school for fear that I would be sent directly to jail for the mere thought)  I told her she’d better ask the HR lady and sho nuff…they said if there’s anything in the background, mention it or they’ll accuse you of lying and stuff.

It’s also interesting to me that the last job I got after a “Lay Off Season” was obtained through the suggestion and encouragement of another blogger and this upcoming gig sorta kinda came through one of my blogging friends.  Yeah, this little spot on the Internets has been more than just a place for me to ramble.  Amazing. (I will divulge who my blogging sorta/kinda co-worker will be later so stay tuned)

Let’s see…what else is going on…..I’m bored. Bored outta my mind.  I know I will look back on this season and be glad that I had a LOT of Solitude.  That I haven’t had the stress of getting to work everyday but have been able to really have some serious “Me” time even though I would’ve never chosen it to be like this.  I wasn’t planning on as much quiet as I’ve had at all, it’s just kinda worked out that way.  It’s positive all around and I know it won’t always be this way.  

I have moments that I feel like I’m gonna turn into Tom Hanks in Castaway and start talking to a soccer ball.  I have come to realize that as introverted as I can be, I have a side of me that really longs for and needs other people to play off of.  Matt was talking about this the other day….I don’t think we were meant to do life alone.  That’s not saying I think I need a man or anything like that.  I went a lot of years without having people close to me, other than family. 

  I can’t really say how grateful I am for my friends.  The last time I was divorced, I didn’t have this kind of support network that I have now.  It was just different.  Can’t really explain it other than maybe I’m the one who is different now than I was in 2000.  I’m sure that’s a big part of it.  I know I am a lot more open and although I still have the tendencies to bury myself in my protective shell, I am re-learning how to be a friend as well as how to have them.  That’s huge for me. 


Matt was also correct when he was talking a few weeks ago in his sermon about letting go of certain things so God can bless us in other ways.  I’m finding that to be so.  Hasn’t been an easy thing to let go of and I’ve done so rather reluctantly…ok, kicking and screaming. Still, it’s OK.

In Which I Use A Few Too Many Metaphors…

I feel like somebody took my innards and just tied ’em up in a big ol’ double knot.

Do I roll with it and just untie the stupid thing and let it straighten itself out by doing what it needs to do or do I just sit on it and keep the knot tied and just get used to that uncomfortable feeling until I’m numb to it and it doesn’t bother me anymore?

I think the first option is what I’m supposed to do, according to the counselor. But, if I do that, then I’ll be all sad and blue and I don’t want to be. Sad and blue is not attractive and it makes others around you uncomfortable. I like everybody to be happy and comfortable. If I’m out of sorts, then it will be obvious.

No, just go on and get your mind on something else and avoid dealing with the knot. My pain tolerance is high. I can suck it up and pretend I don’t hurt.

Then again, maybe if I let it out of its cage, it might get kinda ugly for a little bit. It might get downright nasty getting down to the nitty gritty and getting all the yuck out but maybe…just maybe….once all that junk gets a good scrubbing….gets out, maybe, just maybe, the knot will loosen and everything will start working normally again better. Hmmm…thats quite a concept.

That knot has kinda begun to interefere with my regularity. I really don’t want Jamie Lee Curtis to show up with some of that yogurt thats supposed to make you reggalar. (Sorry if thats TMI) Not just THAT reggalarity but all around and in general. It’s getting on my nerves.

I think I’m ready to get busy healin’ up sos I can get on with it.

Interesting Pickshas Of The Week

This house was the first house on the street in my subdivision for probably 30 years.  They carted that sucka off and moved it away somewhere earlier this week.  The fact that houses can be scooped up, stuck on a truck and moved elsewhere is very fascinating to me.

Even more fascinating to me was looking on the Property Value Data and seeing what that house and the property it sat on sold for….$300,000.  It sat on the corner of Creekwood and New Shackle Island Rd. just across from the Glenbrook complex (where Target, Kohls, etc. are).  I wish we coulda bought that place when we moved here in 1996. 

I do hope that nice, middle-aged couple that lived there, for God knows how long, got ’em something really nice to shack up in. 

#2 has taken an interest in being a Dadgum Songwriter of late.  He’s even making his own sheet music.  Now, I do not know the reason he was so inspired by Jimmy Martin to write a song about him, but, I do think this right here was pretty dang creative of him. 

This is my pal, Landon.  Now if that’s not the best pacifier ever made, then my name is not Seesta Smiff. 

They had a Zumbathon at the Y last night.  Your Sista Zumba‘d for about 3 hours straight.  It was a fundraiser for the We Build People campaign and I’m telling you what, I had a big ol’ time (with Holly, Diana and Amanda).  This is me, Holly and Diana before the Zumba-ing commenced.  We was too tuckered out when we were done to take an After picture. 

 You talk about a fun way to exercise…that Zumba is really, really fun.  It’s not like you’re working out.  It’s like you’ve gone out dancing, for real.   I’ve gotten so into Spinning that I hadn’t been to a Zumba class in about a month.  We had us a good time, even though some of those moves, are not meant for 39 year old wimmin, such as myseff, who have given birth thrice.  I’m getting better at the shakin’ thing.  ‘Fo long, I’m gonna be able to do that hip shakin’ thing that Shakira girl does.

All This Weddin’s And Nonsense…..(What movie is that quoted from?)

I went to the purtiest weddin’ today.   The Groom (in the middle) I’ve been knowing since he was a wee little boy.  He’s all growed up and is somebody’s husband now.  Yikes.  I say growed up but he’s barely a legal adult.  At any rate, it was a lovely event down by Old Hickory Lake.

I do think that this is the first outside Hitchin’ I’ve been to. 

The Bride and Groom have known each other since 5th grade.  They started dating their Junior year in High School.  He was the first guy she ever kissed. (Alls I could think of when Leonard said that was, “Sheesh, good thing I didn’t marry the first feller I kissed. I’d be warshing horse troughs today. Ick. But this ain’t about me, now is it?)

I told the HT she arta get married at Rock Castle. (Look how blue her eyes are, y’all!  That’s not contacts either) She was wondering out loud if she already knows whoever her future husband is.  Whoever that feller is, his future Mother In Law is praying for him.  Heh.  No, really.

And they had chocolate at the reception!

And perhaps one of the finer buffets I’ve ever had priviledge to partake in at a Hitchin’.  Good stuff.

The Fawtha of the Groom seemed pretty pumped to be getting his baby boy married off and out the house.  Nah…I’m just playing. He looked smashing in his new suit.

Even though he looks it, that is no rock star there with your Sista….that’s the famous Leonard, aka “The Crossville Flash.”  Heh.  He used to be my pastor for a lotta years.  I hadn’t seen him in awhile and it was good to see him do the honors of the Hitchin’. 

Outside Hitchin’s are nice.  (More pictures on the Flicka over yonder )

Lord, I Apologize

So, yestadee/…I go see Dr. McDreamy, right?  Just a little follow up to the Zapalapadingdong.  I was there in February, which would have been in 2008, yes? 

I go to check in and the girl says “It’s time to update everything!”  Now…I just started going to McDreamy in November.  My insurance has not changed.  Same card and everything.  I already filled out the HIPAA thing and all that last time I was there.  She says I have to do it again.

Ok…fine…but just for that…I stole the really groovy, pharmaceutical company pen I used to fill out Mista Hipaa.  The drug people have the best pens, don’t they?

Bad Sista.


Blog Stats and Stuff That Doesn’t Mean A Hill ‘O Beans

How do people get here to  this here website?  It’s doing searches such as thus:

Jew Naked Kid,(I don’t even wanna think about what thats about) lifeguard, Culhanes of Hee Haw, LOTS of Viva Viagra, people interested in Joni Mitchell cause theys lots of searches for “They paved paradise and put up a parking lot”, McDreamy…the searches for “Sister Smiff” make me laugh.  I am “sister” to one…to the rest of you’uns, I am your Sist-UH.  Got it? (Except to my Shishter, of course)

TONS of hits thanks to the phrase “widows peak” and/or Eddie Munster, in fact, my second highest viewed post, according to my WordPress stats,  is the one about my widows peak.  (Is that really THAT interesting that that particular post gets that many views?  Those aren’t that uncommon, are they?? Am I freak?)

People looking for Johnny Cash, Richard Widmark, Jackie Joseph, pregnant men and famous people turning 50 have all dropped by, even if only for a second.

I must say, though, I am quite disturbed about the search for “Crazy Old Grand Mama Sekx.”  Don’t be coming ’round here looking for that sorta thing, now.

I never look in the spam file but I did and good lord….we don’t thank the Good Lord near enough for Akismet. 


So, I’m treadmilling it tonight and on the tevee (how cool is it treadmills have their own, individual teeeevees?  God is good)  and I swear, I was so happy to see The Office, I the_office_cage_match_inner.jpgcould’ve just cried right there.  Nevermind they were episodes I had already seen, but, dadgum, I’ve missed them. 

What does it say about me that I can’t wait for next Thursday and a new episode?  What has become of me?

I saw somebody today wearing a blue sock and a black sock.  Nope.  It was not me. 

I’m ashamed to say it, but, I have arrived a little late to the Gillian Welch/David Rawlings party and alls I have to say is…I am in love.  Why didn’t any of you direct me to this sooner?  I mean, yeah…I was aware and had a bit of a ‘tude about them California people trying to do that stuff.  (Never mind California is the state of my birth)  I’m such a snob about Hillbilly Music.  But, here, in front of God and everybody…I repent.  I am so sorry. 

Who is a happy girl since finding out that The Philadelphia Story is going to be playing at the Belcourt April 19-20?  Can you guess?  That would be me. 

Something else I’m looking forward to and excited about is the 1st Annual 5k Run/Walk Beyond The Limits For Autism, which is also April 19 in Hendersonville.   I am there.

And who told me I needed a hobby?